Fox News, Rick Perry, and That Bogus Sarah Palin Fox News Poll

By Gary P Jackson

I was saving this for a special I will be doing on Rick Perry and the dirty tricks he has used over the years to go after his rivals in elections, but with Ann Coulter and Laura Ingraham gleefully talking about this bogus poll, I thought now would be the time to mention it.

Politico, of all places exposed the connection.

Fox News released its first poll Thursday since Rick Perry’s entry into the presidential race, showing the Texas governor drawing 26 percent of the GOP primary vote and leading Mitt Romney by 8 points.

What caught one reader’s attention, though, wasn’t the size of Perry’s lead, but the name of Fox’s Republican pollster: Shaw & Company Research, a Texas-based firm that conducts the Fox survey in cooperation with the Democratic pollster Anderson Robbins Research.

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The Shaw in Shaw & Company is Daron Shaw, a University of Texas political science professor and veteran of several GOP campaigns, whose name has been in the news a bit lately.

That’s because Shaw is one of the starring players in Sasha Issenberg’s e-book, “Rick Perry and His Eggheads: Inside the Brainiest Political Operation in America,” which details a groundbreaking set of experiments that Shaw and three other academics conducted inside Perry’s 2006 reelection campaign.

The Perry campaign allowed the so-called eggheads to run tests on “anything [they] could figure out how to randomize, from lawn signs to television ads,” Issenberg writes, and they assembled a provocative set of findings on which kinds of campaign tactics really work.

Fast forward five years and Perry is running for president and Shaw is one of the lead pollsters for the most influential cable network, by far, among GOP primary voters.

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While Fox, Ingraham, and Coulter are saying that every living being in the known universe is against Sarah Palin, INCLUDING the Tea Party, a Rasmussen poll released September 3, before Sarah’s speeches in Iowa and New Hampshire, reveals Eighty-four percent (84%) of Tea Party voters prefer Sarah Palin over any other candidate.

Who to believe, an independent pollster, or one with ties to Rick Perry?

As talkers at Fox News are so fond of saying: We report, you decide!


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14 responses to “Fox News, Rick Perry, and That Bogus Sarah Palin Fox News Poll

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  3. AJ Steele

    This pisses me off. Viewers should inundate Fox and Mr. truth Bill
    Oreilly with emails for a retraction and/or an investigation. Then again, they may have knowledge of it. That Fox poll shot out all over the place
    giving libs all kinds of power articles and gleeful expressions of Palin’s demise. I’m doing my part to make sure a correction gets out there. I knew it didn’t seem right. DEMAND the truth from Fox!

  4. Joy

    Good for you, Gary – I knew you had more ammo on the Rickster (hey, I think that’s a clever new – and appropriate – moniker; what say you? Even rhymes with “Trickster!” DUH), so I open each email from the Palin camp with great anticipation – and, happy to report, I’m rarely disappointed!! So, keep up the great investigative journalism, Texan Gary!!

  5. C.A. Bamford

    Oh good…Stacy Drake outed them.
    Surprised they didn’t just limit the poll to the Teamsters union and members of the group formerly known as Acorn.
    Maybe we need a poll on Fox News’ favorability ratings..

  6. thepalinexpress

    Incredible and backstabbing at its worst. When the kitties came out swinging’ at Sarah, I knew something was up-not because of Coulter because she’s Team Krispie Cream but of Laura. Sarah should quit, and soon.

    At HotAir there are few of us that are watching FOX.

  7. As Sarah said in her Iowa speech “Poles are for dancers and skiers” Lol

  8. JFK

    Same thing da ja vu, in 1980 the psudo polls said, Reagan didn’t have a chance, so Conservative would stay home, which many may have, but Reagan had a record landslide win, HOW? The polls are fixed, and Reagan wasn’t the only one to suffer from lying polls. They can take them during the day when liberals are at home, or target welfare cities, there is no end to the deception, that can go on.

  9. It’s sad that the media can make or break a person. Here we have the most vetted , proven and trustworthy electable person in Sarah Palin and whom would reverse course of a declining America; yet the MSM is turning their back on her.
    What a waste, all the MSM and especially Fox is turning out to be.

    • Gary P

      Fox has become the worst. They’ve proven they have an agenda just like every other “news” channel. It shows just how deep corruption in America goes.

  10. Jack

    Hmmmmmm! ????????? Dumb article, waste of time, and your sour-ces are tenuous at best. How do you come up with such gibberish???????? Let the Dice Roll, the numbers will appear, and no poll will have the exclusive results. Probability is not anything other than PROBABILITY.

    • Gary P

      Show me where anything but FACT is stated?

      Are you saying the Fox Pollster DOES NOT have ties to the Perry campaign, even though they are featured in a book about Rick Perry as one of the “eggheads” who supposedly masterminded his 2010 campaign?

      Or are you saying we can’t back up the fact those Fox News numbers, as reported by their on air “talent” are nothing but pure bullshit?

      Come back on Friday we have even more.

      Come back next week we’ll have a whole series on the dirty tricks Rick Perry has pulled over the years. Texas Politics is dirt, and Rick Perry is one of the dirtiest.

      The only gibberish around here is your comment. We aren’t in the habit of reporting things that can’t be proven.

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