When Will The Power Really Come On?

By Patrick S Adams

Having endured the wrath of Hurricane Irene and being without power for 2 1/2 days, it gives me pause for thought. The feelings of everyone in my neighborhood as to when will the power come on reminds me of how Sarah Palin supporters must feel after having been in a “country without power” for a little over 2 1/2 years.
The emotions range from optimism at the start to frustration right before the power actually comes back on. Even though the election of 2008 was a “bad storm,” we watched conservatives come together to revive their movement through Tea Party activism and Town Hall meetings in much the same way that neighbors came together after Hurricane Irene to help each other clear trees and debris off their property.

But once the neighborhood work was done, it was time to sit out on the porch and make calls on generator charged cell phones to conduct business that would normally be conducted online or in person at locations that would have had power under regular conditions. As time passes, the neighborhood gets restless. People approach power company trucks and ask “when will you be by me?” Folks are beginning to find out that some areas are coming online and others are still in the dark. You can sense the frustration.

Politically, Virginia and New Jersey came online first with the election of Republican governors to replace Democrats. Then slowly other states came online and even half the U.S. Capitol now “has power.”

Emotions still range throughout neighborhoods, though. When you see the extent of the damage, one has to wonder if the power company is even capable or willing to fix it all. That is where we are at now politically.

Sarah Palin has the ability to “turn the power back on” for the United States. There will still be those who would prefer to be in the dark living off candles and generators. But for most of us, having the power back on means being able to get back to working on improving our lives instead of surviving.

Normally, when the electricity comes back on, trees have been pruned, lines have been strengthend and weaknesses in the electrical grid can be more easily addressed now that there is a all hands on deck operation under way.

This is what has to happen to our political system. It’s not just enough to “get the power back.” This is an opportunity to prune the waste, cut down the trees that could cause future power outages and fix worn out or blown transformers. This is where the Tea Party comes in. This is where Sarah Palin comes in.

There are times where we become angry and frustrated. Why is the power not coming back on? Where is she? Is she even running? Is the power company really going to do the job right this time or are they just going to turn it over to the same old lackeys who built this rickety power system in the first place once the “problem” is fixed?

The removal of Obama is like the removal of debris. The removal of RINOs is like the cutting down of trees that would hang over the lines for the next storm. But getting the power grid to work at optimum efficiency is going to require electing Sarah Palin president.

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