If Sarah Palin Can’t Win, Then it Doesn’t Matter

By Patrick S Adams

If we want to settle for a ‘generic Republican’ and not fight hard to push someone like Sarah Palin across the finish line, are the Democrats and Obama just going to lay down and die?

We can choose to simply vote Barack Obama out and accept a return to business as usual without the socialism and without the social engineering or we can can completely renew and restore America, bringing it to where prosperity abounds and where prominence on the national stage is recognized again. Sarah Palin is the one leader who can give us the whole package. If we focus on the negatives, we lose. If we settle for business as usual or a so-called “electable candidate,” the Democrats will smell that and they will stomp us. At least if we fight, we have a shot.

John Ziegler wrote a piece for American Thinker that takes a cynical view of how Republicans think. While I greatly appreciate Mr. Ziegler’s documentary “Media Malpractice: How Obama Got Elected and Palin Was Targeted” and his genuine concern for the cause, I believe he is too concerned with the negatives in how the public may see the flaws in the Republican candidates, particulary Sarah Palin. He would be more effective if he used his writing skills to be an advocate for Sarah Palin and the conservative cause. Instead, he unintentionally plants the objections in his article that will help the Democrats campaign against the GOP and will cause Republicans to think too much about it.

In the upcoming year, we will find out if the Republican Party can have its candidates compete and still go into the convention united. All the candidates bring nuances to the debate that some will accept and others will reject. There is no doubt that there will be differences of opinions and criticism from each of the candidates toward the others. We must remember that this debate needs to be more a fielding of ideas than a reason for the factions in the GOP to divide and hate each other.

At the end of the day – no matter who the Republicans choose as their nominee – if we are not strong from top to bottom (and if we are so fractured that some don’t want to participate anymore), we will lose to Obama. But we will lose to Obama not because our candidates are extreme or have flaws. We will lose to Obama because we allowed those flaws to overpower the one truth that exists now and which will exist at the end of the process: we not only need to reject Barack Obama at the ballot box in order to save our country, but we need to also complete the job of eliminating the cronyism and the shutting out of citizens from the political process.

While we are at a do or die moment in our republic’s history, this is not just an opportunity to “dodge the Obama bullet” or to eliminate a negative. This is an opportunity which rarely comes around in political processes. This is an opportunity to end the notion that “you can’t beat city hall.”

Ziegler thinks we rejected the one candidate, Tim Pawlenty, who was the generic Republican we needed to defeat Obama. His logic is that by nominating someone who can’t be smeared or who is not hated enough by enough people, we can most easily defeat Barack Obama.

The fact of the matter is the Democrats have nothing to run on. Therefore, no matter who the nominee is, they will smear, attack and be as viciously negative as we have ever seen in our political process. Because the Democrats and the progressive movement have gone so far left, any real shift back to our true values means we will have to run someone who is diametrically opposed to Obama. Why not run Palin?

John Ziegler may not be ready to accept this, but the rhetorical, political and personal carnage that we will need to withstand is unavoidable. We could be losing America as we know it for good. So if we have to go all out to save it, why not take this opportunity to end many of the things which have frustrated citizens about our political process since the very beginning. If the truth is controversial, we will have to take the hits if we are going to win.

Make no mistake about this. Defeating Barack Obama, restoring America and renewing it is not going to be easy. But, it’s doable. We cannot allow the polls that show Palin losing to Obama in a general election or what John Ziegler wrote to stop us from electing Sarah Palin president. These polls have been overcome before and similar reasons for not electing someone president have been presented to us by activists and experts in the past. Had Americans listened then, Ronald Reagan would have never been elected president.

Instead of penning a piece that exposes our candidates’ weaknesses, Ziegler could have stood up and rejected those weaknesses. There is nothing in the Republican playbook that says we have to accept the weaknesses of any candidate or allow the media to lie to the electorate. If Barack Obama was a Republican, Ziegler would say he couldn’t win because the media would destroy him because of his associations and lack of experience.

Instead of worrying about why our candidates can’t win, why not look at the Democrats and learn a thing or two. They’re not playing the debate and may the best idea win game. They’re playing the pound the guy or gal into the ground and win at all costs game. Policy? Forget policy. This is a closed steel cage match here. We’re not playing chess. It’s time to put a street fighter like Palin in there to beat them at their own game.

Polished suits and pedigrees will not fly this time around. We’re going to all have to take some hits and rhetorically get our hands dirty. I’ll put our Tea Party warriors up against the Left’s thugs any day. Game on. Mr. Ziegler, that’s why Palin can win.

Regardless of what the Left and the media may want to say about Sarah Palin, Donald Trump, Mitt Romney, Michele Bachmann, Rick Perry or any of the other candidates, Obama can be defeated by the shear might and force of a unified movement comprised of Republicans, conservatives, libertarians and Tea Party activists. The Democrats get their candidates elected by shear might. Haven’t we learned anything by now? We can unite and manifest our victory by each one of us playing our role as part of the battering ram we will need to be in order to break down the gates and take back that Shining City.

Sarah Palin’s resignation need not be the concern that Ziegler believes it would be in a general election. We know that the Obama campaign would use it against her; and we know how to counter that attack. The campaign ad could go something like this:

David Axelrod, Pete Rouse and the Democratic machine ginned up a bunch of left wing bloggers in Alaska during the 2008 presidential campaign. After Barack Obama won the presidency, the attacks on Sarah Palin didn’t stop. These Democrat operatives knew that this day would come (insert video of Sarah Palin announcing her run for president in 2012 here). In order to prevent this, they went on a concentrated smear campaign against Governor Sarah Palin which resulted in the filing of over 2 dozen frivolous complaints which would later be dismissed but only at great financial expense to the state of Alaska and the Palins personally.

Before you condemn Governor Palin for resigning, ask yourself this question. Would you stay at a job where all your paychecks were being spent to fight false accusations against you and the company you worked for could no longer function because of it? Would you go into debt, bankruptcy and personal financial ruin just to stay in your position because your ego and your pride wouldn’t let you do the right thing for your state and your family?

Sarah Palin is no quitter. If she had quit, she would have been gone a few years ago.

If our country is so far gone that we accept that Obama can win reelection with an economy in the tank, gas prices well over $3.00 a gallon, unemployment at 9.1% and housing foreclosures at an all time high, then we’ve already lost.

Voting for Sarah Palin means we get a 2 for 1 special for the pull of one lever. We get an end to Obama and we get an end to the cronyism and the deaf ears in Washington that have often frustrated the average American who, until now, has never felt his or her voice could be heard. On top of that, we get the one person who knows energy – the key component to reviving our economy.

Read what Sarah Palin wrote on her Facebook Note Conquering the Storm and know she has a plan for our economy.

We need to get this economy moving again, and the real stimulus we’ve been waiting for is domestic energy development. We must reduce our dangerous dependence on foreign oil by responsibly developing natural resources here. This will provide good paying jobs, reduce our trade deficit, increase federal and state revenue, ensure environmental standards, and actually stimulate our economy without incurring any debt. That’s real stimulus!

The Palin army is strong. If you have any doubts, listen to Tammy Bruce’s interview with Peter Singleton and know you are not alone.

Will someone ask John Ziegler why the requirements to be the Republican nominee are so strict when the Democrats are capable of nominating a peanut farmer, a philanderer and a closet radical and getting them elected? Are you telling me that a morally upright mother of five with extensive executive business and public service experience can’t be elected?

If Palin runs a good campaign and loses to Obama it’s not there is anything wrong with our nominee. It means there’s something wrong with our nation. If that’s the case, then it doesn’t matter what Ziegler says.

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7 responses to “If Sarah Palin Can’t Win, Then it Doesn’t Matter

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  2. dancingczars

    Excellent read, I’m going to cross blog and link back to you. Sarah can’t be bought. I’m so jaded I don’t believe she will get the nod because she can’t be controlled by the real people that put the nominees in place. That would be the elite string pullers.

  3. Wow, that truly hits home.nice job

  4. Seattle

    Thank you for that article. I would say that if Palin, or anyone, lost to Obama in 2012, I would suspect massive voter fraud (again). Since that election, my own state is forcing us all to vote by mail, which I do not trust one bit. I prefer to vote the old-fashioned way, in person.

    • Gary P

      Ripe for voter fraud out there.

      • Seattle

        Tell me about it. The lefties will do all they can to prevent true representation getting elected in this country … cheat, lie and promote violence – that’s all I see most of them doing. It’s sad.

  5. Joy

    I like that imaginery campaign ad – some of the wording is very clever, and the insertion of her (forthcoming) announcement (where indicated) would be a real killer ad!! But as long as gas prices are closer to $3 than $4, quoting lower gas prices isn’t very effective at all – better omit them from any ads UNLESS the price of gasoline actually does hit the $4-$5 range!

    I think it was already discussed earlier on one of these Palin into sites that Ziegler has been having an extended hissy fit since THE movie (The Undfeated) was done by Stephen Bannon and NOT the “estimable” Ziegler, which pretty much shut him out of Palin’s “inner circle” (or, at least, to the extent that he ever was in that “sanctum sanctorum!”).

    No, apparently he’s sort of on a revenge kick right now and can’t find anything nice to say about her; but whether he’ll outgrown his snit fit down the road remains to be seen. I’m both amused and amazed that these journalists get SO out of humor when it’s apparent that any crossing of the unspoken line from that of observer/writer to that of would-be confidante usually results – or should result – in the outsider (journalist/observer) being banned from the Inner Circle altogether!

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