So Why is the Palin Army so Strong?

By Patrick S Adams

Three years ago, when Sarah Palin was introduced to the nation, many people from across the political spectrum were electrified by her. The exception to that were those on the left and in the media establishment who were scared blind by the positive reaction the nation had to her. It was an emergency for them. They couldn’t beat her on her record or her political positions so they had to go after her and her family personally.

The progressive movement has spent nearly a century infiltrating our country’s politics, academia and culture. They were willing to go with Hillary Clinton but Obama was just too attractive and so dazzling to them that they dropped her like a bad habit and shot the works on him. They went all in. The “Shadow Party” felt it could come out now and fundamentally transform this thing with him at the top.

Then she happened.

As the revelations about the Journolist listserv show, the mainstream media was complicit in their efforts to try to destroy her. Remember, they were all in. They were ideologically committed to Obama after decades of Nixon, Reagan and Bush bashing. Why do you think people who don’t follow this stuff as closely as we do think Palin said she can see Russia from her house? It’s because they are more like Jay Leno’s “man on the street” than they are their own thinkers and researchers. They believe what they read at face value. The mainstream media has been playing to these rubes for years by advancing agenda over intellect. Smitty at The Other McCain writes “The Progressive project is predicated upon the notion that the American people are sheep.”

James Lewis at American thinker writes:

The Undefeated is a stunning documentary about Governor Sarah Palin against the lynch mobs of the left. These are not overly polite Adlai Stevenson liberals. They are radical throwbacks to Saul Alinsky and Jozef Stalin. They follow Alinsky and the ACORN rules

More importantly, this is about a lot more than Sarah Palin. It’s about money and power. Sarah Palin is the target because she and the Tea Party stand in the way of the progressive agenda. There were billions of dollars in green money (think cap and trade, alternative fuels, funny looking light bulbs, etc.) and investments in the coming of socialized medicine at stake in 2008 when the liberal media opened fire on her with all barrels. These people were about to take a bath if Sarah Palin succeeded in helping John McCain become president. The same can be said for the progressives who want to fundamentally transform America into a European socialist style democracy.

The fact that she hasn’t gone away and still stands between them and their progressive agenda is just eating at them. Add to this the fact that negativity is a communicable disease. I don’t have a problem with people who disagree with Sarah Palin, I have a problem with people who foam at the mouth and who go berserk at the mere mention of her name. Negativity is the devil’s work. It is also reflective. It comes back at you. So when liberals complain that Palinistas are being a little less than civil, understand that the devil is a very crafty demon indeed.

Governor Palin is the antithesis to liberalism and progressivism. Her record in Alaska shows she’s capable of busting up our hybrid socialist-quasi crony capitalist system. She is a threat to a lot of people who rely on the status quo that benefits them when wealth is redistributed through the tax code, 50% of the people pay no federal income tax and only those in the know with the right lobbyists and inside connections can get around the government made barriers to being successful. They will stop at nothing to destroy her.

When Governor Palin returned to Alaska, that’s when the election should have ended. She should have been able to go back to being governor just as easily as John McCain went back to being Senator. But it didn’t stop there.

During the campaign, a documentary group called The Wasilla Project ginned up several malcontents to lie about Sarah Palin and distort her record. For example, they falsely claimed that she made rape victims pay for their rape kits when she was Mayor of Wasilla. Their website was later scrubbed but not until after the “Thank You” page following Obama’s win warned its readers to continue going after Sarah Palin because she would be back in 2012. I regret not keeping a screen shot.

After her return to Alaska, Palin was hit with the frivolous ethics complaints, which were filed by malcontents, fueled by the agenda driven Alaska Bloggers and picked up on way too easily by the mainstream media. This was all part of an overall smear campaign designed to destroy this woman., which she short circuited by resigning her governorship and sticking it to the media and the ankle biters by becoming a Fox News contributor, best selling author and sought after public speaker.

This only fueled the growth of the pro Palin movement. Supporters started blogs and websites when they saw Palin under attack. The Left and the media have basically created their own monster and now they struggle to contain it as it pulls the spitting high tension wires down on its way to the city of cronyism and socialism that she is about to destroy. There are hundreds of pro Palin blogs and websites across the internet. See if any of the other candidates have that kind of a following.

Ask yourself, why all the Palin sites? Why all the Palin bloggers and tweeters? The mainstream media attacks on Palin have been like a medicine ball and now her army’s rhetorical stomachs are hard. They have become a well toned legion of well practiced writers, researchers and on the ground activists. Because they worked hard at battling with the mainstream media, they have become good at their craft. They strike with lightning speed and laser like precision.

So, when Conor Friedersdorf wrote that article about the empty theater, he lit a match in a foxhole at night and the Palin army nailed him. The Atlantic is a battleship that has been shooting missiles at her for the last three years and Friedersdorf just happened to put out his observation about the empty theater while standing on the deck of that battleship. The Palin army was all over that. He should have know he was going to get hit.

Palinistas are conditioned to be this way after how the mainstream media has treated her. They’re committed to the mantra that there will be no free shots. This also applies to those on the right. Those who attack Sarah Palin will feel the wrath of the Palin army not because her supporters are mean spirited like liberals or establishment types, but because her supporters know you can’t win a street fight by being nice.

The media will show you what they fear most. The Undefeated is a big deal. It’s a game changer. Expect the media to go after it, lie about it and smear it. But after 3 years of fighting, the Palin army has no problem shooting down anything that the mainstream media can say from here on out.

My advice to the media: trash The Undefeated at your own peril. When liberals mess that close to the truth, they always get burnt. Oh, and keep your heads down low. We Palinista’s are rhetorical sharp shooters and we fire at the mere thought of lying about Sarah Palin.

Listen to Patrick’s World USA on BlogTalk Radio tonight at 11pm ET 8pm PT 7pm AK. Organize4Palin’s Thomas S. Schmitz will be my guest to talk about The Undefeated.


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23 responses to “So Why is the Palin Army so Strong?

  1. banshee

    I have worked more for more than a few people at firms that were very well run and successful. I know leadership when I see it. And Palin has an ability to hearten and rally people that surpasses that of the best business leaders I’ve worked with over the past 35 years. That ability can’t be faked.

  2. IwjwI

    Patrick is absolutely spot on with his keen observations about the Palinista Army and it’s honed fighting skills.
    The Palinista Army is ready to pounce with facts and at a moments notice when presented with a lie about Sarah Palin.
    The left hasnt had this kind of focused opposition since forever.
    Many on the left have gone insane with PDS and froth at the mouth because their devious tactics, that worked successfully on previous targets in the past, won’t work now.
    They fear the certain reality that Sarah Palin will be our next president. Fear has made them do and say things that has brought out the Palinista Army to set the record straight, thus honing their Palinista fighting skills for the 2012 election. “Game On!”

    • maria

      I saw The Undefeated last night in Grapevine, Texas and to say the least I was astonished and saddened at what lenghts people will go to just to destroy someone. It is the work of the devil but Satan himself can not defeat the truth and that is what Sarah Palin stands for and she will WIN if she decides to run, my prayer is that she will decide to run. Jesus is our only true hope but he has a servant that I believe through her he will bless American one more time!

  3. AJ Steele

    Point well taken. In the last few days I have been at war with the Palin haters. I should know through years of political discourse that reaching
    corrupt minds is futile. I will however continue to defend the attacks against Palin. They don’t know what to do with the Undefeated-it has caused them to act as writhing snakes in a pit of fire. The attacks will be relentless, and we are well armed.

    • Gary P

      Yeah the movie has em screwed up! Patrick writes a great piece. Make sure you catch his radio show. He’s always got great guests.

      BTW, the fight is going to get tougher, but we win in the end!

  4. The Undefeated may be the story of Governor Palin’s record, but the next movie “Taking the Shining City on a Hill” is a remake of the 1980 flick “Reagan Goes to Washington.” Only this time, the lead is played by a woman.

  5. Kate

    Yes, courage is needed fr what is ahead. I am inspired by the Gov who exhibits courage to face her enemies head on. What a gift she is to America and to the Body of Christ. It was said well that we will not win a street fight by being nice. Game on!

  6. Joy

    I am SO heartened to read this outstanding post by Patrick Adams and then the fighting spirit exhibited by the Palinista Army Regulars in the Comments Section!! More Palin supporters have found their voice and are speaking out – PLUS, we have FACTS on our side!! (BTW, sorry I was out when the BlogTalk Radio show was on earlier this evening, so missed my buddy, Thomas’ remarks, but “the night is young” and the battle has just been joined!!)

    For my part, I’m “honing” my skills by posting pro-Palin and pro-Undefeated remarks and setting the record straight on various libtard blogs, but I’m having the most fun on that wretched HuffPo site (turning lemons into lemonade, since AOL is my server and they bought that disgusting “news” site- yucko!!), not exactly doing battle with the mental midgets, the leftist pimples, but posting well-written and carefully crafted “zingers” that refute as much of the libturd crap as mind & space allow! (BTW, I don’t use those pejorative words when I post – I try to remain above the fray, and leave the gutter and unhinged PDS language to the guttersnipes who are the majority who post there…)

    Indeed, Game ON!!

    • Gary P

      Yeah, Patrick is awesome, we’re glad he’s contributing.

      HuffPoo is a lost cause, but there are plenty of other websites that can use your expertise.

  7. It appears there’s substance to the idea I’ve had , for some time, that Palin supporters, ” are dug in like an Alabama tick”, keep it up.

  8. Fabulous piece, Patrick. Thank you.

  9. The Gov. has the largest standing army in the world in waiting and when she gives us the sign then we will move…

  10. I have a website list of Palin sites. DM @nativevoice with email address and I will send it to you. Great Article.

  11. Outstanding article,thank you so much,positive words for sarah and her supporters are always loved.

  12. Laurie

    Love it, only I would say they need to keep their head up, we hockey moms/hockey grandmas, can check them into the boards very well.

    • jeaneeinabottle

      Keep your eye on Ann Coulter, heard her on a show describing hockey moms as demonic mobs and lumped in with libs in the same sentence. 10mins later I was having a twitter battle with her asking her to take that back, no way I’m going to let her get away with it, plus it tells you where her loyalty lies. Don’t take your eyes off the Dems or Rep pundits, they sneak these things in and most people don’t expect so called “conservatives” to say such things. She’s not a conservative, she says all the right things though.

      • Gary P

        Ann Coulter outed herself long ago by pining for Chris Christie, the Hamas terrorist loving liberal NJ Governor, than when that didn’t work, she renewed her love affair with Romney. Unfortunately, Coulter, just like everyone else in the DC establishment is a fake, fraud, and a phony.

  13. Benyamin Korn

    Excellent write-up on two accounts: Your focus on the “progressive” nightmare, and on the cure for it, the Palin/Tea Party movement of democratic (i.e. for real democracy) revolutionaries.
    For more on the progressives, please read the work of America’s foremost investigative journalist today: Aaron Klein. His best-selling ‘The Manchurian President’ is still the best reporting on Obama’s radical personal history.
    His forthcoming ‘Red Army” (Oct., Harper/Collins) takes his research a giant step further.
    Moreover, his Sunday program on WABC radio in New York is pure white lightning, and his articles on WorldNetDaily have been breaking new ground for six years.
    He also has a new website:

    Keep the faith! – Benyamin Korn/

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  15. great piece, inspiring and spot on…
    cheers from a ex-Chicagoan and a big Palin fan

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