Dan Riehl: It Will Take a Sarah Palin [Not a Rick Perry] To Re-Vitalize The Conservative Movement

By Gary P Jackson

Dan Riehl nails it, as usual. In just a few words he gets to the heart of the Palin vs Perry battle. Rick Perry is very much an establishment candidate, no matter the rhetoric he uses. He represents nothing more than more of the same.

Sarah Palin is the true outsider. Beholden to no one. A fresh voice and a true Reagan Conservative. Someone who’s record proves she doesn’t just talk a good game, she puts her words into action. She’s been a Reagan Conservative throughout her 20 year career.

Dan doesn’t get into either governor’s record. He doesn’t have to. This brilliantly sums up the entire issue:

For what it’s worth, I’m getting a sense that, within the conservative movement, Perry may come to more represent the old line conservative movement, much of which is seriously compromised as a result of having been established in Washington for so long.

At the same time, I’m getting a sense that if the movement is to truly be re-energized and move forward from something it’s been for decades – something already bound up in Washington – it may take a Sarah Palin to move forward along that path. If that does become the case, the two paths do lead to a different place.

Ultimately, I believe the older line path – Perry, ultimately may only lead to more of the same – a lot of good talk, but not a lot of change. It may take Sarah Palin, or a Sarah Palin, or some number of them over time to truly re-vitalize the conservative movement in America. But I’m far from certain of it at this point, it’s simply beginning to look that way.

Riehl adds at the end that he’s not exactly a Palinista, something many of us can attest to! That said, I’ve always found that even when he says something I don’t agree with, he’s always fair about it. In this day and age, that’s getting harder and harder to find.

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10 responses to “Dan Riehl: It Will Take a Sarah Palin [Not a Rick Perry] To Re-Vitalize The Conservative Movement

  1. Beauty on Beauty on Beauty IN beauty With Beauty all around~ I wouldnt have it any other way~ God is the beauty~ TheLight

  2. AJ Steele

    Accurate assessment by Riehl and good commentary. Of the subject Gary,
    Where did you get that photo of Sarah throwing a baseball that you sometimes use as a thumbnail? I looked all over the web and can’t find it.
    Is there a video connected to it? Couldn’t find it on youtube. Thanks.

    • Gary P

      Yeah Dan boiled it all down to the very essence of matter. Just nailed it.

      Not sure what photo you mean. I only have a couple avatars. Reagan on horseback, and a stylized SpyvsSpy one I use on Twitter.

      This is one shot of her throwing a ball though

      Hope that is the one you are looking for.

  3. Bill589

    Sarah gets the biggest crowds, and the most comments on news sites –

    Because she quit fighting? No.
    Because she is defeated? No.
    Because she is irrelevant? No.

    Because she motivates patriots and scares the cr*p out of socialists? Yep. That’s the one.

  4. Seattle

    LOL, the “kerfuffle” developing…

    It’s a 2-page article about the Dan Riehl-Erick Erickson “war”, but you can read –on the 2nd page– the author’s own apparent bottom line, or theme, regarding Palin versus Perry:

    -snippet: 2nd page–
    ” […] While their small-government ideologies and down-home styles hold some similarities, Palin and Perry come from entirely different worlds politically.

    A master tactician who has exceeded expectations in just about every campaign he’s ever run, Perry is also one of the Republican Party’s most prolific fundraisers — a title that has helped propel him into the national front-runner slot for the Republican nomination, but also one that has raised questions. […] Perry has taken full advantage of lax campaign finance laws to disperse “grants, tax breaks, contracts and appointments to hundreds of his most generous supporters and their businesses.”

    Palin, on the other hand, saw her political rise in Alaska fueled in large part by her instinctive antipathy toward the influence of money in politics, which fit perfectly the mood among voters in the 49th state in the wake of a high-profile corruption scandal that swept through the halls of power in Juneau during her 2006 gubernatorial campaign.

    During her 2008 vice-presidential run, Palin consistently pushed back at the fundraiser-intensive schedule that the McCain campaign had set up for her and was always far more comfortable on the rope line than she was on the rubber chicken circuit, according to former aides.

    An endorsement from either side might very well come at some point in the campaign, but the increasingly open warfare that is being waged in the conservative blogosphere is one sign that the apparent surrogates for the two prospective rivals are hunkering down in their trenches.

    “Palin courts a more independent, slightly more free-thinking constituency than Perry,” Riehl told RCP in an interview on Thursday, adding more fuel to the fire. “I think the best thing that anyone ever did for RedState was Perry announcing there.” “

    • Gary P

      Yeah there will be a lot more coming about this deal, in fact, just finished a deal on Erickson I’ll be publishing in a few.

      The Conroy piece will be talked about as well. Good solid work from a real journalist.

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  6. Lana

    Beautiful Lady,inside and out,,,,what a LEADER!!!!!!! You go Sarah,I have nothing but admiration for her. God Bless you and your family !!!!

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