Amateur Video: Plane’s Loading Water From Lake Travis To Fight Fires

By Gary P Jackson

This is some cool video of fire fighting planes gathering water to fight the flames that have engulfed Central Texas. It takes a lot of skill to fly these planes and pick up the water. It’s amazing how fast they are able to fill up.

These firefighters are true heroes.

Austin resident Deanne Roy published this photo on her blog as well as a map of the fires.

This is looking east from 1-35 in South Austin.

Please pray for Texas.


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5 responses to “Amateur Video: Plane’s Loading Water From Lake Travis To Fight Fires

  1. I believe those are the Canadian water bombers, from the speed and coloring. They used to be leased on request, don’t know if they still are.

  2. Yep. I checked , world’s only purpose built water bomber, Bombardier 415, in 2002 on of them made 100 drops within a 4 hour period on a fire near Dryden, Ontario, Canada, for a total of 162,000 gallons. The planes are technically still flying as they scoop, and do not need to scoop in a straight line as they can actually turn to follow a river as they scoop. The preferred pilots are ex-navy carrier trained.

    • Gary P

      These pilots are amazing I saw a show about them a while back. The difference between grabbing the water and going, and ripping the plane apart spectacularly, is inches.

      I’m in awe of the men and women.

  3. Karen in Michigan

    Wish I could send you some of our rain. Still cleaning up after storms last weekend. Many lost power. Nothing compared to problems in Texas. Praying for Texas and rain.

    Karen in Michigan

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