Tammy Bruce on Ann Coulter, Laura Ingraham, Elitism, and Rick Perry

I can’t WAIT for people to get to know Rick Perry!

~ Tammy Bruce

By Gary P Jackson

Tammy Bruce is as hot as our Texas fires as she rips into Ann Coulter and Laura Ingraham.

Both Coulter and Ingraham have agendas and support other candidates. I have to laugh when I hear these two quote the Fox poll, which, as reported, was conducted for Fox by an associate of Rick Perry.

We’ll have more on the these beltway talkers later, but for now, enjoy Tammy as she slices and dices.


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5 responses to “Tammy Bruce on Ann Coulter, Laura Ingraham, Elitism, and Rick Perry

  1. Seattle

    Frustrated Erick E. is so grateful to Ann and Laura! They reintroduced his favorite topic of being frustrated with Sarah! Hooray, and now he can have an even better excuse to alienate all those “many, many good people” who support Sarah (since, to us, Sarah is obviously intending on running).

    He claims in his latest article at RedState, “For the longest time I wanted Sarah Palin to run. At some point, I decided Sarah Palin could not defeat Barack Obama, but I’d rather go down fighting on Team Sarah than side with any of the guys who will just take us down the “big government conservative” path […] Finally, I decided Sarah Palin was not going to run and I moved on.”

    He moved on, he says.

    and yet… oh, and yet! He is still claiming that that darn Sarah Palin is STILL “teasing” him! (Wha-? But I thought he had “moved on”.)

    Erick, welcome to your continual flip-flop:
    Several paragraphs of doublespeak later (where he elaborates on Sarah Palin fans being “many, many good people” and “terrific and loyal supporters”, whom he doesn’t want to “lump in with the cultists”, the latter being complete loons, in his opinion/my paraphrase). Erick says, “Governor Palin has teased us long enough. Most of us are tired of it.” […] “I’m tired of the tease.”

    Didn’t you move on long ago, Erick? Your complaints are boring. Either support Gov. Palin, or give it up and quit yammering. You are becoming unhinged. As you say in your article, “It’s always the kooks who project their sins on others.”

    • Gary P

      Erick was able to hide behind Laura and Ann’s skirts.

      I’ll have more to say about this at some point.

      Still pissed off at Erick for the crap he’s saying about Senate candidate Jamie Radtke. Just making crap up.

  2. Great job Tammy!

    I’m still waiting for Palin.

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