A Must Listen: Tammy Bruce’s “Palin Report” From 7/9

By Gary P Jackson

Tammy Bruce is one of our favorite people. She never fails to call it like she sees it, no matter the subject. One of the many things she does for members of her “Tammy Army is produce a weekly “Palin Report” with the latest Sarah Palin information, and sharp commentary. From time to time, Tammy makes these reports available to all.

From Tammy:

Share and share alike 🙂 Please enjoy this “Palin Report,” the weekly roundup of everything that happens after Sarah Palin gets up each morning and the liberal heads it causes to explode. This is an example of the exclusive media Tammy subscribers receive, including the on-demand daily show podcasts, the Daily TAM Briefing, the TAM Chat room, and this weekly “Palin Report.” Subscribers make my work possible and we’d love to have you in what is affectionately known as the Tammy Army.

This “Palin Report” is powerful and Tammy reads Sarah’s latest Facebook note and talks about what it means. This is essential listening. Click here to hear Tammy.

You can read my take on Sarah’s latest Facebook post, and what it means, here.


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3 responses to “A Must Listen: Tammy Bruce’s “Palin Report” From 7/9

  1. AJ Steele

    Tammy Bruce is rock solid on Palin-her overview of
    the dynamics that would play out if Palin runs almost
    borders on precognition. Good stuff.

  2. Tammy is Palin’s #1 media supporter. Her show is great.

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