Gardasil’s Adverse Effects: The Institute of Medicine Report To Be Released Thursday

By Gary P Jackson

Stacy Drake wrote about the crony capitalism involved in Rick Perry’s decision to mandate Texas school girls be injected with the highly questionable drug Gardasil. Perry’s chief-of-staff lobbied for Merck, the drug’s maker, and the CoS’s mother-in-law, Dianne White-Delisi works with an organization that gets significant funding from Merck. Perry himself received campaign money from Merck.

That’s bad enough, but now there are many concerns that Gardasil is not well tested, and at best, is ineffective, at worst, downright dangerous.

Diane Harper, a pioneering researcher in the field of HPV viruses calls what Perry and Gardasil wanted to do “a great big public health experiment“:

Dr Diane M. Harper, a lead researcher in the development of the humanpapilloma virus vaccine, says giving the vaccine to 11 year old girls “is a great big public health experiment” The lead researcher who spent 20 years developing the vaccine forDr Diane Harper humanpapilloma virus says the HPV vaccine is not for younger girls as it has not been tested for effectiveness in younger girls, and administering the vaccine to girls as young as 9 may not even protect them all. And, in the worst-case scenario, instead of serving to reduce the numbers of cervical cancers within 25 years, such a vaccination crusade actually could cause the numbers to go up.

There is not enough evidence gathered on side effects to know that safety is not an issue“.

Giving it to 11 year olds is a great big public health experiment“, said Diane M. Harper, who is a scientist, physician, professor and the director the Gynecologic Cancer Prevention Research Group at the Norris Cotton Cancer Center at Dartmouth Medical School in New Hampshire.

Internationally recognized as a pioneer in the field, Harper has been studying HPV and a possible vaccine for several of the more than 100 strains of HPV for 20 years – most of her adult life.

All of her trials have been with subjects ages 15-25. In her own practice, Harper believes the ideal way of administering the new vaccine is to offer it to women ages 18 and up. At their first inoculation, they should be tested for the presence of HPV in their system.

If the test comes back negative, then schedule the follow-up series of the three-part shots. But if it comes back positive?

Then we don’t know squat, because medically we don’t know how to respond to that” Harper said

Harper is an independent researcher whose vaccine work is funded through Dartmouth in part by both Merck & Co and GlaxoSmithKline, which means she is an employee of the university, not the drug companies. Mercks’s vaccine, Gardasil, protects against four strains of HPV, two of which cause genital warts, Nos. 6 and 11. The other two, HPV 16 and 18, are cancer-causing viruses.

Not tested on young girls

The idea is to inoculate them before they become sexually active, since HPV can be spread through sexual intercourse. But that idea no matter how good the intentions behind it, is not the right thinking, Harper said. The zealousness to inoculate all these younger girls may very well backfire at the very time they need protection most, she said. “This vaccine should not be for 11 year old girls“, she reiterated. “It’s not been tested in little girls for efficacy. at 11, these girls don’t get cervical cancer – they won’t know for 25 years if they will get cervical cancer.”

Also the public needs to know that with vaccinated women and women who still get Pap smears (which test for abnormal cells that can lead to cancer), some of them will still get cervical cancer“. The reason she said, is because the vaccine does not protect against all HPV viruses that cause cancer – it’s only effective against two that cause about 70 percent of cervical cancers.

For months, Harper said, she’s been trying to convince major television and print media to listen to her and tell the facts about this vaccine. “But no one will print it“, she said

Read more here.

The website Gardasil Side Effects announced the Institute of Medicine will release a report on Thursday afternoon that will include information on Gardasil and it’s side effects. To find out more, and how you can participate in a question and answer session, click here.

All medicines have possible side effects, some severe, some mild. Even aspirin can kill you. That said, a quick look at some of the information on the Gardasil Side Effects website is enough to cause one great concern. Besides a report on “tainted debris” found in some lots of the vaccine, there are reports of serious side effects such as seizures and the development of other diseases, and their links to Gardasil injections.

Anyone with young daughters must take a look at this website and read the various articles. I can’t stress this enough.

What’s really maddening is, only now, are we finding out the dangers of Gardasil. Rick Perry had his little pay-for-play deal with Merck was going on in 2006!

Trying to usurp the legislative process, mandating school girls be injected with this questionable vaccine, through an executive order, Rick Perry showed Texans exactly what he thought of the Texas Constitution. Perry knew this deal would have never made it through the normal legislative process, so he tried to force it on Texans by executive fiat.

Thankfully, the Texas legislature overrode his executive order, possibly saving a whole lot of girls some serious health issues.

I’d love to say that Perry’s heart was in the right place, even if his zeal was misplaced. I mean who DOESN’T want to wipe out cancer? Sadly, the more I read about the heavy lobbying done by Merck and the cash that changed hands, this seems to be nothing more than the typical Rick Perry crony capitalist, pay-for-play, way of doing business.

In 2010, while running for re-election, Perry was running ads with this image:

The sign should read “Rick Perry: ‘Open for Business’“!


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10 responses to “Gardasil’s Adverse Effects: The Institute of Medicine Report To Be Released Thursday

  1. Joy

    I think something as serious as this crony capitalism – that also played fast & loose with women health! – has the possility of sinking Perry’s campaign. In fact, I think we can count on Bachmann’s (if she and/or her staff are alert, of course!!) doing the so-called “dirty work” by using this issue as a clarion call – which might have the ultimate effect not so much of helping her, but of sinking Perry!!

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  3. The report is out. There is no evidence that Gardasil is any more dangerous than any shot. The only association was with anaphyllaxis, which can happen with pollen, food, drink or any sort of foreign substance introduced into the body by eating, drinking, inhaling, or injection. Anaphyllaxis can happen on the last day of a long-time medicine course or the next time you eat your favorite food.

    The recommendation that doctors have a patient wait 15 minutes (I use 20 minutes) after the injection will at least allow fast the physician’ts team if there is a reaction.

    • Gary P

      This is not exactly true, now is it?

      Pouring through the book, there are any number of serious ailments that may or may not be connected HPV vaccines, such as Gardasil. Some have more compelling evidence than others. In most cases it was determined there was not enough evidence to either confirm or deny a connection.

      It would seem to a lay person, such as myself, this report is of little use as it cannot confirm or deny anything. We’ve linked to a solid researcher with 20 years experience doing nothing but research in the field, and she has raised serious questions about Gardasil.

      Pardon us if we take her word over that of a Rick Perry operative.

      Yes, we looked at your website.

  4. I’m not sure what your definition of “operative” is, but conversations like this have firmed my conviction that Governor Perry should be our next President. I’ve been writing on the controversy surrounding Gardasil at my Bioethics blog since February, 2007, long before anyone had a reason to become a “Perry operative.”

    Dr. Harper made the statements that you rely upon more than 2 years ago. Her primary concern is the length of time that the vaccine will provide immunity. Recent reports are more encouraging than her predictions,

    However, she is listed as one of the reviewers for this report, so the report is at least as reliable as her earlier concerns.

    The IOM report is the most definite affirmation of the lack of connection of Gardasil to the reported events that you’re going to get from any credible source. It’s much more credible that the earlier, anecdotal reports of serious effects because of the independent nature of the study and the range of expertise of the reviewers.

    • Gary P

      Sorry, but after reading the report, all it says is they can neither confirm OR deny many different concerns. That’s about as useless of a report as there could be.

      It’s not just the fact that at the time Perry tried to shove this crap down Texans’ throats little was known about the drug. It’s not just the fact the Texas legislature had to once again look at something Perry was trying to pull and ay “no you don’t.” It’s not just all of crony capitalism surrounding this deal, and much of what Perry does.

      It’s all of it combined. Rick Perry is just more of the same. Nothing special, or even particularly capable of governing. He’s certainly not much of an upgrade from Barack Obama.

      We need good solid leaders who have actually accomplished things while in office. We need a President who has fought corruption at every single level during her 20 career, not gotten in bed with the crooks.

      As a life long Texan, you can bet I’ll be help electing Sarah Palin, not Rick Perry. If anything, we need to clone Palin and have her clone run for Texas Governor in 2014, and clean up the corruption like she did in Alaska. The corruption Perry is neck deep in.

  5. We can’t confirm or deny every claim. To do so would be impossible in any scientific field and unethical in medicine. It is very significant to those of us who must daily evaluate medical literature that the reviewers looked at the evidence presented by multiple peer-reviewed reports and still found no mechanism that would cause the events and refused to associate Gardasil as the cause – perhaps more than usual in light of the fact that Dr. Harper was among their numbers.

    On the other hand, I wish the Legislature had taken a closer look at the chicken pox vaccine, mandated the usual way at DSHS. I’ve seen toddlers with shingles when their only known exposure was Varivax. The connection is supported by the IOM report.

    • Gary P

      Hmm, the other day you told me the Executive branch had control of mandating vaccines, now it DSHS, which is correct.

      Sorry, Gardasil has issues, but isn’t the real issue. The real issue is how Rick Perry thought he could usurp the process and help out a company that spreads a hell of a lot of money around with perry and people close to him.

      We already have a crony capitalist in the White House, we don’t need another.

    • Seattle

      I looked over much of the “report” at the url link(s).

      I am a layperson.

      Just taking the first two “studies” talked about in the “report”, which, by the way, are depicted as “uncorrected machine-read text” and “Prepublication Copy: Uncorrected Proofs” (where is the final version?), I am not sure I would even use your description, bnuckols, of “..evidence presented by multiple peer-reviewed reports” to describe this. What is your definition of “multiple”, in this case? More than one? More than five? Because the first two studies described claim only four publications were looked at in the first case [re: ADEM], a mere two publications in the second case [re: transverse myelitis]. (A publication meaning, a peer-reviewed report?)

      Both of those section did see some ADEM, or transverse myelitis, develop. Problem is, both of those sections claim that, in at least some cases of the handful looked at, the HPV vaccines was given to the patient with other, multiple vaccines. Determination of what would case ADEM or transverse myelitis, then, if it was one of those multiple vaccines even, would obviously remain unclear.

      Both of those first sections use terminology such as “The evidence is inadequate to accept or reject a causal relationship between HPV vaccine and [-ADEM or transverse myelitis, in these two instances-] (in the “uncorrected machine-read text” version on lower part of pg 441), or “The epidemiologic evidence is insufficient or absent to assess an association between HPV vaccine and [-ADEM or transverse myelitis-]” (in the “Prepublication Copy: Uncorrected Proofs” version, which is on each relevent page that holds the image of the report).

      What I gather, just using info in these first two sections, is that the point is NOT that there is “NO evidence” (that would imply thorough and unambiguous research WAS done, therefore resulting in reliable information to base one’s decision upon as to whether a causal relationship can be pinpointed). Rather, the evidence is inadequate, insufficient and/or absent. To my mind, these studies are phantom, so a causal connection cannot yet be known. It could exist; it could not. To say that there is “no evidence” does not mean, to me, proof that HPV doesn’t cause something. I would suggest more stringent studies. Just because I could say, ‘When a car drives by that stop sign, there is no evidence that the sky turns orange’, all the while– I do not look up at the sky to prove my case.

      And I see no mention of the specific ages or sexes of the persons used in the published studies, but perhaps that is indicated in the publications themselves and not available for me, or an average internet user to see online.

      Myself, if I had a daughter and she was under 18 years, I would not give this drug to her. If she was 18, (1) she has more adult capabilities, and (2) it appears the more “reliable” studies for HPV effects have been done on persons/women 18 years and older.

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