Corporate Puppet Erick Erickson Weighs In On Sarah Palin With Predicable Conclusions

By Gary P Jackson

Erick Erickson, editor of Red State and CNN commentator, weighs in on Sarah Palin’s potential run for the presidency. As expected he finds nothing new, or even creative, to tell his readers, only that Sarah Palin likely won’t run, and surely couldn’t win if she did.

I’ll give him this, unlike the rest of his fellow travelers in the Republican Establishmentâ„¢, at least he admits Sarah has said she won’t be announcing on September 3, in Iowa, something Palin supporters already know.

That said, it’s just the typical boring crap everyone else says, including the “she can’t string her supporters along forever” tripe. Palin’s supporters know her and trust her, most have been solidly with her since 2008, some of us long before. She’s our candidate, not only because of who she is, but who she isn’t. By that I mean she is not like anyone currently in the field. She has a solid record, can point to big accomplishments, and is by far the best vetted candidate we’ve seen in our lifetimes. There are no surprises with Sarah Palin waiting to bite us in the butt.

We don’t think she’s stringing us along, we feel she has a solid strategy and is sticking to it. We also feel she has the best record and by far the best ability to do what must be done to save our Republic.

What gets me about Erickson is he quotes Organize4Palin’s Peter Singleton, a man he claims to “know and respect,” in his little tirade. Our readers know who Singleton is. He spent much of the day with Sarah Palin when she was at the Iowa State Fair. In a lengthy interview with Tammy Bruce, Peter describes what he has been doing, and is asking for volunteers to mount a solid 2012 campaign.

An honest man, especially one who “knows and respects” Singleton, would understand that none of this would be going on if signals weren’t sent during the meeting between Sarah and Peter. And yet ….

Of course, the truth wouldn’t help Erickson’s latest flavor of the month candidate, Rick Perry, who announced at Erickson’s yearly get together. Now I know some will be angered at me for calling Erickson a Perry shill with an agenda. Deal with it..

Perry supporters have been spreading the “she’ll sit this one out and endorse our guy” BS for months, something Governor Palin herself put an end to when she tweeted an article by Contributing Editor Whitney Pitcher, something we discussed here.

Since that won’t work any longer, the “it’s too late for her to run” or “she can’t win anyway” silliness is in full bloom from these clowns. Funny, there are four or five others who have said they may jump in the race, and there is never any mention of it being too late for them. I wonder why!

Riddle me this: If it’s too late, and she can’t win, why is so much effort being expended trying to stop her from even attempting a run?

Erickson as much as admitted his nothing more than a puppet for his corporate masters when he abruptly stopped supporting solid Virginia Tea Party senate candidate Jamie Radtke and got behind George Allen, because Allen is buddies with the owners of Red State’s parent company. All well and good, but it sort of takes Erickson and Red State out of the “trusted and respected” category of websites, doesn’t it.

You’ll be reading a lot more about the Red State– Radtke fiasco in the coming weeks, some are even calling it a “proxy war between Governor Palin and Governor Perry. I don’t know about that, but according to what I’m reading, Erickson blew that last ounce of what little credibility he had, by the actions he’s taken against Jamie Radtke, a fine, solid Tea Party candidate, he once supported.

In other words, Erickson is nothing more than the type of paid political mercenary we all detest. The sort whose convictions are tied to a paycheck. A paid shill.

Full disclosure, when I first started blogging, and was trying to figure all of this out, I had a dairy at Red State and was banned. Being a Palin supporter I was never all that welcomed, and several of the regulars there were loud and nasty Palin haters, posting the same old lies we’ve all seen before in the comments section. It seems they got quite upset when called out for it. And as our readers know, none of us here are bashful. We’ll call people out. That didn’t set well with the frat boys at Red State!

That was a blessing though as it got me off my butt, and I started my own blog.

That was a long time ago. This is today. And today we have a serious problem with a phony conservative posing as a journalist, giving an opinion of a candidate that is not based in reality.One who’ll throw his support behind good candidates one minute, then throw them under the bus the next.

All of us have strong opinions, that’s why we got into blogging in the first place, but most of us try to base our thoughts and opinions on facts, not who writes our paychecks.


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3 responses to “Corporate Puppet Erick Erickson Weighs In On Sarah Palin With Predicable Conclusions

  1. Joy

    Great expose of that fraud, Erick Erickson, Gary – what a story of phoney “Conservatism” and fickle allegiances!! Good for you – I’ll post it on my Facebook page to spread it around just a wee bit more widely.
    BTW, I had no idea that your were a 4H type: You claimed to have had a “dairy” at Red State, but it sounds more like a “diary!” (Just my inner-spelling-politzei beast acting up again…)

  2. IwjwI

    I’m familiar with Erickson and Red State. I read your diary at Red State, too. Sad that you were banned from their site just because you spoke fhe truth there.
    I always got the feeling that Erickson was fickle, but I didn’t realize that it was only because of him sucking up to a paycheck and notoriety.

  3. Rock

    Don’t know Erickson so i can’t comment. Sounds like a lemming.But i do know Rove , Morris, Krauthammer, Hoover,
    and a dozen other “so called” republican pundits. I would like to ask them all why they are so worried
    about a loser like Sarah Palin. Even the name upsets these freaks.. Morris says she would take all the media heat,
    she couldn’t take it. She doesn’t know what she’s in for (sic)..and leave the rest of the field free and clear.
    He says she can’t win. He says he hopes she doesn’t try, it would ruin her career.
    I had no idea you cared so much Dick.. Why so much effort by these bastards? Castoffs from bums like Mondale, Carter, and Clinton.
    And don’t let these punks, like Rove, tell you they didn’t sabotage Christine O’donnell.
    P.S. WHO the hell ever dreamed they would replace a teacher of the truth like Glenn Beck with a clown like Bob Beckel.
    Let them know.

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