Is WaPo’s Jonathan Capehart Calling On Barack Obama To Murder Every Tea Party Member, and Their Families?

When the people fear their government, there is tyranny; when the government fears the people, there is Liberty.

~ Thomas Jefferson

In the past week members of the media and the democrat party [yes I KNOW, they are one in the same] have called the American people “terrorists” and compared us to al Qaeda, just because we want responsible government that will stop spending our children’s, grandchildren’s, and even our great grandchildren’s future.

Even the Vice President of the United States called us terrorists, and it was former Treasury Secretary [under George W. Bush] who compared us all to al Qaeda.

The rhetoric has been way over the top, but as we’ve learned, that’s how democrats roll. They are a violent bunch.

Never forget that Barack Obama’s best buddy, Bill Ayers, and his group, the Weather Underground, waged war on the United States, and planned to murder as many as 25 million Americans, the number they expected to resist their communistic utopian vision of America that would have emerged from the aftermath of their destruction.

Here Larry Grathwohl explains it all:

I bring this up because Ayers and his ilk have mainstreamed themselves, and their sort of thinking is quite prevalent in the democrat party. Calls for violence against anyone who disagrees with their destructive ideas are quite common.

Remember the SEIU thugs that beat up Kenneth Gladney, a black man, simply because he was selling Gadsden flags and other patriotic gear? How about the Union thugs who trashed the Wisconsin Capitol building and made death threats against Republican law makers because the Governor and legislature wanted to regain control of the budget?

In 2008, Barack Obama, trying to sound tough, pulled out a quote from the movie The Untouchables.

From the Wall Street Journal:

Mobster wisdom tells us never to bring a knife to a gun fight. But what does political wisdom say about bringing a gun to a knife fight?

That’s exactly what Barack Obama said he would do to counter Republican attacks “If they bring a knife to the fight, we bring a gun,” Obama said at a Philadelphia fundraiser Friday night.

Just days before the 2010 elections, Obama, talking to Latinos, told them to “go out and punish your enemies,” implying Republicans were their enemies.

Well, the Washinton Post’s Jonathan Capehart takes violent Hollywood imagery as political rhetoric up quite a few notches with his latest steaming pile: Time for Obama to be feared by the Tea Party

It his disgusting piece, Capehart quotes another hate filled liberal democrat, Ruth Marcus, who compares the American people to “car jackers” and then writes:

If they try it, Obama must introduce their “carjacker” to his “Keyser Söze.

Keyser Söze being the mysterious and violent underworld mastermind from the movie The Usual Suspects.

In case you don’t get where this thug Capehart is coming from, he links to Wikipedia which describes how Keyser Söze came to be. We’ve included a movie clip for clarification as well:

Vodpod videos no longer available.

From Wikipedia:

Söze’s past is unknown, but the story told by Roger “Verbal” Kint (Kevin Spacey) has Söze as a low-level drug dealer beginning his criminal career in his native Turkey. The entity that is Keyser Söze is truly born, however, when rival Hungarian smugglers invade his house while he is away, rape his wife and hold his children hostage; when Söze arrives, they kill one of the children to show him their resolve, then threaten to kill his wife and remaining children if he does not surrender his business to them.

Rather than give in to their demands, and to prevent his family from having to live with the memory of what has happened, he murders his loved ones and all but one of the Hungarians, whom he spares, knowing that the survivor would tell the mafia what has happened.

Now, if you STILL don’t get what this violent thug Capehart is suggesting, he goes on to say:

If you’ve seen the brilliant movie “The Usual Suspects,” you know who this diabolical character is and what he did to gain mythical status. Suffice it to say that Söze so out-crazied the crazies that he became a person not to be messed with — a symbol of fear and grudging respect.

Nice talk huh.

He goes on:

In the coming fights over the next budget, unemployment benefits and payroll tax cuts, I want Obama to show the Republican Party in general and the Tea Party in particular that he isn’t afraid to out-crazy the crazies. If that means vetoing bills, taking the fight to individual districts, shutting down the government, so be it.

Something tells me that paragraph was added more as a CYA rather than anything else. I’m sure Capehart wants you to believe he only links to the story of Keyser Söze killing absolutely everyone, only as a metaphor for “getting tough.”

Sorry, I ain’t buying it. This increasing violent rhetoric coming from democrats can no longer be tolerated. These thugs must be called out and dealt with. These thugs want to incite violence. They know they have already lost the debate. They have nothing else to lose.

The American people now fully understand that liberalism is a failed ideology, and they want no more of it. In fact, the American people want to scale back government considerably.

The bottom line is Capehart, thuggish bastard that he is, wants the American people to fear Barack Obama. As Thomas Jefferson said, when the people fear their government, they live under tyranny. Capehart is advocating a tyrannical government, the very antithesis of what our founders created. I suggest Capehart and his ilk move to Cuba, Venezuela, or Iran, they will find the exact sort of tyranny they long for.

As for me and mine, I’d rather the government fear us, and fear us greatly, because then, and only then, can there be Liberty and Freedom!


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11 responses to “Is WaPo’s Jonathan Capehart Calling On Barack Obama To Murder Every Tea Party Member, and Their Families?

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  2. IwjwI

    They would love it if there was civil unrest and violence on every street in the U.S. so that Obama could declare martial law, do away with our U.S. Constitution for up to five years, do away with the 2012 election, and declare himself the first dictator of our country.
    One of his first orders would be to get rid of any opposition. Also, he will get rid of anyone who wouldn’t be considered viable to help sustain governmental growth and HIS lavish lifestyle.

    Beware when Obama says that he is going to focus on jobs. That can only mean one thing. He will be more focused than ever on one of his main goals. That is to put as many people as possible into unemployment lines.

    Employed Americans will be nothing more than tax slaves.
    Remember this line? “I owe my soul to the company store..”

    The part of Obamacare that says that the government will have a direct line to our bank accounts is very scary. This will be used to confiscate any dollars that they think that they are owed. Obama thinks that all our money belongs to him. If he had his way, we would be paid with vouchers that we could spend at the government store.

    We really do need to have an election in 2012!
    We have a country to save and a new POTUS to elect. “Let’s roll.”

    • IwjwI, you are not only right, you are clairvoyant. I just got information that this scenario is EXACTLY what he plans to do. The rhetoric is designed to make the divide between the conservative patriotic everyman American, and this socialist, communist, unionist, liberal, progressive insurgency that is on the verge of taking control of our country, launching an all out attack on everyone who opposes them. As much as I wish it wasn’t true, I feel this has to happen before the brain-dead, head-in-the-sand, zombie sheeple wake up and see what is really at stake here. This is not just a threat, but a certainty. Oscumbag has amassed an international force of men and machinery in our country, as well as a civilian militia of our children he and his cronies have been brainwashing to believe we are “terrorists”, and made sure our own military is off in foreign lands. We are being set up. He doesn’t worry about the sheeple, because they will just do what he says. It is the conservative, TEA Party supporting, Bible and gun toting patriotic Constitution-defending Red-White-&-Blue bleeding American citizen who he knows will fight him to the death, down to the last bullet or bomb. We will be slaughtered, but I will stand and fight anyway. God bless America and all Patriotic Constitution loving Americans.

      • Joe

        Your devotion in the face of certain defeat is admirable (and I mean that sincerely), but there is a God in Heaven, and we can survive this, even if the plot is as thick as you say it is. I am not a Beck Kool-Aid drinker, but I think he is onto something important. The scenario he fears, not unlike your own, requires violence from conservatives as a pretext for the violent suppression you describe. But if we fail to cooperate, if we do not react as we are expected to react, the sequence never starts, and the doomsday device just … fizzles. Something to think about.

  3. Chuck Marsh

    Jonathan Capehart is a sorry excuse for a human being. Hardcore liberals think freespeech means: do what I say, or else. Or… in this case, it was OK for us to harrass Bush. OK to have EVERY news org belittle and disect his every move. OK for SNL, comedy central (created 3-4 new shows) to ridicule him. But… once their guy is in charge that is NOT allowed anymore. as soon as 1 network, FOX, and/or a portion of the people (tea party) disagree and demand that OUR GOV be fiscally responsible well. According to Jonathan Capehart that enough to go “keyser soze” on them who would dare oppose their guy and his irresponsible ways. So let me rephrase. Jonathan say if Pres can’t get his way He needs to Keyser soze his enemys. Sounds Like a terrorist threat jonathan.

  4. Paul

    You must be joking if you think that you are “the American people”. The “American people” & the “Teaparty” are vastly removed one from the other. No connection whatsoever. The Teaparty has been acting like thugs & will probably continue to do so. They have ruined our government & are trying to ruin our country. Thanks for the ratings drop & the consequent drop in the quality of life for all of us real Americans. Go back to your uneducated, unevelved lives & leave us….the American people….alone. We refuse to be hijacked by you & your ilk!

    • Gary P

      Sorry stupid, the only real thugs are democrats. It was democrat SEIU union thugs who attacked and almost killed a Black man, Kenneth Gladney for being a Conservative. It was democrat union thugs in Wisconsin who were making death threats against Republican politicians, and it was democrat union thugs that physically stormed and occupied the state capitol, doing millions of dollars worth of damage.

      It’s always liberal democrats who revert to violence when they don’t get their way. Remember the 1968 democrat convention?

      Liberal nut-job Jarred Lee Laughner shot up Tuscon all because Gabby Giffords, a somewhat moderate democrat wasn’t radical enough for him.

      The Tea Party IS America and we are trying to SAVE America from Barack Obama and his thug party that are destroying it.

    • Joe

      LOL. You are a perfect example of the effect of brainwashing. You have it exactly backwards. Yet, in your own head, you see it all as true. Do you personally know any Tea Party people? How many of them would you fear in a dark alley? The 67 year old grandma hoping Obama’s wasteful policies don’t destroy her retirement nest egg, or the fragile livelihoods of her children, or the hope of a college education and a decent life for her grandchildren? You really ready to call that “thuggery?” Surely you are the one doing the joking. My suggestion to you, and I have been with both groups, is hang out with some Tea Party types trying to save their families future, then hang out with some angry, narcissistic SEIU types trying to save their boating summers in Michigan by robbing the Tea Party types, and you tell me then which of these folks pass the “dark alley” test.

  5. Mike

    Robert D. Halasz, we will NOT be slaughtered brother! How can you say or think such a scenario? Failure is NOT an option!

  6. Joy

    That’s calling ’em out, Gary!! All the implications and not-so-veiled threats of violence can barely mask their anger, fear and hatred of the Right – and, of cours, what IS “right” and just, etc. My blood boils as I listen to their hate- and violence-filled rhetoric and realize, as their phoney masks fall away, exactly what evil is lurking on the Left and why we MUST fight these bastards every step of the way!! I’m ALWAYS in imaginary conversation with libtard friends (“people I used to know,” as I tend to describe them now!) about the coming Armaggedan and just what terrible scenarios are already being enacted in this once great country! After these misery-inducing episodes, where my evil imagination takes flight, I’m usually depressed and wonder if/how/when this malaise will ever go away…

  7. Joy

    Paul, if you think that Tea Partiers, worried and outspoken about unsustained and unjustified fed. gov’t spending, are NOT “the American people” and, in fact, are responsible for the credit downgrade, then I’ve got a bridge in Brooklyn I think you might like… (or some very excellent oceanfront property in Arizona that might be great for some family vacations…).

    What’s amusing/frightening/disgusting about mental midgets – but excellent sponges of the libturd talking points! – is that, for the first time in their pathetic lives, they’ve even heard about – let alone CARE, fergawdssake! – about a nation’s bond ratings!! Give me a break!! Economic illiterates like you know sweet F.A. about anything re macroeconomics nor, of course, do you ever really give a flying fig about same! But, when your libtard masters spew forth – through all the usual ignorant and hateful websites – that a “credit downgrade” (wha’s dat, Mabel?) is “a bad thing and totally the fault of the GOP, the Tea Party and the Right” in general, well, then, hot damn, you “spring into defensive action,” knowing little about the substance of the argument – and even less whose fault this really is – yes, it’s your own political idols.

    One day, when, by God’s grace, you MAY get just a scintilla of “wisdom,” you may actually stumble upon the Truth! And then, by God, people better watch out for one surprised and disenchanted dude – aka Paul!

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