The Tea Party IS America

Insults, Lies, and Joe Biden….the Left’s Dullest Tools

By C.A. Bamford

Our debt has reached epic and unsustainable proportions. The current administration, always on the cutting edge of financial issues, has finally realized that this is not a good thing because it could very likely have a negative impact on their ability to retain control of the political machine in Washington DC, and could loosen their chokehold on America’s purse strings. So they have launched an all out campaign to pin the blame on someone else.

Having exhausted all other sources, from Bush to Republican members of congress to corporate jet owners, the diehard left’s last resort is to attack the “Tea Party“. There’s just one problem with that.

The Tea Party, which is not really a party at all, is comprised of uncounted numbers of people from all walks of life and from every corner of this vast country. They represent all ethnic, social, and religious backgrounds, and yes, every political demographic as well. They are young, old, and middle-aged. The common thread that ties them together is their fierce belief in America and the common sense wisdom of self-reliance and responsibility. They have watched for too long the systematic dismantling of our constitutional rights and the mismanagement and arrogant disdain for those rights by an increasingly hostile government. They decided that someone had to do something about it before it was too late. But who would that someone be? They decided, first individually, and then collectively, “If not me, then who?

They are people descended from those who braved dangerous voyages to reach this land; pioneers who built towns, cities, and our county with their own hands, and who were willing to protect it with their lives.

Tea Party people are also descended from those who came later, standing in line at Ellis Island, or legally across our northern and southern borders. They too were grateful for the opportunity to work hard and prosper, and if necessary to die for this land.

There are also those whose forbearers did not come willingly and were denied for too long the opportunities and freedoms this nation offered. Their descendents carry within them an unquenchable spirit and strength that enriches our nation. They too have answered the call to serve and defend our country and those who still live in oppression.

A final group is those who continue to choose to come here not for handouts, but for the opportunity to work and build new and better lives. They too bring with them the pioneering spirit and self-reliance that renews and strengthens us. They add to our lives the richness of their traditions and heritage, but once here, they are Americans who add to the diverse and beautiful tapestry that is the Greatest Country on Earth

Those who fall under the broad umbrella of the tea party or tea party supporters are the best of what America has to offer. Those housewives, doctors, clerks, truck drivers, teachers, geeks, and gardeners…those business owners, retired people, members of congress, students, and servicemen. Those Mama and Papa grizzlies. Whatever their background and whatever their position in society, they have within them the love of freedom and the spirit and determination of their ancestors to protect that freedom. When they say, “Don’t tread on me,” you’d better believe they mean it. Remember what happened the last time Americans were pushed too far.

If this be treason….make the most of it.

~Patrick Henry


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4 responses to “The Tea Party IS America

  1. IwjwI

    Yes, the TEA Party IS America. First the ignored us when we marched on D.C. and discounted our numbers. Then, they rediculed and attacked us when they saw what real political pull and power we had in the 2010 elections and the debt debate. We will win this battle with big government because patriotic Americans have them surrounded with our majority. The TEA Party is growing stronger and larger every day and has the tools to defeat the little dictator, who calls himself the president.

    Poor Biden. Did he get a lobotomy when he had his 2 brain surgeries?
    Obama obviously picked him as his VP because it made Obama look intelligent. That doesn’t say much for Obama’s thinking. Who would want an lobotomised president? Maybe, George Soros?

  2. gracenovak

    Fantastic post! I love it when I find something inspiring to read- makes me so proud to be American!

  3. Joy

    Beautiful essay – and full of the fighting spirit!! I’m going to paste it on my Facebook Page and announce it with defiance from someone who’s had it up to here with those who would slander the Tea Party!

  4. KingShamus

    Amen to all of it.

    Well stated.

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