CNN’s Don Lemon Talks About His Fun Interview with Sarah Palin and Being Assaulted By Marcus Bachmann

By Gary P Jackson

CNN’s Don Lemon reportedly spent an hour or so with Governor Sarah Palin on Friday as she took in the sights and sounds of the Iowa State Fair as part of her One Nation tour. If you haven’t seen his report, click here.

In the video above Lemon talks about the time he had with Sarah and both he and Wolf Blitzer comment on how wonderful it was she talked with him and all of the reporters. As you know, when the Governor was touring the East Coast earlier in the summer, Scott Conroy reported Sarah’s press availability was so great, on more than one occasion, he actually ran out of questions to ask her.

Unfortunately Don Lemon’s day wasn’t all peaches and cream. He would later encounter the Bachmann campaign.

Let me set the scene for you.

First, as Jason Clayworth of the Des Moines Register reports, Bachmann was 30 minutes late to speak at her scheduled Iowa State Fair soapbox event. Yup, they actually stand on a soapbox and speak to the crowd. Each candidate is allotted 20 minutes to state their case. A few minutes in the wheels came off the wagon:

She said she was going to shake hands but left the makeshift stage quickly when 17-year-old civil rights advocate Gabe Aderhold of Edina, Minn., loudly questioned her husband Marcus about his counseling techniques to “pray the gay away.

Most of her three minutes consisted of frequent campaign rhetoric that she says at many of her stops, such as her chant to make President Obama a “one-term president.”

It’s going to be a great election that’s coming up and Iowans are going to send the signal,” Bachmann said. “This is where Barack Obama got his start, this is where he’s going to come to his end. In Iowa.

At this point two blonde female “security” guards started pushing and shoving people out of the way as the Bachmanns made a hasty exit, leave her stunned fans just standing there. During the melee, CNN’s Don Lemon, an openly gay Black man, was roughed up pretty good by Michele Bachmann’s husband, Marcus.

This isn’t the first time a network reporter has had problems with Team Bachmann. ABC’s Brian Ross alleges he was attacked in South Carolina after trying to ask Michele a legitimate question about her migraine headaches.

The Bachmann’s have a history of problems with the gay community. Besides the clinic where Marcus claims to cure gays, Michele, whose sister is gay, has a history of some truly bizarre statements and actions.

Bachmann is on the record calling Disney’s Lion King gay propaganda, and an attempt to “normalize” being gay. She came to this interesting take on the popular kids movie because Elton John performs the musical score and in her mind teachers may use this as an example that gay people can be creative too. Well hell, all one has to do us watch any random show on HGTV to figure that out!

Bachmann, who considers homosexuality some sort of mental disorder, actual called the police once claiming she’d been kidnapped by lesbian nuns! As Business Insider points out here, Bachmann has a habit of calling the police with complaints that most people would just deal with, or ignore.

We’ve long held that Michele Bachmann has some serious issues, as does her husband Marcus, who calls gays “barbarians” who “need to be educated and disciplined.” [you figure it out]

Two things are for certain. The President of the United States is the President of all people, not just those they agree with. Anyone with such an open hatred, and such extreme views, of their fellow human beings, just might not be best person to sit in the Oval Office. We have a President now who is openly hostile to half the country. We need to move away from that.

Keeping that thought in mind, we also already have a thug in the White House who isn’t above sending out his supporters to intimidate those who disagree with him. They aren’t afraid to use violence either. Again, we don’t need this sort of thing. The American media is, for the most part, biased and corrupt. Deal with it. .

Lastly, we need a leader who can walk into the belly of the beast, face violent opposition head on, look it dead in the eye, and keep on doing what they are doing, instead of running away at the slightest resistance.

Here’s how it’s done:

We must elect leader who will be President of ALL the people, not just those she likes!


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8 responses to “CNN’s Don Lemon Talks About His Fun Interview with Sarah Palin and Being Assaulted By Marcus Bachmann

  1. Lots of us say Marcus Bachman is a closet gay I agree gay.He can not pray gay away if so he should start with self

    • Gary P

      If you were following Cher’s twitter feed a few weeks ago, she was loosing her mind over Marcus. I try not to traffic in unprovable rumors, but how many times have we seen it turn out that people with irrational hatred toward gays turn out to be hiding in the closet.

      It’s just creepy.

  2. Michele Bachmann will never be President, Presidency is not a script that is all she can do ,what is her policies,what is she briniging to the table NOTHING TALK

  3. debrarae

    You don’t say if the gay man tried to attack Marcus Bachmann, or whether it was a unprovoked attack. Sorry need more facts.

    BTW ………….it’s not Marcus running for POTUS, it’s his wife.

    • Gary P

      I think it’s quite evident that Marcus attacked Lemon, and others. This isn’t the first time Team Bachmann has attacked a reporter. They went after ABC’s Brian Ross as well.

      Funny thing, Don Lemon spent an hour or so with Sarah Palin and was not only professional, but afterward he and Wolfie were like two teen girls at a Justin Beiber concert when they talked about it all!

      Now if you mean the you gay kid from Bachmann’s home state, there are no reports saying he did anything but ask Micele about her over the top hatred of gays. If you had followed the handy link provided in the article ….oh never mind.

  4. Seattle

    excerpt from your excerpt about Bachmann:
    ” …such as her chant to make President Obama a “one-term president.”

    This drove me crazy even the 2nd time I heard her pound this phrase out, with her pointing finger, to her audience. Now we have to keep hearing it over & over. Ugh. Whomever gave her this idea to use this in her campaign speeches is a dork (must have been Ed Rollins). (But, keep it up, Michele – chanting that phrase won’t make you a one-term President either!)

    • Gary P

      Bachmann has been trained to say a few phrases, which she repeats over and over ad nauseum. Since she has no experience, and no idea what the job of being President even entails, it’s probably for the best.

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