We Are ACORN Mighty, Mighty ACORN: Rick Perry Edition

By Gary P Jackson

They say a picture is worth a thousand words.

Notice the lovely woman in the Houston ACORN shirt standing with a smiling Rick Perry.

Someone might want to talk with Houston’s King Street Patriots and their fight against Mighty ACORN in Houston with their True the Vote program.

In other ACORN news: A Nevada Judge fines ACORN but wanted prison for ACORN’s leaders.

Read BREAKING: ‘Banana Republic’ ACORN Hit with Maximum Fine in Voter Fraud Scheme over at Big Government for the entire run down.

As you know President Barack Obama used to work for ACORN. His job was training the rent-a-thugs the finer points of communist Saul Alinsky’s manifesto Rules for Radicals

Over the last few days a lot of people have been hammering Rick Perry because he was once a democrat [at a time most Texas politicians were] and was Al Gore’s Texas campaign chairman in 1988. That’s kind of silly.

The great Ronald Reagan was also a democrat before, as he said, the party left him. He was also a big supporter of Franklin Roosevelt, the president who did more to support Marxism in America than any other before Obama.

This is a dumb thing to hit Perry on.

The relationships people need to question Perry about are his ties to groups like ACORN, as well as open borders, race-baiting groups like LULAC and La Raza [literally, The Race] that advocate illegal immigration and support the Reconquista of the Southwestern United States.

We’ll have more on Perry’s ties to these groups and his sorry record on illegal immigration to come.

Rick Perry upon signing Texas’ supported DREAM ACT, granting in state tuition to illegal aliens:

Educacion es el futuro, y si se puede.”

Translation: “Education is the future” and throwing in Cesar Chavez’s slogan: [and Obama’s] “Yes we can!” for good measure.


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17 responses to “We Are ACORN Mighty, Mighty ACORN: Rick Perry Edition

  1. NHConservative0221

    Hey Gary,

    Good post. Since you live in Texas, has your view of Perry changed over the last few months? I remember last spring you were on Hotair saying Palin/Perry.

    In light of what you’ve posted along with the Trans Texas Corridor, HPV vaccinations for 14 yr old girls (while Perry was friends with a Merck rep that made the vaccine), increased state spending… Perry sounds like a RINO. Seems like he’d be unfit to be Sarah’s VP.

    Were you aware of this info when you originally wanted him as VP and have these facts crossed him off your VP list (assuming it ever came down to that).

    Also, I miss reading your posts over at Hotair. You were my favorite poster, I like the way you attack the RINO’s with a no BS attitude. I still read alot of the comments even thought I can’t post myself, be nice to see you put a few of those clowns in their place.

    • Gary P

      Thanks. I just don’t have the time to mix it up over there any more. Most of the good folks, the ones that made reading HA fun have moved on so it’s not as interesting. HA was never much of a blog for Conservatives, but the commenters were great and very knowledgeable. Not so much any more.

      At one point I thought Perry might have been a good mix with Governor Palin. Her junior man. The more I’ve thought about it, and really went back and reviewed Perry’s record of the last ten years in office I have to wonder what I was thinking!

      I was in the middle of the Trans-Texas Corridor deal, as it would have passed right through where I live. People in East Bell County were ready to hang Perry from the highest tree! There were meetings and the other candidates for governor would show up, even the democrat, who knew he didn’t have an ice cube’s chance in hell of being elected. Perry hid out.

      That deal was a disaster. A super highway complete with high speed rail going from Laredo to Kansas City. Owned and built by a Spanish company! At first the thing was going to be as much as 10 miles wide! Oh, and it would have been a toll road, something Perry LOVES. Texas has never had many tolls roads. Under Perry we have a ton of em.

      Perry has done good with Jobs, as in leaving the state and going to California and poaching theirs! But past that, we’re doing well in Texas in spite of, not because of Perry.

      Perry has “found religion” in the last year when it comes to trying to act Conservative, but before that he has been a Big Government statist. Unlike Alaska, where the Governor is an actual CEO with broad powers, Texas constitution makes our Governor rather weak. This is common in the South. It goes back to Reconstruction after the Civil War.

      Perry has gotten around this by issuing executive orders and intimidation. In other words, Mitt Romney lite.The Gardasil fiasco was an exec order and our legislature smacked it, and him down. There was talk about kickbacks from Merck, the drug’s maker.

      Another thing, under Perry’s watch Texas debt has grown a mind blowing 184.2%!

      Whitney wrote a great article that Governor Palin herself tweeted. Putting an end to the “she’s gonna endorse Perry” BS.


      Texans love our state and naturally have pride in the Office, if not the man. Thing is, other than 2002, when everyone still liked him a LOT, and he was basking it the glory of President Bush’s numbers (Perry was Bush’s Lt Governor) Perry has been primaried every re-election time.

      The only reason Perry has been successfully re-elected is all of his challengers suck worse.

      I’m not going on a Perry bash-fest, but there are a lot of things about Perry people need to know before they go all weak in the knees and think they’ve found their “messiah” !

  2. Jeanne

    Great story big guy!!! Keep up the good work!

  3. You are not going to bash Perry, well God help him if you do. As for La Raza I live in the valley and never, not once, has he met with La Raza since I have lived here. Weak on Immigration, or as we like to call ILLEGALS, AKA criminals since Illegal isn’t a race it is a CRIME, give me one single candidate that is strong on Illegals financially raping, destroying, robbing and yes sometimes murdering on their way to an alleged “better life”. Gov. Perry has done some great things for Texas, and some good things for Texas, and some not so good ideas for Texas, but to imply that he is a community organizing, Acorn Loving, La Raza loving person I think may just be considered OVER THE TOP.

    • Gary P

      Then you haven’t been paying attention. Perry has pandered to the illegal crowd since day one. He is a Big Government politician. Many of us supported Perry in 2010 for two reasons. One, Kay Bailey Hutchison was a non-starter. Worse than Perry. and two, because Sarah Palin asked us to.

      Perry has many serious issues. He’s pretending to be Conservative now, but his record betrays his actions.

      In the past few days I’ve had the opportunity to discover things I didn’t even know about. Once the American people know this, he will not be the Republican nominee, or the next President.

      • Well obviously you and your Ron Paul love affair has clouded your vision. And as for immigration/aka illegal criminal trespassers, Ron Paul takes the cake, or should I say the asterik, since that is his solution, and if you have been and illegal criminal here in the U.S. for a long time, in other words breaking the law longer than the new law breakers, you will get a break. And while you are at your Ron Paul love fest, maybe you can pay back the American Tax Payer all the money he has Robbed us of with his Ear Marks, and the price of the Mental Hospital bills as the normal everyday person checks in after the last debate, and his comments on Iran, hell, his comments everytime he starts flapping his gums with another statement from outer space. Also you can pick up my tab for allowing all drugs to be legal, and your soul can burn in hell with his stance on, “if you got the money” you can kill a baby. Paul has no chance, and the sooner he is gone the better off we all will be.

      • Gary P

        Are you insane?

        Ron Paul is a nut job. You won’t find an ounce of support here. I think if you look around our blog you’ll notice really quick that we are Reagan-Palin Conservatives and will except nothing less.

        The best thing I can say about Ron Paul is he will not run for another congressional term. Once he is finished this term we are done with him.

  4. RJ

    I hope you’re not trying to win Libertarians. Perry’s record on immigration is one reason Ill support him over the others. A growing labor force is exactly what America needs. Amnesty or something like that can kick start this lackluster economy. Lets just hope Obama doesn’t do it first. A free economy must include a free and open labor force.

    • Gary P

      You must be one of those people who call themselves a “libertarian” because they are too ashamed to call themselves a liberal.

      We have 30 million AMERICANS who need work and need it now.

      We tried amnesty before. Was supposed to be a one shot deal, 20 million illegals later and …..

      You know what they call a nation that doesn’t defend it’s borders? Non-existent.

      BTW, ever read Mexico’s immigration laws? Try what illegals get away with here and you’ll be in prison, if you aren’t shot first.

      Go sell stupid elsewhere.

  5. Great post and great answers…

  6. He won’t get my vote. Another gentleman from Texas gets that. Put Ron Paul in the Oval Office and watch America lead again.

    • Gary P

      Ron Paul won’t get there. Sorry, just fact.

      If you want to see America succeed and want a real libertarian, Sarah Palin is the one. She’s actually sane and sober, and if you look at her record as a Mayor and Governor, you’ll see she is very much a libertarian.

  7. I am not a Perry fan, nor am I a Ron Paul fan but I am a conservative . If a governor of TEXAS refused to meet with or speak with Hispanic groups it would not only be political suicide but it would also be incomprehensible. Hispanics have become the majority population in TEXAS. Granted that many of these are illegals but non-the-less they are a vital part of our state and always have been.
    Acorn on the other hand is not. La Raza is another Acorn as far as I am concerned. Maybe at one time they were both decent, necessary and beneficial organizations for the state but they no longer have those qualities associated with them in the mainstream.
    Rick Perry’s flip-flop on immigration can be directly related to elections and public sentiment. Unfortunately, he is a good salesman and people tend to believe what his selling.
    Rick Perry has postured as wanting the federal government and in particular, President Obama to do something about our border’s lack of security. He’s done precious little else.
    Yes, he had the anti-sanctuary cities bill put into the special session.. but did you hear him make one other comment on it? I didn’t and I was listening. Was he here negotiating it? Not that I saw. As a matter of fact, I’m relatively sure that he wasn’t even in the state during most of that session because he was out; Not-campaigning.
    Yes, voter ID passed. . had it not; I’m afraid that there would have been an overwhelming outcry from the citizens. It was way past time.
    His national broadcast criticizing Governor Brewer and Arizona’s illegal immigration laws pretty much told me that I was right in believing his flip or flop was temporary and politically motivated.
    The 2001 law that allows illegals to attend our state’s universities and colleges as TEXAS residents has been brought to question more than a few times. But instead of putting forth any measures that would insure that these 12k or more students actually are fulfilling their sworn statements to become citizens, he’s done nothing. Well, that’s not entirely true, when it was questioned during the gubernatorial election he stated falsely that the TEXAS Education Agency was following up. That was false. I’d call it a lie, but I seriously doubt that he ever bothered to follow up himself to see who if anyone was attempting to enforce the law.
    As of March 2010, since 2001, 22,697 students who benefited from the law have attended Texas colleges and universities. State officials were not able to provide data on how many graduated.
    The students may qualify for state aid. They also may qualify for institutional aid from specific universities and colleges.
    Texas awarded about $33.6 million in state and institutional financial aid to those students between fall 2004 and summer 2008.
    source: http://www.dallasnews.com/news/education/headlines/20100314-Number-of-illegal-immigrants-getting-in-9925.ece

    Many of Rick Perry’s associations as well as political donors are, well, interesting. . . but let’s give credit where credit is due:
    James Richard “Rick” Perry is the consummated fundraiser and will make a very formidable opponent for the Campaigner in Chief title against Obama if he is nominated.
    God Help us All.

    • Gary P

      How do you explain Perry wanting complete open borders with Mexico? Or an international version of what can best be described as ObamaCare? That’s right, Rick Perry was advocating a regional health plan that would have included MEXICO.

      Here’s Tricky Ricky IN HIS OWN WORDS


      You must not be a Texan, I am. Rick Perry would be a disaster in Washington. He is a non-starters as a candidate.

  8. Where is the reply that I sent in. . .
    Let’s try this again, okay?
    Where in my respeonse did you get the idea that I support Rick Perry? Did you bother to read my response? To me, and any other person who would have read it, it seems painfully obvious that I in NO WAY support Rick Perry.
    My mistake was believing that this a serious piece, but I see that you did not intend for it to be.
    Good luck to you, Gary P. Jackson, who ever you are and whereever you are.

    • Gary P

      Comments wait in moderation till we can get to them. Sadly I was doing two things at once and was reading your post and addressing something else at the same time. You got a reply you shouldn’t have. That’s what I get for multitasking while reading reader’s comments.

      Some days things happen. I apologize if you were offended.

  9. Seattle

    Speaking of the DREAM Act, viva 2012 Election!

    Some snapshots I located for this past year…

    AUGUST 11, 2010 —
    “Hispanic media turn on President Obama”

    NOVEMBER 18, 2010 —
    “Advocates Press Obama to Issue Executive Order on Immigration Reform”

    DECEMBER 22, 2010 —
    “Obama is to Blame for the Failure of Immigration Reform”

    MAY 23, 2011 —
    “Activists to Obama: Where’s the Executive Order for DREAMers?”

    JUNE 20, 2011 —
    “Latinos Won’t Vote for Obama in 2012 Without Deportation Relief”

    JUNE 22, 2011 —
    “Appointment signals importance of Latino vote in 2012”


    It begins with, “President Obama recognizes that he needs the Latino vote to win in 2012, and he has wisely chosen a superb Latina to be the political director of his re-election campaign. Katherine Archuleta is a veteran politico with deep community roots and connections. […] She’s also the departing chief of staff of Secretary of Labor Hilda Solis,”


    JUNE 27, 2011 —
    “Obama DREAMs On”

    AUGUST 18, 2011 —
    “DREAM Act students cheer Obama’s immigration enforcement policy”


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