Poll: Who Would You Like To See As Sarah Palin’s Vice President?

By Gary P Jackson

Been a lot of talk lately about who would make the best Vice President to serve with President Sarah Palin.

Vice Presidential candidates are chosen for a number of reasons. Often they are chosen merely because they can deliver a state or a region that can help the presidential candidate win. There are better reasons though.

We fully expect Sarah Palin to have a 50 state strategy for victory and while someone from certain regions may be helpful more than others, we’d like to see a different criteria.

Anyone who knows Governor Palin’s record knows she and her team hit the ground running the day she was sworn in as Governor of Alaska, and worked 16 hour days tackling Alaska’s problems. We think President Sarah Palin will be looking for someone with strong leadership skills of their own. Someone she can give a portfolio of their own to and help her Revive, Renew, and Restore America.

That said, we have had some requests to do a poll on the question of who should be President Palin’s VP.

Below are some potential candidates for the job. We’ll let our readers decide if they fit the criteria THEY would like to see the Vice President have, as well as if the ones listed have the “right stuff,” as mentioned above.

If you chose “Other” please leave a comment letting us know who, and why you think they are the one.

The poll will close next Wednesday. We look forward to seeing the results.



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32 responses to “Poll: Who Would You Like To See As Sarah Palin’s Vice President?

  1. Vice President should be a policy wonk, like Sarah Palin. No one on the list.

    • Gary P

      I disagree. You don’t get any “wonkier” than Paul Ryan or Bobby Jindal. And you’re right Sarah is very wonkish herself. Many people forget this.

  2. Pawlenty would be good too.

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  4. Seattle

    Connie Mack or Mike Lee.

    • Seattle

      Addendum to my suggestions for VP (forgot to mention why I “endorse” them):- Both Connie Mack and Mike Lee voted against raising the debt ceiling. Both come across well in the media when presenting themselves, discussing their views – as cool-headed, common sense, strong principled individuals. They both have a good grasp on “It’s the spending, stupid”… Connie Mack’s H.R. 1848, the “One Percent Spending Reduction Act of 2011”, and Mike Lee’s new book, “The Freedom Agenda: Why a Balanced Budget Amendment Is Necessary to Restore Constitutional Government” and his connection to Cut, Cap and Balance amendent, speak well for these men’s comprehension of what America faces if we don’t act ASAP to change the trajectory the current administration is forcing upon us. Read up on both of those men, if you have not heard of them. They are leaders, invested in the future.

  5. Egeek

    Alan Mulally CEO of Ford…

    He is the penultimate CEO in the nation if not the world IMHO he is the turn-around expert and would be the best choice to help downsize and streamline Government like he did at Ford to the tune of 40%. He would be the ultimate out of the box choice for the following reasons:

    * Not a Gov’t Insider, has no “GS” career or pension to worry about
    * Would carry Michigan and possibly OH, IN, by extension.
    * Is loved by Wall St & Business, would dry up those $’s from BHO.
    * Would be the ultimate juxtaposition of Free Market Capitalism vs. Corp Fascism i.e. Ford success vs. GM’s takeover…

    IMHO the DNC knows this guy is a superstar, it would scare the daylights out of them because of his management and team building style and ability to get it done.

    No B.S. with this man, the culture of Washington would change forever…

    • Gary P

      He’s been an incredible CEO for Ford, that’s for sure. Great out of the box thinking!

    • Seattle

      “IMHO the DNC knows this guy is a superstar, it would scare the daylights out of them because of his management and team building style and ability to get it done. No B.S. with this man, the culture of Washington would change forever…”

      BHO has reportedly called Mulally Monday while on his Martha’s Vineyard vacay… wants “advice”.
      –Obama Calls Buffet, Ford CEO for Advice”–
      If you read that article, looks like BHO admin and Ford have negotiated at least one deal in the past.

      “..The President also called the head of the Ford Motor Company, Alan Mulally. The President wanted to know if the supply chain problems caused by the Japanese tsunami have moderated. He also asked the Ford Chief about how to extend exports. Undoubtedly, the President told Mulally that he’s coming to Detroit to spend Labor Day (Sept. 5) with workers. The White House formally announced the trip today.”
      from- http://tinyurl.com/3vwweb2

      Just sayin’ ….. make of it what you will.

  6. NormaJ

    Many good choices for VP- West, Rubio, Perry, Pawlenty,

  7. Jessica

    Allen West has the brains, the gavitas, the charisma, and the name recognition. He’s perfect in every way. Wouldn’t you just love to see him in a debate against the Dem’s favorite moron, Joe Biden?

  8. John Bolton would be the best VP for Sarah , he knows a lot about policies over seas and here at home, he is very intelligent man, I believe, he is honest, and he would do a great job for Sarah & our country. Sarah you out shine all the others, and so would John as your VP…

  9. There is one more thing I have to say, Gov. Rick Perry was and still is a BILDERBERG Globalist Agenda 21 member, in 90’s he went to meeting with Al Gore & Bill Clinton, He was a dem at that time, Clinton told him to change parties because he wouldn’t have a chance at running for Prez then as a dem..He backed Al Gore.. Then in 2007 he was the key note speaker with Clinton again and John Kerry Sen fr MA..then 2009 he had a secret meeting with them and George Soros was there, and Rothchild all the billionaires, he asked them to back him for the run for Prez in 2012.. All of this is know by many people in TX I saw the vidio where this reporter was asking him about this BILDERBERG deal, Perry pushed him out of the way gave him a dirty look jumped into his limo and took off the reporter called him a Traitor to TX and this country.. I think you should know about this, in case you didn’t hear about this before…

  10. NJ_Tom

    Both Rubio & Jindal have “Natural Born Citizen” impediments. Just because we’re letting Obama get away with it doesn’t mean we should continue to ignore our Constitution.

    • Gary P

      Not true. You should stop spreading that BS.

      Jindal’s Parents were legal residents. Rubio’s parents were Cuban exiles and the US law specifically grants them citizenship.

    • Alaska Patriot

      Come on NJ, Citizenship was never the problem with the Ha birth. He was born there. Get over it. The issue I suspect is a paternity (maternity?) issue that he’s not too proud of. Call it a lineage problem. We’ll never know of course with today media. Where were Rubio and Jindal born? Weren’t they both U.S. births?

  11. NHConservative0221

    I’m strongly against West for voting for the debt scheme that’s going to screw all of us by adding an extra $6- $7 trillion or more to the debt. The deal was a joke. That alone disqualifies him to me.

    Also didn’t like that he supported the Pigford decision.

    • Seattle

      I strongly agree. While I respect and appreciate Lt. Col. West’s service and his fighting spirit, his voting for the recent raise of the debt ceiling and his support the Pigford decision shows, to my mind, either an acceptance of governmental corruption or a complete lack of recognition of same.

      This does not demonstrate the “right stuff” for a VP for Sarah Palin.

  12. Larry

    I for one do not understand the fascination with West. I respect that he served our country, but as a politician he has EIGHT MONTHS of experience and as Seattle mentioned, his record isn’t exactly sterling.I am intrigued by Alan Mulally . He sounds like he is just what the doctor ordered, but would he willingly give up his $18 million salary for the good of his country? If not then I would like to see another fighter , like Sarah, one who stood in the face of evil and won, Scott Walker,

  13. Bill Grant

    I have Rubio and West (in that order) as my choices, more because I believe Florida will play a major role in determining 2012 race. West didn’t help himself with Yes vote on raising debt ceiling, but that does not disqualify him for me. There are many other good candidates including Govs Walker, Kasich, Perry, McDonnell and Jindal, and Rep Ryan. Any one of these would be a quality VP pick, and I could be persuaded to include Gov Scott and several others.

  14. Seattle

    I could be persuaded to consider Scott Walker too. But not Perry. I would think that suggesting to Sarah that she take on Perry as VP (the point is moot now, since he’s running himself for Pres.), would perhaps cause her eyebrows to rise and she’d think to herself, “Huh? One of those Good Old Boys politicians?”

    But if it’s Florida we are talking about, see my suggestion of Rep. Connie Mack, above – he represents Florida’s 14th Congressional District. His “Penny Plan”/H.R. 1848 has many supporters, including Marco Rubio and Rand Paul. He also has been calling for Tim Geithner’s resignation for 2 years, I think.

    • Gary P

      I most certainly agree with you on Rick “Open Borders” Perry. Several folks have mentioned Connie Mack. A solid idea. His “Penny Plan” is brilliant.

      We barely have any real Conservatives in the Senate though, and as fine as either Rubio or Rand Paul might be, we need them where they are to hold off the RINOs as well as the hard left.

      • Seattle

        Agree. And we need to get more solid conservatives running for the Senate for 2012, and help them to win! I keep my eye on the senateconservativesDOTcom site for those DeMint is endorsing.

        (I’d love to see Sarah Palin go toe-to-toe against Perry in a debate.)

  15. Seattle

    I think the Poll has ended but I thought of another good person for Sarah’s VP….
    What does Sarah think of Ken Blackwell, former Secretary of State of Ohio and a notable conservative with many years of public service? In an article in The Daily Caller dated June 24th 2011, he states he will not be running for U.S. Senate seat in Ohio

    Besides being a Ronald Reagan Distinguished Fellow for Public Policy at the Buckeye Institute in Columbus, Ohio, he holds and has held many other positions of great interest and importance. If you read further on him, you’ll see he could bring many things to a Palin administration.
    Many of his writings can be found here

    • Gary P

      Man I like Ken Blackwell. I had hoped he would be RNC chair instead of Michael Steele. Good sold Conservative.

      • Seattle

        BTW, in that Daily Caller article, I can see another reason why Ken Blackwell doesn’t want to challenge Sen. Sherrod Brown (D- Ohio), besides the reasons he listed in that article … because one of the great men Jim DeMint is endorsing for the Senate is running, Marine Corps veteran (2 tours in Iraq) Josh Mandel, who is ahead of Sherrod Brown in the polling.
        This article is a must read:

        -snippet- “In the last fundraising quarter, Mandel raised 40 percent more than Brown and spent hundreds of thousands less to do it. ‘Forget fundraising,’ Mandel says to the crowd. ‘What’s important to me is that we’re going to go next year and beat Sherrod Brown. And by beating Sherrod Brown and running strong, we’re also going to help the eventual nominee at the top of the ticket beat Barack Obama.’
        That line gets the most applause of the night.”

        This is someone Sarah can endorse!
        We need her to do so, as we need to take over the Senate too, in 2012!

      • Gary P


        If you know Josh, suggest he send a proposal to SarahPAC asking for her endorsement. I love the fact we are challenging in these democrats!

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