Liberals Turn On Each Other: Huntsman Wants To Know Where Romney Stands On Boehner’s Plan

If you took Obama’s plan and Romney’s plan, and just met in the middle, you’d be in the middle of nowhere

By Gary P Jackson

Blue on Blue violence!!!!!11!!!!!

Normally I couldn’t care less about former Obama regime employee turned GOP presidential candidate, Jon Huntsman, but this is delicious.

As we noted earlier, Mitt Romney has refused to take a position in the debt debate. Evidently the human windsock can’t figure out which way the prevailing winds are blowing, so this Profile in Courage is remaining silent. On a positive note, it’ll save him the trouble of flip-flopping later.

Now Hunstsman, a liberal from Utah is calling out Romney, the liberal from Massachusetts.

From Jim Geraghty:

Two days ago, Jon Huntsman appeared on CBS’s “The Early Show” and mentioned his support for Speaker John Boehner’s debt limit plan. His campaign notes, “Jon was the first Republican presidential candidate to support the plan and is the only Republican candidate standing in support of Speaker Boehner’s plan.

This morning, Huntsman spokesman Tim Miller is taking some jabs at Mitt Romney. Romney’s communicators adviser, Eric Fehrnstrom, Tweeted this morning, “Romney is a social media leader.

Miller responded, “Too bad he’s not willing to be a leader on debt ceiling debate.

Read more here.

Neither one of these two cats have a chance in hell at being the Republican nominee, let alone President, but it’s entertaining to see Huntsman, who is wrong on his stance, call out his fellow traveler who won’t even take a real stance at all!

This also underscores how this debate is separating the leaders from the followers, as well as those who show up, and those who hide out.


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