Sarah Palin On The Sean Hannity Show

By Gary P Jackson

Sarah Palin and Sean Hannity discuss the debt crisis, Obama’s inability to to do his job as the nation’s chief executive, and the Republican’s ability to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory.

This is why we support Sarah Palin so strongly. She understands that both parties got us in this mess, and while Obama is a threat to the nation’s future, the GOP leadership isn’t strong enough to do anything about it. She knows we need to clean out all the dead wood and get new leadership from the top down.

Video courtesy SarahNet



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3 responses to “Sarah Palin On The Sean Hannity Show

  1. ajsteele

    I saw the interview last night. She still leaves things ambiguous as far as her run. The clearest answer I’ve yet heard is on the time frame of the announcement. She said it’s getting a little late if you want to get in and August, Septemper would be about right.

    • Gary P

      I think September is the date, but don’t know for sure. She has her reasons for being coy, but if you listen who she’s describing as the “candidate she could support” the only one who meets that criteria, is her. A lot of people think she’ll support Perry if he gets in, as they are good friends, however, as she’s said, we need someone who has had strong CEO type authority, among other things.

      In Texas, the governor is little more than a figurehead. Much of or success has little to do with Perry. Though I’ll give him this, no one can poach California jobs better! Fact is though, Perry always wins elections because he’s the “lesser of two evils” candidate, not because he is a beloved governor. I like the man, but there are issues.

      Look for Sarah to do something soon.

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