Over 45,000 Votes! NRO: Who Is The Better Conservative Standard Bearer? Sarah Palin 76% Rick Perry 24%

By Gary P Jackson

An interesting poll from National Review Online. In a week long poll that ended on Tuesday, NRO asked it’s readers to chose who was the better representative of conservatism, the better standard bearer, Governor Sarah Palin or Governor Rick Perry.

45, 503 people voted in their poll and the results are Sarah Palin 76% Rick Perry 24%.

Yes, the poll is unscientific, but that is a pretty lopsided, though not surprising outcome, given the two governors’ records and actions over their long careers, thus worth mentioning.



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14 responses to “Over 45,000 Votes! NRO: Who Is The Better Conservative Standard Bearer? Sarah Palin 76% Rick Perry 24%

  1. ajsteele

    Nice. I have to wonder about that Fox poll that puts Palin in the dust though. But, even if it is accurate, polls change, they are always evolving. They especially change when the individual actually announces their candidacy. As you probably know at this time in 08 McCain was hardly on the radar and Gulianni was surging.

    Well, I have to sit through another old game Rebublican debate tonight. Not everyone is going to like Perry when he has to do a solid q&a.

    • Gary P

      That Fox poll was done by a Perry operative. Haven’t had time to talk about it, but Politico, of all places, exposed it.

      Rasmussen’s latest poll shows Palin has 86% support among the Tea Party.

    • The Fox poll we voted on was on their website and the results were Palin 71% and Perry the rest. Of course the talking blondeheads on last night failed to mention this fact.

  2. The good LORD is sending us the greatest American Patroit loving Country, God, her beautiful family, honest, says what she means, and means what she says SARAH PALIN is one of a kind, owes nobody nothing she is her own person, Sarah is the only one , that can put our great country on track again to be the great leader of the world, and OH did I mention she has more brains and intelligence, common sense in her little pinky, then all the rest have in there heads put together, Sarah will be the greatest PREZ, second to none, maybe tied with George Washington and Reagan..

    trust me when I say Rick Perry is a phony Bilderberg Globalist buddy he was there 90’s and 2007, as key speaker 2009 secret meeting with rothchild Soros to ask them to back him in 2012 for prez run, where do you think he got 55 million from thats in his Cpac..Romney couldn,t be DOG CATCHER IN any sTATE… i KNOW sarah palin is not only going to run< she will be the next prez of the usa….

    • I truly believe Perry is Soros backup plan since Berry ain’t working out to well. SArah 100%.

      • Gary P

        I won’t go that far. We’ve checked and can find no ties to Soros. That said, Perry is a corrupt crony capitalist, and for those who traffic in that he most certainly is their back-up plan. Perry is the best Governor money can buy!

        That may be worse than being on Soro’s payroll

    • From your lips to God’s Ears…I agree 100% with everything you wrote, and I have been writing the same things on my facebook page, and everywhere else I write articles. Keep up the good work, and spread the word.

  3. I like Sarah, but I do have a concern about her strong negative ratings. If they are true, she would not have a chance in the general election, even against Obama. Some Republicans and Independents I know, simply would not vote for her, the press has demonized her so.

    • Gary P

      Her negatives are no where near as strong as Obama’s

      Unfortunately you’ve been allowing the media to influence you with false evidence, such as heavily weighted polls to get a desired result.

      Any legit poll from pollsters like Rasmussen and Gallup shows that Sarah, by a sizable number, has the highest approval rating among Republicans and Republican leaning independents.

      Once the actual campaign season starts, and people see the real Sarah Palin, things will only improve. People are just now seeing The Undefeated in large numbers as it hits pay-per-view. Once it’s on the store shelves millions more will see it. The Undefeated shows that almost everything said about Sarah Palin by the left and GOP elites has been a lie.

      As far as the media, what have the got left? There has never been a candidate so well vetted and found to be so pure . They have nothing left.

      Here’s how I look at it, you either love America or you don’t. You either want to see REAL change or you don’t.

      If you want real change, then forget the media and the naysayers and get busy helping elect Sarah Palin.

      The only reason those people are doing what they are doing is to discourage you from doing what you know to be right.

      • Jeanie Calello

        Whenever I picture any one but Sarah Palin running in 2012, I lose my optimism. I truly believe she has what it takes to turn this country around!

    • I don’t give a hoot about the lame stream media, I care about who can get this country back to where it belongs. It is up to us to get the facts and truth out there for people to hear and see. I will not vote for any more RINOS…I don’t care which one you want to stick up there. They are all nothing more than Elephant versions of Emperor Nerobama, and nothing will change. Wake up, and look up Einstein’s definition of insanity…

  4. Politicalpony

    All media from both sides are trying to pick our candidate for us. Just as they always do. Do not be fooled by the man behind the curtain. People we know the truth. We just need to keep working hard at educating the people on the issues and the truth.

  5. JFK

    Rick Perry is a Build-a-Burger LOL! he has sold out, maybe his own soul:


  6. The only polls that count in my opinion are the crowds people draw!Sarah always has huge and enthusiastic crowds.Anyone can spin a phone poll,but the crowds speak volumes.Sarah will run and Sarah will win!!!!!

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