Sarah Palin: It’s Time For Us To Unite

If we were really domestic terrorists, shoot, President Obama would be wanting to pal around with us wouldn’t he?

I mean he didn’t have a problem with paling around with Bill Ayers back in the day when he kicked off his political career in Bill Ayers apartment, and shaking hands with Chavez and saying he doesn’t need any preconditions with meeting dictators or wanting to read US Miranda rights to alleged suspected foreign terrorists.

No if we were real domestic terrorists I think President Obama wouldn’t have a problem with us.

~ Sarah Palin

By Gary P Jackson

Sarah Palin was strong on the Sean Hannity show Tuesday night. She went after the Obama regime, specifically Joe Biden, and reminded viewers if Tea Party patriots really were terrorists, Obama would likely be their best friend, seeing as he started his political career in the living room of two unrepentant, murdering domestic terrorists whose only regret is they didn’t do more!

Sarah also hammers Mitt Romney for being the typical unprincipled “finger-in-the-wind” hack politician with no political convictions whatsoever.

In the interview Sarah also says it’s time for the Tea Party Americans to come together and united for the fight ahead. As she says, 2012 can’t come fast enough.

Video courtesy of SarahNet.

A little dedication to Mitt Romney from Peter, Paul and Mary:


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6 responses to “Sarah Palin: It’s Time For Us To Unite

  1. Sarah got it exactly the way i feel today on Hannity. Ever time i hear this blabbermouth Obama talk, all i hear is Blah ,Blah ,Blah. It could not be said any better. You would have to be brain dead or certified insane to believe anything he says after all this time.. Though John Stossel interviewed some people on the street ,and most of them have not got a clue what is going on in this country, or who is fleecing them. I don’t blame them for living their lives,and since they are fed crap through 90% of the media, there is much to worry about. But good news ,i think most of us were in their shoes at one time or another. If we can wake up ,they can too. I hope.

  2. AJSteele

    I saw the interview. Hannity did his absolute best on pressing her about her possible run. I know Palin has a strategy of sorts. If she is running though, I’m not sure what her gain is to always act uncertain about it. Even when asked if she had leanings one way or the other she
    said she couldn’t answer it. I remember her telling Cris Wallace that ona a scale of 1 to 100, she was a 50 as far as running. That was more concrete. As Tammy Bruce says, keep your powder dry. I think she might skip the August 12th debate nd knock’em dead in Iowa. Right now, I realize it’s possible I could get disappointed in 2012.

    • Gary P

      Tammy was right. There is some strategery involved here. All I can tell you is the O4P folks in Iowa have spent a considerable amount of time, and their own money, preparing for her to win Iowa. The same is going on in New Hampshire, though a little bit more under the radar.

      Sarah was asked point blank when she was in Pella if she wanted to tell those folks to stand down. She answered with praise and told them to keep going. Love her or hate her, no one thinks she’s the kind of person who would allow the O4P people to continue, knowing she’s not going to run. It just wouldn’t be decent.

      I have no inside info, but I think she’ll announce before Iowa, but then again, she may do it at her speech. It would be an ideal time.

  3. Michael

    This administration and the Congress needs a horsewhipping and tar feathering.

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