Breaking: Rick Perry Admits That He Is Indeed Dumb

By Gary P Jackson

On Tuesday I addressed Rick Perry’s letter in support of Hillary Clinton’s plan to “reform” health care in America. I noted this was just one in a series of poor judgements, and even poorer policy, that render Perry unfit to hold the highest office in the land.

What I didn’t address what his campaign’s weasel words on the subject, as quoted in the Daily Caller: [emphasis mine]

Asked by TheDC about the 1993 letter, Perry’s presidential campaign defended it, saying the full scope of Clinton’s healthcare plan was not yet known when Perry signed it.

You need to read the letter,” top Perry political strategist Dave Carney told The Daily Caller. “He praised her efforts in trying to tackle the issue and urged her not to overlook rural Americans. The letter was at the onset of her efforts before she proposed anything. No one could have imagined the horrible monstrosity she cooked up, in fact not to be outdone until ObamaCare years later.

As Agriculture Commissioner he was concerned that rural Americans would be overlooked and their options even more limited,” Carney continued. Working with the administration regardless of party, working with members of the other party, as long as you don’t violate your principles, is important to getting things done.

I’m getting old, but my memory of the events is Conservatives not only “could have imagined the horrible monstrosity she cooked up” but did from the second it was announced Hillary had started!

The socialist wing of the democrat party spent almost the entire 20th Century attempting to engineer a government take over of America’s health care system. I posted video of Ronald Reagan talking about this in my previous article. It’s worth revisiting.

Like Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton is a Saul Alinsky communist. Unlike Obama, she knew Alinsky personally, to the point he tried to hire her as a “community organizer.” Hillary wrote an analysis of Alinsky’s methods for her senior thesis at Wellesley College. They remained friends until Alinsky’s death in 1972.

This is rather common knowledge. Since many, if not most democrat politicians, are followers of Alinsky, surely Rick Perry knew of Clinton’s communist leanings.Perry was a member of the democrat party until 1989.

One of Alinsky’s teachings is to drop the openly radical nonsense, like the terror bombings Obama’s buddy Bill Ayers was into. Alinsky advised his pupils to take a bath, cut their hair, and put on a smart suit. The idea was to blend in with the establishment, and eventually BECOME the establishment. It was a good plan that worked out well, for the hard left. They are now part of the establishment.

Hillary was able to blend in and look respectable, but Conservatives saw her coming a mile away when she pounced on health care. It was a disaster for Bill Clinton, as even some democrats opposed the idea, and would be one of the reasons the democrats lost their 40 year control of the House.

But Rick Perry’s campaign would have you believe “No one could have imagined the horrible monstrosity she cooked up“? It’s more like everyone, but Rick Perry, could imagine it!

This is nothing more than a typical politician trying to spin a horrible decision. A fellow who has a history of supporting plans that Conservatives will never approve of. A candidate who is saying don’t look at my record, just listen to my pretty words.

In the end, there are only two possibilities regarding the Clinton letter. Rick Perry really didn’t have a clue, which makes him incredibly dumb [and naive] or he and his campaign are being a whole lot less than truthful.

Either way, this is not the sort we need leading this nation. We already have Barack Obama, who is both dumb and a liar.


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One response to “Breaking: Rick Perry Admits That He Is Indeed Dumb

  1. Joy

    Glad you pointed out that Alinksy connection, Gary, in a bit more detail re Clinton than is usually discussed (of course, the LSM almost refuses to use the “hallowed” name of Alinsky at all!!). I’ve pointed this out several times in various comments I’ve posted, since it’s important to NOT forget Hitlery’s even closer (and personal) relationship with the “community organizer” guru!

    My hope and prayer is to actually witness the entire wretched Obamacare being unfunded, repealed and/or vetoed (if that’s the procedure, but I’m not certain about the details in that regard) by Pres. Palin!!

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