Sarah Palin on Greta: Obama Tickling His Toes and Burying His Head in the Sand

By Gary P Jackson

Governor Palin talks about President Obama’s inability to lead, wrong headed ideas, and his vacation from reality. Reminds us what makes America great, and how we can get back on track.

Greta and Sarah also talk about another round of stimulus, and how she and other Conservative governors vetoed attempts by their legislature to accept all of these funds in 2009, because of the strings attached.

Note, the difference on this, as Governor Rick Perry not only accepted TARP funds, but as chair of the Republican Governors Association, teamed up with his counterpart in the Democrat Governors Association, Joe Manchin, and was begging Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid for TARP to be passed.

Greta asks Sarah about bi-partisanship, and Sarah say both parties have their issues, and for the good of the nation, should embrace the Tea Party and the American people.

In the second video Greta and the Governor talk foreign policy and how Obama was too busy packing for his 10 day vacation at Martha’s Vineyard to worry about it, sending Secretary of State Hillary Clinton out to comment on the latest developments in Syria. Sarah also speculates that at this point, if they had a do-over, democrats might just chose Clinton over Obama, as Clinton was far more presidential in her appearance that Obama has ever been.

Greta can’t figure out why candidate Obama was so good and President Obama sucks. Sarah never misses a beat and pounds home the point Obama was never vetted and the corrupt media covered for him, never pressing him on the issues.

As we see an effort by some in the Republican Party to quell any attempt to vet their candidate’s record.

Finally Sarah talks about the American spirit and how we can get things back on track. How we don’t need government to do it for us. Speaking to the Tea Party event on September 3, Labor Day weekend, says she wants to help empower Americans to do what they must ti get our country back on track.

Video courtesy of SarahNet

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