Why Did Ken Crow Make Such a Mess Out of the Iowa Rally?

By Stacy Drake:

Robert Stacy McCain has been all over what he calls the “Indianola ‘Clusterf**k’” today and has added another post to the mix, along with this picture:

He writes:

This photo — showing Texas Gov. Rick Perry talking to Ken Crow — was taken Saturday by Lisa Krantz of the San Antonio News-Express at a Polk County (Iowa) GOP fundraising event in Des Moines.

The title of McCain’s post is called “Iowa Conspiracy Theory,” and indeed there are some theories floating around after Crow’s handling of the event in Iowa, especially after this picture surfaced. McCain seemed to downplay the possibility that Crow being a well-known supporter of Rick Perry’s had anything to do with what happened today. He wrote:

Way too far-fetched for my tastes. Is Team Perry really so crafty that, months in advance, they would dispatch a clandestine operative to insinuate himself among Iowa Tea Party activists, persuade them to invite Palin to a big rally, and then wreck the whole thing on purpose just to make Palin look bad?

don’t believe that Perry’s people plotted this out “months in advance” either. I don’t even know if Perry’s people “plotted” this out at all. I do know that Ken Crow is a Rick Perry supporter who has managed to make a mess out of a highly publicized event that Governor Palin will be headlining on Saturday. I also know that he has been trashing Governor Palin to the press.

Make of it what you will.



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11 responses to “Why Did Ken Crow Make Such a Mess Out of the Iowa Rally?

  1. Joy

    Couldn’t imagine WHAT you were talking about, Gary, so I clicked on the Stacy link (“here”) – and all I can say is, “Wow!!” What a screw-up!! But it was fascinating reading – especially ALL the comments! Of course, this is just a little taste of dirty politics (and idiot shenanigans) to come. Palin, IMO, will continue to stay above the fray and will emerge the class act and winner that she’s always been!

    • Gary P

      Not sure at this point if Crow was a Perry plant, or just a Perry supporter “trying to help” but that will come out.

      Rick Perry has a long history of dirty politics. Texas politics can be very nasty, and Perry is one of the nastiest. I’ll elaborate soon.

  2. IwjwI

    Read the comments in the links. Remember that this photo of Crow & Perry was taken just a few days ago. Also, Crow stated, “I like Sarah Palin, but she isnt going to run.” Crow is a RINO self promoter who has latched on to the “American TEA Party” which is a NEW TEA Party group that is putting on it’s first TEA Party rally that Sarah Palin is headlining in Iowa on 9/3. Looks like someone invited Christine O’Donnell to speak at this rally, then someone uninvited her, then someone invited her, then someone uninvited her. Looks like there is some undermining and power struggles already going on within this NEW TEA Party group. Who would be the culprit in all of this? All fingers are pointing to Crow, at this point. Looks like he is an Rick Perry supporter and wants Sarah Palin to look bad in this. The MSM is now running stories on it against Sarah Palin. Rick Perry is known for not playing nice in politics. Just ask any Texan who has followed Rick Perry’s political career. Wouldn’t put it past him to be involved in some form of sabotage against Sarah Palin. Attaching Sarah Palin to Christine O’Donnell is what these RINO operatives would like to do at this rally. Why else invite her in the first place? Sarah Palin has not spoken with Christine O’Donnell, let’s just say, in eons. None of Sarah Palin’s staff has spoken with Christine O’Donnell probably ever. An O’Donnell ‘opperative’ supposedly got a text from an Palin staffer. NOT TRUE!!
    Regardless and past all this hoopla, SARAH PALIN WILL GIVE A GREAT SPEECH ON 9/3 to the throngs of people that are coming in from all over the nation to hear her on this day.

    This I know for certain: Sarah Palin and her inner circle will get to the bottom of all of the mess that Crow has created.
    It is my summation that Crow only wants to get his 15 minutes of fame, (possibly a job helping Rick Perry), while he is working AGAINST Sarah Palin and for Rick Perry.

    • Seattle

      Wha-? The LSM hoodwinked me? ME?? Sarah and Christine are necessarily best buddies?

      sigh. Gary, I apologize. I take back what I mentioned to you yesterday… reneg my suggestion that the invite-uninvite-personal invitation be proffered again NOT be proffered. The LSM got into my brain and ate a few neurons.

      Over-done with, as they say.

      I will be watching the rally on C-SPAN (if they still air it)!

      • Gary P

        I really have no idea what’s going on with Christine. From what I’ve heard, which may or may not be true, she used Sarah’s name to get in on the speech. Claimed Sarah would want her there. Sarah endorsed her candidacy against one of the biggest liberal Republicans in Congress. That don’t make them best buddies.

        This is a messed up deal. Sure ain’t Sarah’s fault. As for the media, especially when it comes to Sarah, never believe anything negative, because it’s almost always made up.

    • Seattle

      IwjwI, more like, he got his 15 minutes of dishonor and derision (yay, dishonors & derides Perry too) … which means, — erhm, thank you Ken Crow. We are learning who you are.

  3. Joy

    IwjwI (what in h*** does THAT mean? Lol… don’t care, just found it hard to type!!) – good roundup of the tempest in a teapot! And I agree with your observation – i.e., that Camp Palin will find out who’s behind this stoopid kafaffel! And I’m relieved to read your remarkes – i.e., the very same words that Gary’s used in describing Perry & his political m.o. & the “Perry Machine” – namely, “nasty” & “dirty!” Time will confirm that in the present circumstance, of course; and if/when something putrid is discoverd, it’ll sink his candidacy, IMO.

  4. Thank you all for the nice comments. First, I want to say this. I most certainly am NOT working undercover for Governor Perry. The photo was shot when one of the Governors folks said something to me at the Polk County picnic. I answered his question, then he asked because of my accent, ” Where are you from ? “. I responded with ” Valley Mills, Texas originally “. The aid then shouted to the Governor, the Governor turned around grinning and said a comment about my old hometown. We shook hands, “SNAP ” went the photo. The entire meeting lasted about 1 minute and 12 seconds. End of conversation.

    The major league foul up happened because of a few phone conversations between myself and SarahPAC. I will not comment further. I like Governor Palin, she is a great American and that is the extent of this conversation. I am not supporting any candidate at this time. Thanks for the opportunity to clarify a very misguided story. I have witnesses to the event if I need to produce them. Actually I have many people that witnessed this entire episode. Thanks again and God Bless each of you….
    Ken Crow

    • Gary P

      Cool. I know producing big events are hard and frustrating. The weather didn’t help either!

      Valley Mills is not far from where I live.

      We are just incredibly suspicious of Rick Perry. He’s well known for his dirty tricks.

      In the end the event up there was successful and it looks like everyone involved had good time. Good luck with your next event.

    • Seattle

      Ken, if I have been misguided about you, I apologize. Sad to say, my excuse is, like Gary mentioned, several of us do not trust or endorse Perry or “his circle”. Or perhaps we trust and endorse Gov. Palin very intensely. It seemed to many of us that you were working for or endorsing Perry, during a rally time-period that featured Sarah. Since your comment gives us “the horse’s mouth” version, I hope to take you at your word; and apologize for the frustrated and suspicious climate that has surrounded politics & politicians the last… MANY years. Inside ourselves, we-the-people are jaded. We want a true leader for our country.

  5. Pay attention to Ken Crow, his articles and his posts on facebook. This guy is a CINO through and through

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