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Audio: The Victory Sessions Stephen Bannon Hosts Jedediah Bila and Peter Singleton

By Gary P Jackson

On Sunday night Jedediah Bila and Peter Singleton were guests of Stephen Bannon on KABC Radio’sVictory Sessions.

RuBegonia has the audio. Click here and listen.

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Courage, Not Electability, Is The Problem

Publisher’s note: Patrick hits it on the head with his latest. Too often people claim they want real change. Too often people cry out for an honest, trust-worthy politician. All day long they scream for someone who is real, and has a record to back up their talk, someone to take the lead. People want someone who will reform this corrupt government.

Sadly, when the people are offered a once in a lifetime chance to elect the exact person they have been begging for all their lives, all of a sudden it becomes too hard. Too much trouble. These same people start worrying about “electability” and other such nonsense. Well guess what, in 1979 Ronald Reagan was unelectable too, according to some of the very same people who say Sarah Palin is unelectable in 2011.

The majority of Americans decided to ignore the naysayers in 1980 and Reagan won in a landslide. Sarah Palin has more going for her now, and will have more going for her in 2012, than Reagan did in his day. Don’t tell me Sarah Palin can’t win!

Sarah Palin is courageous. She’s not afraid to do what needs be done.

This nation was built by courageous men and women. You have to ask yourself: Are you cut from the same cloth, or are you the sort who will just sit back and settle for more of the same, because electing a true leader, a true reformer, is just too damned hard?

~Gary P Jackson

Why Sarah Palin Can’t Win

By Patrick S Adams

Dick Morris explained to Greta Van Susteren why Sarah Palin can’t win. He said there are so many people who love Sarah Palin who think that there are too many people that don’t. Congratulations liberal media and Republican establishment, you won. You have brainwashed enough people on our side that we are willing to snatch defeat out of the jaws of victory over a disastrous president. My condolences to the conservative movement because three years after a brutal beating, you still have not learned.

Having spent all of my adult years following politics, I have never been as disappointed in my party and the people who are supposedly on my side of the issues as I am now. Negativity is the work of the devil and it shows not just on the liberal side (where negativity is norm and the politics of personal destruction trump debating the issues), but on our side as well.

Sarah Palin’s electability isn’t really the issue. Courage is the issue. Too many on our side are severely lacking in that category.

Palin hasn’t even announced. Nor has she started campaigning yet. Speculating on someone’s electability based on polls over a year out is ridiculously stupid. If she campaigns poorly or doesn’t garner the votes necessary to win the nomination, that’s one thing. To kill the egg before it hatches is another.

We can look at scenarios where Republicans didn’t stick together and learn some lessons. Harry Reid is still the Senate majority leader because people on our side were too nervous about Sharron Angle. Mike Coons is the Senator from Delaware because people on our side threw Christine O’Donnell under the bus. Lisa Murkowski won the Senate in Alaska ON A WRITE IN BALLOT because people on our side bought into the media and opposition spin about Joe Miller.

We can look at scenarios where Democrats stuck together and learn some lessons, too. They elected a nationally untested Jimmy Carter because they believed in some crazy dream, similar to the hopey changey thing they bought into three years ago. They elected a scandal plagued philanderer from Arkansas president without even the slightest concern about how electable a womanizer with questionable business and political dealings could be. They elected a wet behind the ears novice from Chicago because they didn’t care about his associations or lack of experience.

You didn’t see Democrats hawking their candidates’ flaws, did you?

They stuck together. And because they stick together, they’re capable of nominating and electing some of the most ridiculous candidates we’ve ever seen in American political history. So, Sarah Palin is unelectable? Are you friggin kidding me?

I’m tired of being on a team of wimps, wussies and trembling tigers. Watching Karl Rove, Dick Morris and Erick Erickson do everything they can to drag down Sarah Palin’s chances in the minds of feeble minded readers and weak kneed viewers tells me all I need to know about the conservative movement and the Republican Party. We’re just too stupid to win.

When have you seen Democrat media pundits talk about Bill Clinton’s affairs or Barack Obama’s associations? Do you know why the Democrats and the left wing media keep beating us? They suppress their candidates’ flaws. They sell their candidate. They stand behind their candidate no matter what. Barack Obama has driven our country and our economy into the ground; yet night after night, pundits, anchors and writers keep talking about how transformative he is and how he can be reelected.

Do any of us do that for Sarah Palin – or Rick Perry, Michele Bachmann or Herman Cain for that matter? No. Our side is full of loud mouthed, hot air blowing tweeters, bloggers, pundits and shallow thinkers who find it easier to find the how not to than it is to work at finding the how to.

Sarah Palin supporters trumpet her potential as president. They talk about her record. They focus on the one thing this nation needs more than anything else: someone that can go in there, clean house and set our policy straight on jobs, energy and the economy. If those on the conservative and Republican side fought as hard for their candidates as they do to put down Sarah Palin, maybe we would have someone else that we could rally around in case she didn’t run.

But, at this point, I won’t get into the foxhole with backstabbers, mealy mouths and people who call themselves conservatives. If we don’t beat Obama in 2012, it won’t be because of Sarah Palin. It will be because of them.

Regardless of what you thought about Sharron Angle, Christine O’Donnell or Joe Miller, punishing our candidates for not being perfect by handing victory to their Democrat or RINO challengers is the most idiotic electoral strategy I have ever seen. I for one will not be part of a party or a movement that continues to shoot itself in the foot over and over again.

Why is it that if we put an establishment candidate into a monkey suit and run him, everyone votes for him but when we put up one of us – a regular day American who is sick and tired of how business is being done – some of us start stuttering and spewing green vomit like they’re at the screen test for the Linda Blair’s part in The Exorcist.

Back your candidate if it’s not Sarah Palin. Vote your conscience. But don’t be as intellectually dishonest as Democrats are and deny the reality of Sarah Palin’s record, her viability, her work ethic and the historical parallels to how people in our movement were doing the same thing to Ronald Reagan in 1979.

Sarah Palin can’t win if our side, our movement and our party hasn’t learned its lessons from the past. The next time I hear that Sarah Palin is unelectable or that she can’t win, I will tell the person they’re right, we can’t win. Then I will walk away.

There is no arguing with negativity, stupidity or rigidity.
Read more from Jedediah Bila here: What pundits should be talking about when it comes to Palin


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Jedediah Bila: Hey Pundits, How About We Talk About Sarah Palin’s Record?

By Gary P Jackson

Jedediah Bila takes on the chattering class in a big way. She challenges them to talk about Sarah Palin’s actually record, instead of the ridiculous nonsense they are talking about now. It should be noted that she’s talking to the Republican Establishment™.

While some pundits are busy calling Sarah Palin thin-skinned, claiming that there is “no space for her” in the 2012 race and incessantly speculating about her potential announcement date, some of us are sitting by laughing, sufficiently amused by typical establishment tactics that have grown tired, old and frankly a little boring.

In a previous column, Jedediah talks about attending a Manhattan cocktail party, filled with hard core lefties. They are quite worried and know that Sarah can win it all, and they understand why.

I’m amazed that it’s been “ late” for Sarah Palin to enter the race for oh, about four months now. Funny how it wasn’t “too late” for the establishment’s favorite son Rick Perry to enter, and no one has said it was too late for Paul Ryan, Chris Christie, Rudy Giuliani, or anyone else. That rule only applies to Sarah Palin, no one else. Hmmm.

Jedediah goes on to list what we really need to be discussing. Here are just a few of them:

As governor in 2007, Palin was responsible for the largest veto totals in state history, while investing $1 billion in forward-funding education and fulfilling public safety and infrastructure necessities.

1. Palin invested $5 billion in state savings during a time of economic surplus.

2. Palin reduced spending by 9.5% from 2007 to 2010 and slashed earmark requests by over 80% during her time as governor.

3. Under Palin, Alaska’s total liabilities were reduced by 34.6% overall.

4. As governor, Palin was the CEO of the state and had substantial authority. As reported by The Wall Street Journal, “In Alaska, the Governor has line-item veto power over the budget and can only be overridden by a three-quarters majority of the Legislature.”

Jedediah has much more, read it all here.

We all know why the Establishment™ [in both parties] don’t want to talk about Governor Sarah Palin’s record. Not even Mayor Sarah Palin’s record. Both independently and separately, either record shows more ability and success than Barack Obama or any of the current Republican candidates could ever muster.

If we talk about Sarah Palin’s actual 20 year record, instead of all of the media created nonsense, it’s all over for Obama, the other GOP candidates, and more importantly, the Republican Establishment™. And just like those ladies in Manhattan, they know it too.

**Here is what Sarah Palin’s résumé looks like:

* Sports Reporter/Anchor, KTVA-TV Anchorage/KTUU-TV Anchorage/Mat-Su Valley Frontiersman (1987 – 1992)

* Co-owner, Commercial Fishing Operation (1988 – present)

* City Council Member, City of Wasilla (1992 – 1996)

* Co-owner, Snow Machine, Watercraft, & All-Terrain Vehicle Business (1994 – 1997)

* Mayor/City Manager, City of Wasilla (1996 – 2002)

* Board Member, Alaska Municipal League (199x – 1999)

* President, Alaska Conference of Mayors (1999 – 2002)

* Chairperson, Alaska Oil & Gas Conservation Commission (2003 – 2004)

* Director, Excellence in Public Service, Inc. (2003 – 2005)

* Board Member, Valley Hospital Association (2005 – 2006)

* Governor, State of Alaska (2006 – 2009)

* Chairperson, Interstate Oil & Gas Compact Commission (2008 – 2009)

* Chairperson, National Governors Association Natural Resources Committee (2008 – 2009)

* Vice Presidential Nominee, Republican Party (2008)

* Founder, SarahPAC (2009 – present)

* Speaker, Washington Speakers Bureau (2009 – present)

* Author, Going Rogue: An American Life (2009)

* Contributor, Fox News Channel (2010 – present)

* Author, America by Heart: Reflections on Family, Faith, and Flag (2010)

* Host/Executive Producer, Sarah Palin’s Alaska (2010)


* Board Member, Salvation Army

* Member, Alaska Miners Association

* Member, Alaska Outdoor Council

* Member, American Management Association

* Member, Chambers of Commerce (Various)

* Member, Iditarod Parent-Teacher Association

* Member, National Rifle Association

* Member, Resource Development Council of Alaska

* Member, Youth Court Steering Committee

* Coach/Hockey Team Manager, Valley Youth Sports

This doesn’t include all of the work she did in 2010, helping take back the House, and add numbers to the Senate, or the work she did in local and state elections. Nor does it count the many ways she has changed the national debate since 2008. It does however show someone who has a wealth of experience both in politics and the real world. Please note that as Mayor, Palin was term limited, and the terms were three years long.

** H/T Pennsylvanians for Palin

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Flashback Video: Mexican President Vicente Fox Thanks Governor Rick Perry For Dream Act

On November 6, 2003, Mexican President Vicente Fox publicly thanked Rick Perry for offering in-state tuition to illegal immigrants.

By Gary P Jackson

How is it, people from another country, whether they are here legally or illegally, can get a deal on college tuition, when American citizens from other states cannot?

Something to ponder, just as RomneyCare was the blueprint for ObamaCare, Rick Perry’s Dream Act will serve as the blueprint for a national version. In fact, it already is.

Something else, how is allowing illegals a chance to attend Texas universities, and subsidizing it with in-state tuition, not a form of Amnesty? Think about it. Instead of arresting them, they are giving them a college I.D.

Is this the sort of America we want?


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Gibson Guitars, Barack Obama, and Gangster Government

By Gary P Jackson

Barack Obama is a thug. A Chicago street thug, and nothing more. In case you really don’t know what a “community organizer” is, at least as far as democrats go, they are like mob enforcers. Groups like ACORN, where Obama used to work, and the purple shirted SEIU union leg breakers, are nothing more than thugs for hire. They are paid mobs who show up where ever they are told to to intimidate whoever is being targeted. Often violence occurs.

This is the environment Barack Obama spent his formative years working in.

There are many examples of the Obama regime targeting specific businesses and organizations for destruction. The latest is Gibson Guitars. The regime has been hassling the company over the exotic woods it uses for it’s fretboards. The same wood other companies use without any problems whatsoever.

Last week the regime’s Justice Department went after Gibson again, over their use of Indian rosewood. It should be noted the Indian government, as far as we can tell, has lodged no protests or asked for any investigations. Again, other guitar companies use the same exact wood, and the regime has no issues with them.

It should also be noted that Gibson’s CEO Henry Juszkiewicz is a Republican and support’s Republican candidates. Also Gibson is a non-union shop. These tactics are an obvious attempt to intimidate Gibson in the fine tradition of another famous Chicagoan, Al Capone.

Dana Loesch interviewed Henry Juszkiewicz for her radio show:

This wood must be certified before it’s used, and according to Juszkiewicz the wood Gibson is using has been certified as good to go.

The plot gets thicker, as it always does with the regime. John Nolte at Big Hollywood reports:

One of Gibson’s leading competitors is C.F. Martin & Company. The C.E.O., Chris Martin IV, is a long-time Democratic supporter, with $35,400 in contributions to Democratic candidates and the DNC over the past couple of elections

Nolte goes on to point out Martin uses the exact same wood Gibson does. Read more about this here.

This is how Obama and the regime work.

The story of how Obama and his campaign chief-of-staff Pete Rouse, along with Phil Munger, recruited Alaska bloggers and other malcontents to harass Sarah Palin during the 2008 elections, and after she returned home, filing dozens of bogus ethics complaints, as well as planting false stories in the media, is well documented. Once in office, Rouse ran the operation out of the West Wing of the White House. In case you’re not familiar with all of this, here’s our latest on the subject.

This is not the only attempt by Obama to intimidate Governor Palin though. In 2009 Obama decided to target the surviving members of the Alaska Territorial Guard, the brave men who defended Alaska when the Japanese invaded during WWII. The group is now known as The Alaska Defense Force. We’re talking a handful of men, 26 in all, but Obama cut off their pensions, citing priorities for a military spending bill. There was no reason for this, other than to mess with Alaska. As Commander-in-Chief of the ADF, Governor Palin took quick action, fought the regime, and got these men reinstated. She also signed into law a bill that insured they were paid by Alaska while all of this was going on.

This was a thuggish and childish act. The regime has tried to stop Governor Palin’s gasline, as well.

There are plenty more examples: Also in 2009, when the regime basically took over the Chrysler Corporation, breaking centuries worth of contract law in the process, it was noted many of the dealerships forced to close were owned by Republicans. Mark Tapscott reported:

Evidence appears to be mounting that the Obama administration has systematically targeted for closing Chrysler dealers who contributed to Republicans. What started earlier this week as mainly a rumbling on the Right side of the Blogosphere has gathered some steam today with revelations that among the dealers being shut down are a GOP congressman and closing of competitors to a dealership chain partly owned by former Clinton White House chief of staff Mack McLarty.

The basic issue raised here is this: How do we account for the fact millions of dollars were contributed to GOP candidates by Chrysler who are being closed by the government, but only one has been found so far that is being closed that contributed to the Obama campaign in 2008?

Read more here.

Of the the action by the regime, Todd J. Ziwicki wrote:

The rule of law, not of men — an ideal tracing back to the ancient Greeks and well-known to our Founding Fathers — is the animating principle of the American experiment. While the rest of the world in 1787 was governed by the whims of kings and dukes, the U.S. Constitution was established to circumscribe arbitrary government power. It would do so by establishing clear rules, equally applied to the powerful and the weak.

Fleecing lenders to pay off politically powerful interests, or governmental threats to reputation and business from a failure to toe a political line? We might expect this behavior from a Hugo Chávez. But it would never happen here, right?

Until Chrysler.

We all remember the huge floods that devastated Nashville and the surrounding areas. Obama was nowhere to be found. And when half of Texas was on fire this year, the regime flat out refused to send disaster relief.

The regime is going after Boeing because they dared to build a new aircraft in the Right-to-Work state of South Carolina, out of the reach of union thugs.

One could fill an entire book with instances of Obama’s gangster government intimidating businesses and groups. It’s evil, and immoral.

I know one thing, if you are looking for a new guitar, check out Gibson’s line-up. They could use our support. Don’t let the regime get away with bullying them!

Let’s end this with one of our favorite Gibson guitar slingers, Carolyn Wonderland from Austin, Texas, as we think about Obama’s judgement day, which will come real soon:


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Even As Irene Approaches Honor Is Preserved

Guarding the Tomb of the Unknowns in Washington, D.C. as Hurricane Irene Approaches.

This is what dedication is.

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Corporate Puppet Erick Erickson Weighs In On Sarah Palin With Predicable Conclusions

By Gary P Jackson

Erick Erickson, editor of Red State and CNN commentator, weighs in on Sarah Palin’s potential run for the presidency. As expected he finds nothing new, or even creative, to tell his readers, only that Sarah Palin likely won’t run, and surely couldn’t win if she did.

I’ll give him this, unlike the rest of his fellow travelers in the Republican Establishment™, at least he admits Sarah has said she won’t be announcing on September 3, in Iowa, something Palin supporters already know.

That said, it’s just the typical boring crap everyone else says, including the “she can’t string her supporters along forever” tripe. Palin’s supporters know her and trust her, most have been solidly with her since 2008, some of us long before. She’s our candidate, not only because of who she is, but who she isn’t. By that I mean she is not like anyone currently in the field. She has a solid record, can point to big accomplishments, and is by far the best vetted candidate we’ve seen in our lifetimes. There are no surprises with Sarah Palin waiting to bite us in the butt.

We don’t think she’s stringing us along, we feel she has a solid strategy and is sticking to it. We also feel she has the best record and by far the best ability to do what must be done to save our Republic.

What gets me about Erickson is he quotes Organize4Palin’s Peter Singleton, a man he claims to “know and respect,” in his little tirade. Our readers know who Singleton is. He spent much of the day with Sarah Palin when she was at the Iowa State Fair. In a lengthy interview with Tammy Bruce, Peter describes what he has been doing, and is asking for volunteers to mount a solid 2012 campaign.

An honest man, especially one who “knows and respects” Singleton, would understand that none of this would be going on if signals weren’t sent during the meeting between Sarah and Peter. And yet ….

Of course, the truth wouldn’t help Erickson’s latest flavor of the month candidate, Rick Perry, who announced at Erickson’s yearly get together. Now I know some will be angered at me for calling Erickson a Perry shill with an agenda. Deal with it..

Perry supporters have been spreading the “she’ll sit this one out and endorse our guy” BS for months, something Governor Palin herself put an end to when she tweeted an article by Contributing Editor Whitney Pitcher, something we discussed here.

Since that won’t work any longer, the “it’s too late for her to run” or “she can’t win anyway” silliness is in full bloom from these clowns. Funny, there are four or five others who have said they may jump in the race, and there is never any mention of it being too late for them. I wonder why!

Riddle me this: If it’s too late, and she can’t win, why is so much effort being expended trying to stop her from even attempting a run?

Erickson as much as admitted his nothing more than a puppet for his corporate masters when he abruptly stopped supporting solid Virginia Tea Party senate candidate Jamie Radtke and got behind George Allen, because Allen is buddies with the owners of Red State’s parent company. All well and good, but it sort of takes Erickson and Red State out of the “trusted and respected” category of websites, doesn’t it.

You’ll be reading a lot more about the Red State– Radtke fiasco in the coming weeks, some are even calling it a “proxy war between Governor Palin and Governor Perry. I don’t know about that, but according to what I’m reading, Erickson blew that last ounce of what little credibility he had, by the actions he’s taken against Jamie Radtke, a fine, solid Tea Party candidate, he once supported.

In other words, Erickson is nothing more than the type of paid political mercenary we all detest. The sort whose convictions are tied to a paycheck. A paid shill.

Full disclosure, when I first started blogging, and was trying to figure all of this out, I had a dairy at Red State and was banned. Being a Palin supporter I was never all that welcomed, and several of the regulars there were loud and nasty Palin haters, posting the same old lies we’ve all seen before in the comments section. It seems they got quite upset when called out for it. And as our readers know, none of us here are bashful. We’ll call people out. That didn’t set well with the frat boys at Red State!

That was a blessing though as it got me off my butt, and I started my own blog.

That was a long time ago. This is today. And today we have a serious problem with a phony conservative posing as a journalist, giving an opinion of a candidate that is not based in reality.One who’ll throw his support behind good candidates one minute, then throw them under the bus the next.

All of us have strong opinions, that’s why we got into blogging in the first place, but most of us try to base our thoughts and opinions on facts, not who writes our paychecks.


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Tammy Bruce Talks About Rick Perry, The Dangers of Gardasil, and Crony Capitalism That Surrounds Governor’s Office

By Gary P Jackson

Meant to post this the other day after Stacy Drake wrote about some of the pay-for-play dealings Rick Perry is famous for. Since then we’ve learned more about the dangers of Gardasil.

Meanwhile, Tammy Bruce calls out Perry for wanting to inject this potential poison in Texas school girls. As she points out, in typical Perry weasel fashion, he claims he saw the error of his ways and backed off. The fact is, Texans raised holy hell, and the Texas legislature stopped Perry, something they’ve had to do before.

You see, the position of Governor of Texas is constitutionally weak. But unlike previous governors, Rick Perry has often chosen to usurp the legislative process and issue an executive orders time and time again. This almost always gets him in trouble, and the legislature has to deal with his messes.

The Gardasil mandate would have never made it through the Texas legislature, and Perry knew it.

This may not seem like a big deal to some, but Perry is the sort who would do the same thing in Washington. As Dan Riehl pointed out on Thursday, Rick Perry is very much aligned with the establishment. As he put it:

For what it’s worth, I’m getting a sense that, within the conservative movement, Perry may come to more represent the old line conservative movement, much of which is seriously compromised as a result of having been established in Washington for so long.

In other words, Perry represents business as usual, the very last thing we need in a new president.

It should trouble voters that Perry has no respect for the Texas Constitution and the legislative process set forth in it. It should trouble them even more that he was willing inject innocent Texas school girls with a drug that hadn’t been fully tested, and has issues, all so his buddies at Merck could make a quick buck.

One correction to Tammy’s monologue, it’s not $120 per student, it’s $360. It’s a three shot regimen. That’s retail, but even at wholesale prices a lot of money for Perry’s cronies.

Something for voters to ponder. Between forcing people [mandating] a medical treatment, and all of the pay-for-play crony capitalism that surrounds the Texas governor’s office, how exactly is Rick Perry much of an upgrade from Barack Obama?

Throw in the fact he’s tripled Texas’ debt since taking office and … well … you get the idea.

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PPP Ohio: Governor Sarah Palin Highest In Favorablilty Ratings: A Key Finding

By Gary P Jackson

Ohio is one of the all important swing states, a must win, if someone wants to become President of the United States. Making a favorable impression on Ohioans goes a long way towards winning over the entire nation.

Though some national polls that over sample democrats and don’t include likely voters [the only reliable group to sample] have shown Sarah Palin has a “favorability problem,” every legit poll that specifically targets likely Republican voters and Republican leaning independents has shown Sarah Palin to have the best favorability among the candidates. This has been consistent since serious polling for 2012 started.

Ohio is no different. Democrat polling firm PPP’s latest poll shows Governor Palin has 65% approval rating as compared to Rick Perry at 50%.

We’re 15 months out from the general election of November 2012, and some 8 to 10 months away from settling the primaries. That’s too far away to use votes as a guide as to who will be the Republican nominee. In fact, history shows those who lead early also peak early, and rarely make the final cut of candidates vying for the nomination. After all, other than a few debates, no one is really campaigning yet.

Favorability is the key this early on. The fact that Sarah’s favorability is always higher than any one else, among the folks who will actually nominate her, is the key. High favorability means people will listen to what she has to say, and once she starts putting forth more of her plans to Revive, Renew, and Restore America, the likelihood of a large, receptive audience is far greater than with any other candidate.

A lot of folks live and die by polls that show supposed vote count, and over a long period of time one can spot certain trends, but the numbers to look at this far out are the ones measuring favorability. Those trends show Sarah Palin is consistently seen in the best light by Republicans and Republican leaning independents.

In my opinion, favorability equates to potential voters. At the very least it means a large group of people who will listen to what a candidate has to say.

In a key state like Ohio this spells trouble, not only for the rest of the Republican candidates, but Barack Obama too.


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Sarah Palin’s Libyan Statement Shows Leadership and Common Sense

By Gary P Jackson

Sarah Palin has released a strong, common sense statement on the Libyan revolution. Measured and concise, she shows once again the sort of leadership America needs. Recently both Caroline Glick and Walter Russell Mead have spoken of the Jacksonian/Reaganesque sort of foreign policy that needs to make a return to the U.S. Both have mentioned Sarah Palin as the sort who can bring this about, with Mead going so far asking if Governor Palin is our foreign policy “messiah.”

Anyone who has kept up with Sarah’s many op-eds and Facebook notes knows she’s been very consistent about these sort of things. Cautious and reluctant to put American lives on the line in an effort to “spread democracy,” which amounts to nation building, costs America blood and treasure, and rarely ends well.

Here she cautions the Obama regime, and others, not to get too excited about all of the latest developments in Libya. Instead she warns of the real possibility of a new government with direct ties to al Qaeda. She also points out we do have ways of supporting those who want a western style of democracy, and should do what we can to make sure they are victorious in this struggle, through diplomatic means.

From Sarah:

We join the Libyan people in gratefulness as we hear of Col. Gaddafi’s defeat. The fall of a tyrant and sponsor of terrorism is a great day for freedom-loving people around the world. But the path to democracy in Libya is not complete, and we must make wise choices to ensure that our national interests are protected.

First, the White House needs to avoid triumphalism. Gaddafi may be gone, but the fighting may not be complete. As we’ve seen in Kosovo, Bosnia, Iraq, and Afghanistan, we must not celebrate too quickly. There are now mounting concerns that we will see tribal and sectarian fighting in Libya like we saw in Iraq. Let’s hope that is not the case, but it must be prepared for.

Second, we must be very concerned about the future government that will emerge to take Gaddafi’s place. History teaches that those with the guns usually prevail when a coalition overthrows a tyrant. We must remember that military power ultimately resides with the rebel commanders. This should be a source of some concern. The armed opposition to Gaddafi is an outgrowth of a group called Islamic Libya Fighting Group, and some rebel commanders admit that they have Al Qaeda links. The rebel fighters are from different tribes, and they have a variety of political views. Some are Islamists, some appear to favor some sort of western democracy. We should work through diplomatic means to help those who want democracy to come out on top.

That said, we should not commit U.S. troops or military assets to serve as peacekeepers or perform humanitarian missions or nation-building in Libya. Our military is already over-committed and strained, and a vaguely designed mission can be the first step toward a quagmire. The internal situation does not seem stable enough for U.S. forces to operate in a purely humanitarian manner without the possibility of coming under attack. Troop deployment to Libya would mean placing America’s finest in a potentially hostile zone that is not in our vital national security interest.

Finally, we must make sure that terrorist groups don’t try to co-opt the revolution, as Al Qaeda is trying to do in Syria. We should continue to use our intelligence assets to monitor the situation in Libya to ensure that potentially dangerous weapons are secured, and that terrorist organizations such as Al Qaeda don’t gain a foothold in Libya.

People of Libya, be vigilant. May this opportunity be used to build a free and peaceful country.

~ Sarah Palin


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