Noted Palin Hating Whack-Job Malia Litman Hammered By Alaska’s Attorney General

By Gary P Jackson

As you know, when Sarah Palin came back to Alaska after the 2008 presidential campaign operatives for Team Obama, guided by Pete Rouse, from the West Wing of the White House, attempted to do anything and everything to hamstring Palin’s government, to make it impossible for her to lead, and hopefully drive her out of politics forever.

As Dr Phil would say:”And how is that working out for ya?

We all know the results of their efforts. These losers cost the State of Alaska a taste over $2 million. Even though all of their “ethics complaints” were ridiculous, the state was required, by law, to investigate every one. This cost time and money. Lots of money. As the state, by law, did not protect the Executive Branch from these frivolous lawsuits, not only was Sarah and her family exposed to 100% of the cost to defend herself, so were her staff, who were also targeted by the Alaska Mafia with bogus complaints. Alaska has since changed the law, protecting the Executive and their staff from this sort of harassment by crazies. That law went into effect in late 2010.

Now most of our readers know the names of these people involved, most notably Obama’s then campaign Chief-of-Staff, now White House adviser [and once temporary WH Chief-of-Staff] Pete Rouse. Also participating in the scheme was Phil Munger, Shannyn Moore, Jeanne Devon, Linda Biegel, and a host of supporting characters. These people are vile and disgusting. They used the connections given to them through the White House to spread lies, and illegally publish details of their phony complaints to the world, all in an attempt to stop Sarah Palin.

It seems their plan was a bit flawed, as Sarah Palin is stronger than ever, and they are still nothing more than miserable, bitter, little ankle-biters who are of no value to society whatsoever.

Then there is Obama shill Malia Litman, a Texan. Malia has a serious case of Palin Derangement Syndrome, and desperately wanted to be part of the Alaska Mafia, even taking the trouble to file bogus “ethics complaints” against the Governor, further illustrating how screwed up Alaska’s ethics laws are.

Anyhow, Litman, who teeters back and forth between semi-sanity and bat-shit crazy, is so nuts even the Alaska Mafia wanted nothing to do with her!

A little background on Litman. She’s made a cottage industry out of hating Sarah Palin, and written several books, including Rebuttal to the Rogue currently ranked number 292,567 on Amazon’s “best sellers” list. The bio for her book says:

Malia Litman was a registered nurse, and a Senior Trial Partner with a major law firm in Dallas. After 12 years of establishing herself as a successful trial attorney, Malia opted out of her profession to stay at home to ensure the success of her children and her marriage.

Fifteen years later Malia was still happily married, and her children were happy but the country was failing to thrive. For the first time in her life, Malia became involved in politics, volunteering for the Obama campaign. Malia never aspired to be an author, but Sarah Palin changed that.

Now I point this out because reading Litman’s blog has convinced me she is one of the stupidest people mankind has ever spawned, and here are a couple of examples:

Now remember, this woman claims to have been a “successful trail attorney” which means she has to pass the bar exam, and yet, she thinks there are TEN Supreme Court Justices! [there are nine] In a laughable piece entitled: Palin’s Attack on the Supreme Court is the Pinnacle of Stupidity Litman goes after Sarah because she called out the hate-filled loons from the Westboro Baptist “Church” who protest military funerals and spew vile rhetoric at all those nearby. “Trial attorney” and aspiring “constitutional scholar” Litman had this to offer: [emphasis mine]

Sarah Palin tweeted this comment from her blackberry:

Common sense & decency absent as wacko “church” allowed hate msgs spewed@ soldiers’ funerals but we can’t invoke God’s name in public square

The absurdity and the stupidity of her comments are only rivaled by her suggestions that we should build dikes to solve the Gulf Oil Spill or that we have “North Korean Allies“. A few observations are significant, even for those of average intelligence, and even if you never attended law school.

1. Constitutional Law is the most complicated and challenging of all courses offered in law school. As an example, Howard University Law School requires 6 hours of Constitutional Law credits, which is more than any other course, including contracts, property, torts, and civil procedure.

Most people who had never taken a Constitutional Law Class would be hesitant to attack the United States Supreme Court for any decision, without careful consideration. Sarah Palin lacks the insight to appreciate just how foolish she appears. She commented from her blackberry as soon as the Court Ruled. Does anyone believe that Palin even read the 15 page opinion, the 3 page concurring opinion, and the 14 page dissent on her Blackberry?

2. Nine of ten U.S. Supreme Court Justices agreed that the people of the Westboro Church had the right to protest in the way that they did. None of the Justices based their decisions on the basis of “common sense” and “decency“. Their decision was based on the Constitution itself, and a careful consideration of decades of case law.

Now Litman did get the facts right, the Justices were compelled to follow the law. And frankly. it’s the speech that angers us the most, that should be defended the strongest. As vile as the Westboro bunch is, they have the right to spew their crap.

What Litman doesn’t get, is Sarah wasn’t so much criticizing the Court for protecting free speech, as showing the frustration of tens of millions of Americans who can’t get past the fact hatemongers can be allowed to spew, but the same Court says speaking God’s name in the public square is not allowed, or can be severely restricted.

Sarah didn’t even get into the hypocrisy of allowing “hate speech” and “hate crime” laws to exist, as they obviously favor special groups over the population as a whole. But another argument for another day!

Instead, let’s focus on Litman, and why we should take her seriously, as she calls Sarah Palin stupid, uneducated and uninformed, when she doesn’t even know the correct number Justices on the Supreme Court? Especially since she’s a freakin’ lawyer! Who knows what they teach in school now, but back in the day, we learned about the three branches of government in grade school!

Litman proves she would be a losing contestant on Are You Smarter Than A 5th Grader!

Litman LOVES to use Sarah’s children as a weapon against her. Yeah, she’s that low rent. A quick run through her blog will show just how deep this woman’s psychosis goes. On one of her rants she rips into “GOP Family Values” taking on Republicans in general, but attacking Sarah and her kids in a particularly nasty way, even claiming both Sarah and Todd had extra-marital affairs. She also goes nuts about Sarah’s TV show, her books, wearing a flag pin, etc. Oh, she even goes down the “her 5th child may not be her’s dirt road to insanity. Just full-on crazy stuff.

Anyhow, reading this nut-bag’s rant I found this gem:

If McCain and Palin had been elected, it would have been the first time the Vice President’s illegitimate grandchild would be living in the white house with her.

Litman’s readers are, at best, as stupid as she is, so they missed this deal. It’s trivial, of course, but the Vice President does not reside in the White House. Never has. The VP and his or her family reside at the Naval Observatory. From the White House’s official site:

Located on the grounds of the United States Naval Observatory (USNO), the white 19th Century house at Number One Observatory Circle in northwestern Washington, D.C., was built in 1893. Originally intended for the superintendent of the USNO, the house was so lovely that in 1923, the chief of naval operations kicked out the superintendent so he could move in himself. Historically, Vice Presidents and their families lived in their own homes, but the cost of securing these private residences grew substantially over the years. Finally, in 1974, Congress agreed to refurbish the house at the Naval Observatory as a home for the Vice President.

Three years passed before any Vice President actually lived at Number One Observatory Circle. Vice President Gerald Ford acceded to the Presidency before he could use the home, and his Vice President, Nelson Rockefeller, only used it for entertaining. Walter Mondale was the first Vice President to move into the home. It has since been home to the families of Vice Presidents Bush, Quayle, Gore, and Cheney. Vice President and Dr. Biden currently reside there.

Vice Presidents have welcomed countless guests to the residence, including foreign leaders and dignitaries. Still, the Naval Observatory has continued to operate. Scientists observe the sun, moon, planets and selected stars, determine and precisely measure the time, and publish astronomical data needed for accurate navigation.

Read more here.

Now that we have established that Malia Litman is a glittering jewel of colossal ignorance [for more examples read ANY article on her blog] let’s look at why she was smacked down by Alaska’s Department of Law.

As you know, most states, and even some major cities, offer incentives to the film industry so they will make movies there. These incentives usually come in the form of tax breaks. It’s good business. The production companies show up, spend money on food and lodging, hire local workers, and have a positive impact on the economy. Every nickel in tax incentives comes back to the community dressed up like a dollar.

Texas has a booming film industry. A lot of big movies are made here, including the recent remake of True Grit. The City of Austin has a vibrant film scene. Again, it’s good for business.

Alaska, one of only 5 states that did not have any sort of film incentives, found itself in a strange position. Because of it’s location, and the expenses involved to film there, many projects using Alaska as the setting were actually being filmed elsewhere. Most notably was the hit TV show Northern Exposure. The story was set in the fictional small town of Cicely, Alaska, but actually filmed in Roslyn, Washington.

To rectify this, Alaskan lawmakers created legislation similar to that of other states, creating tax incentives for film makers, and documentarians. Senate Bill SB 230 was signed into law by Governor Palin on June 6, 2008 and went into effect September 2, 2008. Please note two things: These incentives were created by the legislature, not Governor Palin, and she signed them into law well before she was chosen to be John McCain’s running mate. I say this, because when she signed this into law, she had no idea that within months she would become a political superstar and a world leader.

This legislation has been wildly successful too. If you watch the Discovery Channel, The History Channel, or National Geographic, for any amount of time, you’ll see a show produced in Alaska. Hit shows like Ice Road Truckers, Alaska State Troopers, The Deadliest Catch, and of course the top show in TLC history, Sarah Palin’s Alaska, are just a few.

This is where the star of our little drama, Malia Litman comes in.

Alaska ethics laws regarding the Executive are strange. One of them being a former Governor can still be held liable for violations for up to two years after they leave office. Taking advantage of this, Litman, a precinct captain for Barack Obama in 2008, filed an ethics complaint on June 6, 2011, alleging Governor Palin violated the law by working on Sarah Palin’s Alaska. One has to wonder why someone with such a sharp legal mind as Litman’s took six months after the show ended to realize there was a “violation.”

This also reveals a serious flaw in Alaska law. How is it a Texan, who is totally and completely unaffected by anything Alaska lawmakers come up with, can file a complaint against the Alaska Governor?

Sadly, state law forced the ethics department to investigate this nonsense. People like Litman, filing these complaints for no other reason than to harass the Governor, have cost the State of Alaska well over two million dollars. Money that could have been spent on roads, schools, or anything of real benefit to Alaskans. But loons like Litman, and the members of the Alaska Mafia need a hobby, and couldn’t care less if they harm the Alaskan people, while they indulge themselves in their jihad against the Governor.

We know for a fact the Obama White House coordinated the attacks on Governor Palin while she was in office. No clue whether Litman was asked to do this, or was working on her own though. The lady needs serious psychiatric help either way. As we pointed out above, Litman has allowed Palin Derangement Syndrome to eat her alive.

To see the letter Alaska’s Department of Law sent Litman, click here.

Governor Palin’s attorney, John Tiemessen issued the following statement:

The Alaska Attorney General’s office has dismissed yet another frivolous ethics complaint filed against Governor Palin by a leftwing political blogger. This particular blogger is from Texas (where she volunteered as a precinct captain for Barack Obama’s 2008 campaign), and yet her dismissed complaint against Governor Palin has cost the State of Alaska time and resources because no matter how absurd the complaint is, the state must respond to it. These complaints also cost Governor Palin personally to defend herself. This small band of leftwing bloggers have dedicated their lives to spreading lies, half-truths, and failed legal analysis about allegations of “corruption” against Governor Palin. This dismissed complaint is just the latest example of their destructive strategy to harass a political leader they disagree with.

This particular complaint alleged that Governor Palin violated Alaska’s Executive Branch Ethics Act because the production company that made “Sarah Palin’s Alaska” received a film tax credit from the State of Alaska related to its expenses in making the series. It should be noted that Governor Palin never received any direct money or compensation from this tax credit. The legislation that created this tax credit was crafted and passed by Alaska lawmakers and signed into law by Governor Palin. In dismissing this complaint, the Alaska Attorney General’s office outlines the illogic and absurdity of exempting former governors from complying with statutes they signed into law for two years after they leave office.

You can read the Attorney General’s opinion here.

– John J. Tiemessen, attorney for Sarah Palin

Undeterred, Litman is still pursuing the matter, and posted a copy of the letter she wrote back to the Department of Law, which you can read here for some comic relief.

These people are stalkers, nothing more, nothing less. They have devoted their entire lives to the harassment of someone they disagree with. A political rival. They all should be forced to pay the state back for all expenses incurred investigating these bogus complaints. They should also be restrained from further harassment.

By the way, Litman who has gleefully discussed filing this complaint, actually violated Alaska law herself. Of course, so has every other ankle-biter. You see, it’s against Alaska law to discuss these complaints until they have been resolved.

The Alaska Mafia, through their many media contacts, would often have the news about the complaints out to the national media within minutes of complaints actually being filed. This was the real goal anyhow. They didn’t care if they won the cases. Most were so absurd only a real fool would think they had a chance.

The real goal was to create a headline that Governor Palin was “being investigated for ethics violations.” They wanted to create the narrative that Governor Palin, the woman who cleaned up massive corruption in Alaska, was herself, corrupt. Even though all of these complaints were dismissed, the damage was done.

Oddly enough, the way the law worked was if someone filed a complaint against a lawmaker, then made that complaint public, the complaint was dismissed straightaway. No such protection for the Executive.

Malia Litman is a nut case, but she, and people like her, are exactly why it’s so difficult to get good people to run for elected office. These democrats, filled with vile hatred and rage, will make their life a living hell if a person even tries to do right by the American people. Few want to endure all of this.

Sarah Palin is a rare breed. Not only can she endure all of this, she can thrive. That makes her an exceptional leader, and America is better for it.



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11 responses to “Noted Palin Hating Whack-Job Malia Litman Hammered By Alaska’s Attorney General

  1. thanks for excellent article; not many people know about the many unethical “ethics” attacks on Mrs. Palin.

    • Gary P

      You’re welcome. We’ve written extensively about it since 2009, including the pay for play deal Obama cooked up with Alaska State Senator Kim Elton who ram-rodded the bogus “Troopergate” investigation. Obama payed Elton off by appointing him to a make work job with the Department of Interior.

      Some truly evil people out there. It’s a shame the media is complicit in all of this, and won’t report the truth.

  2. TXPatriot

    Embarrassed that a fellow Texan could be this hateful and ignorant. God bless Sarah and her family for enduring these vile lunatics.

    It’s amazing that the same people who have spent years now trying to take Sarah down are the same ones who call her irrelevant.

  3. The winner quote is here. “Malia Litman is a nut case, but she, and people like her, are exactly why it’s so difficult to get good people to run for elected office. These democrats, filled with vile hatred and rage, will make their life a living hell if a person even tries to do right by the American people. Few want to endure all of this.”

    That’s our biggest problem. Conservatives, by their very nature, do not LIKE government, do not TRUST government and have always been guided by the adage that government should be restricted to very tightly defined spheres of interest and stay the hell out of the way the rest of the time. Add in the crap that the Liberal leftists are guaranteed to throw at any Conservative who enters the public sphere, and it’s little wonder why we can’t attract sufficient smart successful Conservatives to run for office.

    That needs to change. But I am damned if I can figure out how to do it.

  4. ReaganTMan

    These bottom feeder ambulance chasing pieces of crap lawyers are what’s wrong with America. Rule 11 in Virginia basically says I can walk into any attorney’s office and lie to them and they can get attorney’s fees for filing a suit on my behalf. People like Litman need to experience it, and experience it hard. They ought to rip that bitch’s law licence right out of her hands and send her sorry ass to a homeless shelter. I have no compassion for dirtbags like her.

  5. Kelly Jackson

    The left has a real integrity issue, they don’t have any…Anything goes when trying to discredit someone who they don’t agree with. People join the military to fight for freedom for every American only to find the left villainizing us for it. That sacrifice means nothing as the liberals can take our freedoms away or give them away. It is a real shame that the military sacrifice all for freedom and they trample it under foot as if it was dung. This just proves that what you don’t labor to earn, you don’t appreciate. Because they didn’t serve, they don’t think much of our military or their sacrifice. They really believe the utilitarian view that the end justifies the means. So what ever means that they employ is justified as long as they receive the end that they intend. Their views don’t make sense really. They say that they are for the poor (not really) and that the republicans are for the rich (a lie). They say that they are tolerant (of what and who? unless you’re a conservative or a Christian or disagree with them). They do not like to hear someone saying that this is immoral or wrong for they are Amoral.

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  8. spyz613

    I am no fan of Palin, but Litman is out of this world crazy. She writes about subjects without fact-checking and seems content with just making things up to further her own bias. She is a disgrace to journalism and a joke to the written word. I feel sorry for her.

    • Gary P Jackson

      She is literally INSANE. And yeah, facts mean nothing to her.

      Still trying to figure out how anyone couldn’t be a fan of Governor Palin though. She’s America’s best hope to recover.

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