Despite The Corrupt Media’s Best Efforts, “The Undefeated” Has A Phenomenal Opening Weekend

Organize4Palin members in Grapevine, Texas

By Gary P Jackson

So I woke up on Friday morning, the national opening for Stephen Bannon’s hit documentary, The Undefeated, and what do I see? Some cat named Conor Friedersdorf [no wonder he’s bitter] The Atlantic’s pretend “conservative“, phonied up a story about being at the opening of the movie, and no one was there.

The problem with this narrative is this “opening” was at midnight, Thursday night, not advertised, and the movie officially opened on Friday. Yes, I know midnight is technically Friday, but you get where I’m coming from. This bitter little fellow wrote a scathing piece, and of course the rest of the corrupt, blood libel media picked up on it and spread this phony story, hoping to depress turnout. It didn’t work.

As the day rolled on, reports began coming in of sold out shows from coast to coast. Several theaters had to move the film to a larger theater to accommodate the crowds. There were also reports of loud cheering throughout the movie, and in Atlanta, at the end of the movie the audience gave creator Stephen Bannon a five minute standing ovation!

The media was still trying to keep it’s meme going though, with many local stations just flat out lying about the movie and attendance numbers. CNN sent it’s crew to the Atlanta opening trying to ambush attendees.

Reuters dismissed the first sold out show reported, in Grapevine, Texas as insignificant, because “Grapevine is just a small town.” Yeah it’s a “small town” located in the middle of the Dallas-Ft Worth Metroplex. Dallas is the 9th largest city in America, and Ft Worth the 17th. Their combined population, not counting the couple dozen [or more] “small towns” that lie between and around the two cities, the Metroplex combined population is roughly equal to Houston’s, the 4th largest city in the country.So much for Reuters.

As there were two theaters in Texas showing The Undefeated Grapevine and Houston, people had good choices. Both locations drew people from hundreds of miles away. The Grapevine location drew people from Oklahoma and Louisiana, as well as Central Texas, which is over 100 miles away. Houston drew people from South Texas and the Beaumont-Orange area. A nice little drive.

As we watched throughout the day, more and more reports came in as enthusiastic fans filled the seats. While everyone focused on the prime time showings, the ones sure to sell out, we also noticed in many cities the afternoon showings either sold out, or were only a handful of seats away from doing so. This enthusiasm would carry over to Saturday, when even more shows sold out.

Percentage wise, only Harry Potter had a better opening weekend than The Undefeated. This is amazing because Victory Films did no traditional advertising. This was all done via the internet and word of mouth. The Twitter campaign alone was incredible. Obviously Palin supporters worked hard to make this happen as well, knowing this movie is a game changer, and tells the story that no one but long time, hard core supporters know. And even for the long timers, this movie reveals more about Sarah Palin and what an excellent chief executive she is.

There were all kinds of stories of people dragging non-Palin supporters with them to the movie, and many converts being made. Notably one Conservative blogger, Ben Howe, one of the folks who actually believed the corrupt media’s version of Sarah, rather than the truth, has said that both he and his wife felt nothing but shame after seeing the movie, because they now realize how wrong they were to believe the media, and the GOP establishment’s narrative.

This past weekend was nothing short of phenomenal. Bannon is now talking about a larger nationwide roll-out, as well as a deal with Wal-Mart to distribute DVDs.

There was a lot of great reporting this weekend. Here are some links you should check out:

John Nolte: Empty Theater!!!: MSM Currently Brewing Up Phony ‘Undefeated’ Narrative

Larry O’Connor: The Atlantic’s Phony Empty Theater Meme Falls Further Apart

Nicole Coulter: ‘Ambushed By CNN’: Firsthand Account of Lamestream Reporting At Georgia Premiere of ‘The Undefeated’

Jim Hoft:

Josh Painter: How’s ‘The Undefeated’ doing today? Not bad…

The Victory Film Group Has a nice round up of stories here.

Victory Film Group: ARC Entertainment Announces Strong Opening for “The Undefeated,” with multiple sold-out runs and vocal audience support

Top of the Ticket: Sarah Palin documentary ‘The Undefeated’ to roll out to other cities 

Ian Lazaran CNN Concedes the Auditorium Where the Undefeated Was Shown Near Atlanta “Was Packed” and “Sold Out”

Then there is this from Ben Howe: ‘The Undefeated’ Review: A Profoundly Important Game-changer (Especially For Me) Howe was not a Palin supporter when he saw the movie. [on DVD] He had bought into the nonsense spewed by the left, and the Republican elite.

Ultimately, I thought she was the type of political force that was going to be around, needed to be treaded on carefully, but would never have anything substantial to offer to the cause of conservatism other than rallying troops which I still believed was a valuable service.

I thought she hadn’t gotten a fair shake in the media, but I felt confident that I could see through the bias and that I understood who she was, what she had done and what my opinion would probably be about her going forward.

I was entirely incorrect.

I consider the director of “The Undefeated”, Stephen Bannon, to be a friend of mine. He’s advised me in my own fledgling productions. I’ve interviewed him a handful of times on my podcast and we always talk for over an hour effortlessly. When I heard he was making this film, I immediately wanted to interview him, but I assumed that everything I knew about Palin would simply be confirmed by watching this.

We popped the film into our DVD player, and sat back to watch. One thing I had no doubts about was that Stephen Bannon would make a visually impressive, compelling film that would stir emotion. I was pleased to see that he used his trademark method of letting the people directly tied to the events tell the story (I often find narration cumbersome) adding their own particular emotions and perspectives to the narrative. These were all things that I expected and Bannon did not disappoint.

The film moves at a breakneck pace while still laying out a level of detail that brings you so close to the events, you feel like you personally experienced them.

Even had the substance not convinced me that I had Mrs. Palin pegged wrong, the film itself would most certainly have scored high for me as my all important test was passed: Did I look at my watch? No I did not.

In short, the execution of this film is excellent.

But what had me and my wife blown away by the time it was over, was the avalanche of information and perspectives that had been hidden from us over the years. As I would like for you to listen to my interview with Steve, I will not get into the substance of what caused the change. I want you to hear it for yourself.

I pride myself on my ability to know when something is baloney, almost instinctively. On Sarah Palin, I was so incredibly hoodwinked that the one word that my wife and I agreed described how we felt after watching it, was shame. Yes of course invigoration, satisfaction and all the other things you experience when watching a good film, but about how we had handled our vetting of Mrs. Palin, shame was the word that best described it.

Shame for not bothering to look up her record. Shame for not reading her story. Shame for turning the channel when she came on the TV. Shame for not listening to people that we had a great deal of respect for like Andrew Breitbart, Tammy Bruce, Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity.

As Breitbart points out in the film, the greatest shame is that while this woman was savaged to degrees you may not even realize yet, some of us sat back and let it happen. For me to buy into the media template and not defend someone who’s only offense was being a conservative, is the absolute antithesis of what I stand for, and something that I shall never allow to happen again.

Read more and listen to Ben’s great interview with Stephen Bannon here

The bottom line is this movie, in a short time, with nothing but word of mouth advertising, via Twitter and Facebook, is a great success.

It is indeed a game changer. Palin supporters are making a point of taking their non-Palin supporting friends and neighbors to see the movie. Not only are these folks seeing the real Sarah Palin for the first time, they are learning why they should support Sarah. You can bet these converts will go out and find other people to convert as well. This is why the media has been working so hard to make people think no one is going to see the movie, or that the movie sucks. They understand just how powerful Bannon’s movie is, as well as how powerful Sarah Palin is.

Bannon made this movie because our media is corrupt, and carries the water for Obama and the democrat party, and lie about important events that effect the nation. The actions by this corrupt media this weekend prove his point.

The Undefeated is showing at these 10 theaters throughout the week. There are multiple showings daily, and senior discounts. If you haven’t yet seen The Undefeated go, and take a few friends. To check show times, order tickers, and so on, click here.



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5 responses to “Despite The Corrupt Media’s Best Efforts, “The Undefeated” Has A Phenomenal Opening Weekend

  1. Maria

    Thank you for your honest words. I live in the DFW Metroplex and I am working on the assembly of a group to go up to the Gravevine Mills AMC to see this movie. I can’t wait for her to run as President because I will spend every weekend and evening hour helping her get to the White House. She will be such an awesome President that my heart skips with joy. It’s been awhile since that has happend over a Presidential Candidate, Regan I think. House cleaning partying is coming to the District!! Look out world, we are gonna take our Country back!

  2. IwjwI

    Fantastic round-up of news about the movie, “The Undefeated.”
    I love Maria’s comment. I feel the same way.
    I just talked on the phone with one of my online BFFs for the first time in amost 3 years of knowing her.
    We agreed that we have a president to elect and a country to save. I have devoted a great amount of my time, since before the ’08 election, supporting Sarah Palin. Many of us continued our support of her after the ’08 election and got more involved in promoting the same commonsense solutions to save our country that she has been espousing from day one of her political career.
    I plan on devoting more of my time and doubling my efforts until Sarah Palin is elected president in 2012. I bought an large quantity of Organize4Palin Sarah Palin cards and have been giving them out to people that I have talked with about the movie. I figure that they will eventually get to see the movie, so when they are looking for a place to get involved, they will have the O4P card already in their possession.
    Everyone has something that they are good at and a majority are willing to push themselves out of their comfort zones to learn something new, or do more, as they help propel Sarah Palin toward the Oval Office. Every little bit helps. No gift of time, or monetary contribution can be too small for the cause of saving our country.

    Sarah Palin is the only one who is qualified to be POTUS. Her record speaks for itself and it out shines any other POTUS contender, including and especially Obama’s.
    Obama used the word, “shellacked,” to describe what happened to the Dems in the 2010 election. What word will he use to describe what Sarah Palin and Conservatives will do to him and them in 2012?
    Whatever that word, it will be the sound of Sarah Palin and the people’s victory when he says it.
    Then, we will bring this country back from the brink of disaster into prosperity. Government overspending will stop. Regulations and taxes that strangle small business owners will be done away with. Every wage earning worker will see less taxes coming out of each paycheck, thus giving each one a raise. The cost of doing business will go down. Then, businesses will hire more people, which will cause an automatic increase in revenue going into government coffers every month. We will pay our debt down and prioritize government essentials while cutting government non-essentials. Seniors and veterans will continue getting their checks and soldiers will get paid. Gas prices will go down because we will use all remedies to fix our energy woes, including opening up drilling so that we won’t have to buy our oil from outside the United States of America. The repeal of Obamacare will be a gift that keeps on giving.
    The above list barely scratches the surface of what we will gain with President Sarah Palin at the helm and real Conservatives controlling both branches of the United States Legislature.
    The alternative would be much worse than what we have already seen from Obama’s failed presidency. Obama has an horrible record to run for POTUS on. Sarah Palin’s Facebook notes tell me all I need to know about how she will take Obama’s record and policies apart in an public debate with him. He will be exposed as an liar, cheat, and thief for all the world to see. She will not be gental with him. I relish the thought.

    From what I have seen and heard people say, the movie, “The Undefeated,” is a game changer. The above article depicts the beginning of a great awakening that is occurring throughout America about Sarah Palin. Progressives and Obama know that their regressive agena is doomed by this awakening and have done everything in their power to stop it, including breaking laws. They can’t stop a force of nature.
    That is why WE are and Sarah Palin is, “The Undefeated.”

  3. AJSteele

    Great work. In a short time that Atlantic article, as well as all the rest of those phoney reports will be seen for what they are; liberal, manipulative distorters of truth. It will take some work but even those who don’t support Palin will see the light shinning through because lies always backfire. This was an issue that really concerned me because the film industry is primarily run by liberal elites. The “critics” then have the upper hand and discourage any potential viewers of a film. Looks like The Undefeated will barrel through regardless because of those like yourself who are exposing the bias. The dvd will further crush the medias perceived stronghold.

  4. IwjwI

    Congrats on having this piece listed at the Victory Film Group, “The Undefeated Blog page.

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