Iowa Passion

By Gary P Jackson

This new video from SarahPAC caused quite a stir on Friday and the entire internet and all of the media talking heads see it as a sure sign Sarah Palin is jumping in the presidential race. Most see it as her first campaign commercial. We see it as quintessentially Sarah Palin.

The video is upbeat, optimistic, and forward looking. America’s best days are ahead.

This video inspires. Sarah reminds us it’s the PEOPLE of America, not the politicians, not the little intellectual elites, that make this the greatest nation the world has ever known. A nation founded on individual Liberty and Freedom.

This is how we feel Governor Palin will run her campaign. Oh, I’m sure she’ll serve up plenty of red meet, lots of filet of Obama, but she will also serve up the inspiration and the leadership this nation sorely lacks. Not the phony baloney “hope and change” stuff, but real inspiration from someone who has been there and done that. Someone who knows what it’s like to earn a living by the sweat of their brow.

The last time I felt this excited was 1980 when a man named Ronald Reagan ran the same sort of campaign and inspired the same sort feelings.


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18 responses to “Iowa Passion

  1. Seattle

    This is a great piece by Anthony James over at Tea Party Tribune– must share it

    “When Sarah announces, life as we know it in this country, at least as we have known it for the past nearly three years, changes.”

    You’ll have to read the rest, you won’t be disappointed

  2. Another great piece as per usual, Gary.

  3. IwjwI

    Inspirational and powerful! I’ve watched it several times and can’t wait for the next one. Cudos to the people who put this video together.
    Sarah Palin is running for POTUS and has been for a very long time. Those pundits who have been saying that she isn’t running must have been shocked and confused when they saw this video. They have been put on alert by it and those hold outs that are still saying that she isn’t running will faint when she actually says that she is in.
    Sarah Palin’s strategy for winning POTUS is a beautiful thing to watch.
    She is in it to win and she will win big!

  4. She hasn’t even declared yet and she already has the best campaign commercial.

    • Gary P

      Ain’t it cool!

    • Seattle

      I think she should declare before Sept 1st… and/or while BHO is away on his vacay, charging up his credit card. (Before he makes his supposed speech, for the nth time, on JOBS.)
      Then there is no way he can claim credit for the bump the markets may get at the possible inspiration of a future President Palin.
      Do it next week, Sarah!
      Let people see the cause and effect of your announcement, with no muddying of the waters!

      • Gary P

        I think it will be late September. She should stay out even longer, but the demands for her to announce are so big …

        The longer she stays out, the longer the rest of the field is vetted. The more vetting the better!!

      • Seattle

        Yes, but it’s also about broadening her base. Timing is everything.

        She can now enter the race, keep on being Sarah as she already is doing, and let the vetting continue on the others (she’s already been vetted by the LSM, etc– the LSM is currently very rabid about vetting the other GOP options, I don’t think they could turn away from that right now & go back to Sarah even if they tried!). The other GOP options will sink in the polling as a matter of course. Who will be left? If Sarah gets in officially, keeps educating everyone on her [and the people’s] positions through the Vetting-Others-Melee, Sarah will be left for all to see, doing as she has always been doing these past years, and representing even more of a multitude of people from all walks of life, across the board, who found the other candidates unappealing.

        Plus, I read this great read last night in the Wash. Examiner, on Paul Ryan’s “potential run”-
        “Would Candidate Ryan Have a Bill Bradley Problem?”

        I love Ryan’s communication skills and his stance on spending and debt, but I agree: Ryan cannot garner a large coalition in this country, in my opinion – not without a bulk of Tea Partiers. And many won’t vote for him for the reasons pointed out in that article.

      • Gary P

        The problem with congresscritters running for President comes down to skill sets and leadership abilities. Paul Ryan is a superstar, but he’s where he needs to be. He’s one of the few leading his fellow congresscritters in the right direction.

        The other thing is experience. In the House, Ryan, and others stand out but are still just one of 435 members.

        Being President is more complicated than any other job, and needs someone with strong executive experience. Anyone in my lifetime who has been elected without it was a disaster. Eisenhower was President when I was born, BTW.

        The only reason for Sarah sitting out is to allow for the continued vetting of candidates. As soon as she gets in, that all stops and focuses 100% on her. Now she is already the most vetted candidate we’ve ever seen, and has passed. And that’s the deal. As we’ve seen, none of the others, including the latest flavor of the month, Rick perry, can stand up to close scrutiny.

      • Seattle

        Vetting. Yes, o’K.

        You mean, like the jewel that came out Friday/this weekend, that Chris Christie (RINO-NJ) now seems to think that “climate change is real”, that “human activity plays a role in these changes” and that climate change is “impacting our state [NJ].” ?

        “I can’t claim to fully understand all of this,” he said. “Certainly not after just a few months of study. But when you have over 90 percent of the world’s scientists who have studied this stating that climate change is occurring and that humans play a contributing role it’s time to defer to the experts.”

        He added that climate science is complex and “we know enough to know that we are at least part of the problem.”

        Yet another example of a politician not doing any real homework.
        -eyeball roll-
        He was never going to enter the Pres. race anyway, he’s a blip on that radar screen, thank goodness.

      • Gary P

        Exactly. That and the fact Christie has some very interesting ties to Hamas. When he worked for the Justice Department, Christie fought to keep a known Hamas terrorist from being deported. As Governor, he placed that terrorist’s lawyer on the NJ Superior Court. This guy is a real winner too. He has represented GITMO terrorists, and believes Sharia Law has a place in America.

        The candidate who MUST be vetted is Rick Perry. As a Texan I can say there is no way we can have him as President. He needs a solid vetting. Once America knows what Texans know, they’ll reject him.

        This is why I hope Sarah hangs back as long as she can. Once she gets in, all the vetting stops.

      • Seattle

        Gary, I see how you want that vetting time for others… but I am kind of worried about this. I pretty much agree with what Mark Levin said today [RealClearPolitics video],
        “MARK LEVIN: ‘So, I don’t think it will be September 3rd. But they’re throwing it out there because they want to create the impression that if she doesn’t announce by the third she’s incompetent or it is impossible for her to win. And you have to keep in mind, all of these people you see on TV who are operatives or consultants, they’re working for other candidates behind the scenes. Maybe they’re not on their payroll, but they’re trying to promote them. Trying to get other candidates in this. All kinds of stuff going on and it would really be more ethical if they would announce it before they give their opinions. If Rove, Dick Morris and others would. But they don’t.’ ”

        I just think announcing in the next week would really help her, not hinder her — and –most importantly– help her to increase her base. Surely she’s gamed this out, gamed out the shenanigans people like Rove would do, regarding her Sept 3rd event.

      • Gary P

        She has a solid plan. Has had for a while, and will stick to it. For me I wish she’d wait for the longest possible moment. The longer she waits, the better the other candidates are vetted. So far this bunch doesn’t wear well once you get to know em!

      • Seattle

        Thanks, Gary. I do want to say I appreciate all your efforts & work at this site. It helps. It’s a new day today and I think at the end of yesterday I just felt bombarded by news and was just worried. A momentary lapse. Lasted a few hours. I don’t want to give fodder to the non-Palinistas by showing worry. Yet when one lives in a rabid PDS-plagued portion of a state like WA, it’s sometimes hard to keep hopes up. The fight here in 2008 against BHO was intense and we came closer in voting him down than I think most of the nation expected. I have to remember that, but it will sure be a shot in the arm to people like me when she does announce. I just don’t want Palin to think her only audience right now is the voters in the early primary states. We all want her to announce, and when she does, then I’ll know she has our back, here in these liberal states, and the fight can proceed for certain! I’m just impatient, like everyone else.
        Anyway, I might guess at a good, historic day that she might consider announcing on — so I will button my lips and wait 🙂

        Note: one thing that impresses me about Sarah and her close team is that she & they can keep secrets. Can surprise people. This is important in a Commander-in-Chief… it’s good in foreign policy matters, helps make a more secure nation. That’s my opinion.

        BTW, I personally think Sarah should make it a point of her campaign to talk a lot about things like the Military Voter Protection Project [MVPP] and how officials in many states continue to disenfranchise our military voters.

        If BHO is going to go all Dictator on us, and try to gain illegal alien voters by circumventing the Constitution, Sarah should show that she stands up for LEGAL voters like our troops. It’s horrible that many of our troops are disenfranchised.

        And another part of her campaign she should should say that she’ll reverse all of BHO’s executive orders when she takes office. It’s traditional, legal, both parties do it… for example, BHO overturned over 200 of Pres. Bush’s executive orders when he took office.

      • Gary P

        Seattle, I appreciate your participation! This is what it’s all about, a good exchange of ideas. Glad you’re here!

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