Weak and Insulting: Rick Perry Refuses To Condemn Jimmy Hoffa’s Violent Remarks

By Gary P Jackson

On Tuesday Rick Perry was making the morning talk show rounds, talking about the horrific fires in Texas. He appeared on Fox and Friends where he was asked about Jimmy Hoffa’s violent remarks made in a joint appearance with President Barack Obama. Perry refused to condemn Hoffa’s remarks. Saying he wanted to focus on the fires.

Click on photo above to view video.

Kilmeade: Governor, i know you’re focused on the wildfires, but when somebody says something like that, do you say that’s appropriate, inappropriate, par for the course? What’s your reaction?

Perry: Well, you wouldn’t be bleeping if it was appropriate. The bottom line is the people I’m more interested in are out here on these fire lines. They’re hard working men and women. There’s probably union firefighters out there and God bless them for helping save Texas lives and Texas homes.

Carlson: I bet when you get down with that crisis, you’ll have a message for Jimmy Hoffa and we’ll have you back on the show to see what you have to say about that, Governor, ’cause i know you’ll have something to say about it when you’re done there in Texas.

Two things hit me here.

One he’s insulting the integrity of the firefighters out there putting their lives on the line. To me it’s like he’s implying if he somehow called Hoffa out, any union firefighter out there might quit what they are doing because of it. If I was a firefighter I’d feel highly insulted by Perry’s remark.

Texas is a Right-to-Work state, in case you are wondering.

It’s also pretty weak for someone who wants to Commander-in-Chief of the nation’s armed forces. Seriously, you can’t speak out about a call to violence against the Tea Party by a union thug, because it might piss off rank and file union members?

Perry doesn’t even know if there ARE union firefighters out there. Just the possibility has him backing down.

The other thing is Gretchen Carlson. She is working really hard to cover for Perry with her act. “Oh I just KNOW you’ll have something to say later, right? Right? RIGHT?

Kinda sad.

Look, much of Texas is on fire. This is serious business. No one expects a long written condemnation of Hoffa from Rick Perry. He actually does have far more important things on his mind. But he was already doing the interview, and it would have taken only a couple of seconds to have stood up to this union thug. In fact less time than he stood there smiling as Carlson tried to cover his behind.

This reminds me of the way things were after the Tuscon shootings when both Sarah Palin and the entire Tea Party were blamed. In the end, other than Mike Huckabee, none in the Republican Party had the guts to stand up for either Sarah, or the Tea Party. Sarah ended up defending the Tea Party herself.

Again, Rick Perry is busy, and as he always has, is doing an incredible job during this disaster. But one has to wonder why he couldn’t muster even the slightest of outrage over an attack on the Tea Party, the very Tea Party he claims to support.

It seems to me that it’s quite possible to not only go after Hoffa, but actually ask the rank and file union members to join you in the condemnation! Maybe Perry could take lessons.

If Perry can’t take a stand on something so easy to take a stand on, then why would we expect him to be an effective national leader?

Why would he pass on defending the Tea Party?

Again, Perry is focused on these fires and doing his job, but he was asked point blank to comment on Hoffa, and was silent, when only a few words were required.



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18 responses to “Weak and Insulting: Rick Perry Refuses To Condemn Jimmy Hoffa’s Violent Remarks

  1. Linda Hanna

    He has priorities. Hoffa is inconsequential. If it had been me, I’d have said Jimmy who? Perry is not petty nor is he a harpy like Palin. Hoffa deserves to be ignored.

    • Gary P

      So you think it’s OK to just sit back while a thug incites violence against not only the Republican base, but the millions of independents, and even some democrats who are fed up with business as usual? That’s who the Tea Party is.

      Hoffa is a powerful union boss and was on stage with the President of the United States. This is NOT an insignificant issue.

      Funny, Sarah Palin has absolutely NO problem not only calling Hoffa out, but talking to her union brothers and sisters [both Sarah and Todd are former union members] and asking them to join her in condemnation of their corrupt leaders.

      Unlike Rick Perry, she understands there is a difference between the violent and corrupt union leadership and rank and file members, who more likely than not only belong to a union because they were forced to if they were going to have a job.

      As I wrote, no one expected that of Perry, he is indeed busy, and doing his usual great job in time of disasters like these fires. That said, he not only refused to stand up for the very people he’s begging to vote for him, he insulted the integrity of the firefighters to boot.

      I know people who support the Republican establishment and candidates like Rick Perry don’t understand this, but we are at war in this country. It’s a struggle of good vs evil. Those who refuse to face evil head on are not the ones we need leading this nation.

      As Sarah Palin said in New Hampshire, we need people who run toward danger, not away from it. That’s who the Tea Party is. That’s who the establishment is not.

  2. Mark

    He’s so worried about getting elected he wont say anything without a teleprompter to recite what has been approved by his advisors.Doubt he has strong feelings for the “teaparty”. He will choose his words carefully with little real passion. He’s a RINO pure and simple.

  3. Joy

    Great rebuttal, Gary – those words needed to be said; and if ANYONE doesn’t need or deserve a pass on a commonsense, common courtesy issue, it’s Rickster the Trickster! Linda Hanna’s remark about “a harpy like Palin” is ignorant, wrong and uncalled for. So, if someone – a woman, perhaps – calls out a demogogue, liar, bully and thug like Hoffa, she’s being “a harpy?” So, if a man does it, is HE “a harpy,” too?

    Looks like a LOT of people don’t know how (or even want) to defend against a callous, mean and ungracious remark; they just want to put it behind them and/or ignore it – and “move on,” I suppose…

  4. Joy

    Rats, forgot to click on “Notify” again!

  5. naw, you guys are being too touch on him here, he said it was inappropriate….enough already

    • Gary P

      Sorry, as a Tea Party American I can’t disagree more. Perry is too big of a coward to speak up when it counts. He LOVES to talk tough but the fact is, he’s a paper tiger.

      As A Texan I’m not only angered, but ashamed.

  6. I’m a proud TEA Party ACTIVIST. (Emphasis on the last word in my 1st sentence.) I don’t allow myself to waste time jumping into the Conservative In-Fighting — which is exactly what the Left WANTS! The LSM, Obama Administration & GOP Establishment Elites are setting calculated and carefully laid BAIT that far too many “so-called-patriots” readily chomp down on… for the purpose of dividing us (as in DIVIDE & CONQUER). Armchair Pundits accomplish absolutely nothing. The only thing that does accomplish our goal of reclaiming America is ACTION — not opinion, not in-fighting, and not INFO-WARS. The Hoffa SMEAR is an ACTIONABLE item — it was directed at the TEA Party, not Rick Perry. TEA Party ACTIVISTS are DOING something about Hoffa’s call to violence, instead of whining, complaing and blaming. Since when is it Perry’s responsibility to SPEAK FOR THE TEA PARTY?! NO ONE (Political Figure or otherwise) has the right to appoint themselves as spokesperson for the TEA Party. That goes against the core philosphy of our grassroots movement — AMERICANS EMPOWERING THEMSELVES TO SPEAK OUT & TAKE ACTION. TEA Party Activists have organized an OFFENSIVE action against Hoffa, Biden & Obama, as follows in my 2nd Comment…..

    • Gary P

      Rick Perry CLAIMS to be part of the Tea party movement. Claims he’s one of us.

      So far Sarah Palin and Herman Cain are the only ones who have spoken out, and only Palin with any authority.

      Perry’s actions, or should we say inaction, will be long remembered.


    Flood the FBI with criminal complaints against Hoffa, Biden and Obama. If you are offended by Jimmy Hoffa’s comments regarding the TEA Party — please email the following criminal complaint to the FBI at https://tips.fbi.gov/


    Jimmy Hoffa, in his address on September 5, 2011, instructed his union members to “take these sons-of-a-bitches out” and declared war on the TEA Party. Refer to his statements as said in this video: http://nation.foxnews.com/teamsters/2011/09/05/teamsters-boss-declares-war-gop-lets-take-son-bitches-out ( in Mr. Hoffa’s own words), which I therefore submit as evidence in this complaint.

    Such statements constitute numerous acts of Domestic Terrorism under section 802 of the Patriot Act.

    Given that Mr. Hoffa holds a position of power and influence in the Teamsters Union, and that the Teamsters have previously been active in inflicting acts of violence, I am therefore concluding that Mr. Hoffa has instructed his union members to inflict further violent acts. I view Mr. Hoffa’s statement to be one of CULPABLE harm.

    Section 802 of the Patriot Act: DOMESTIC TERRORISM

    5) The term `Domestic Terrorism’ means activities that–
    A. Involve acts dangerous to human life that are a violation of the criminal laws of the United States or of any State;
    B. Appear to be intended to:
    — i.) intimidate or coerce a civilian population;
    — ii.) to influence the policy of a government by intimidation or coercion; or
    — iii.) to affect the conduct of a government by mass destruction, assassination, or kidnapping; and
    C, Occur primarily within the territorial jurisdiction of the United States.

    I also interpret Mr. Hoffas statements to be intended to instruct his union members to inflict physical harm and mayhem upon those who oppose the Teamster’s agenda, and specifically to be inflicted upon those of the TEA Party or those who support the TEA Party.

    Therefore, I am filing this criminal complaint upon Jimmy Hoffa. Furthermore, I also file this criminal complaint upon Joe Biden and Barack Obama who have endorsed the statements of Jimmy Hoffa and request the FBI to file criminal charges upon those three individuals for violations of Section 802 of the Patriot Act.

    I will be seeking a Federal Protection Order in District Federal Court, naming Jimmy Hoffa, Joe Biden, and Barack Obama, as well as the entire Teamsters Union, and also seek an order from the court to (1) order the Teamsters to not infiltrate or seek to disrupt TEA Party events, and to order that the above three named persons, and any member of the Teamsters to refrain from any activities within one thousand feet of my primary residence and place of business.

    ( Your Name )
    TEA Party Patriot member — ( specific name of TPP group )

  8. Linda is an excellent example of the gutless be nice RINO we’re all sick and tired of….She probably admired McLame in 2008 when he was just so polite to the
    Socialist piece of crap that kicked his azz

    11:07 am

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  10. Joy

    With all due respect, Fighting4Freedoms, I’ve rec’d this same message from countless Facebook Friends; and although I share the disgust and outrage re little pimple’s (Hoffa’s) idiot & hateful remarks, filing ANYTHING with the FBI is not only overkill, it’s a bloody waste of time!!

    But, Gary, you’ve turned a lightbult on in my cranium: I love Herman Cain’s warm personality and straight-talk, even though he sometimes seems uninformed re all the nuances with which so many of us political junkies are all too familar; but as a running mate to Palin, my God, he’d be not only bring a breath of fresh air to the table (hey, ANYONE’ll look BRILLIANT stacked up against Joe Bite-Me!!); but as a super-successful businessman (and, listening the other evening to Michael Savage!), a mathematician and physicist as well, he’d bring a natural “gravitas” to the ticket, complementing all of Palin’s many fab qualities!! My God, who would DARE to challenge THOSE credentials (a successful Black businessman AND mathematics whiz!!)?!? And what a DRAW for the ticket!!! He’d relate to the black community in a heart beat!!

    As much as I admire and support Allen West, he’s as new to the game of politics as Herman Cain, BUT he’s not running for POTUS, and, in fact, is just solidifying his place (and, we hope & pray, future leadership posistion) in the House/Congress. Also, he’s managed to project an image of a far-right GOPer, whereas Herman Cain sounds like a traditional GOP Conservative businessman – without all the baggage of “extremism” that, unfortunately, seems to have been assigned (by the LSM & other libtards, of course) to West.

    I’m now SO excited, ’cause I think I’ve discovered the winning combination in the general election!! (Be still, my beating heart…)

    • Gary P

      I love Herman Cain. He is a genuine guy. My only problem after seeing him in action is his total lack of experience in executive level government. His answers to foreign policy questions are down right frightening.

      BTW, not many people know this, but Sarah Palin was chosen based on her answers to three serious foreign policy questions, that former Reagan adviser A.B. Culvahouse asked her during the vetting process. He said she hit them “out of the park.”

      I think there is a spot for Cain somewhere, but not as Vice President. Sarah is young and in better shape than most her age, but the fact remains, the number one qualification a VP should have is the ability to be President. I honestly don’t think Cain meets that requirement.

      I would love to see him run for Governor, then try again at some point.

      Lately my thoughts on the best VP candidate have changed. I still like West, but I’m not so sure that’s the way she will go. I have a feeling we”l end up being shocked, amazed, and delighted by her choice though!

  11. Joy

    Sigh… I think you’re probably right, Gary – that is, about Cain’s naivete re foreign policy in general. I hadn’t given that much thought, but now recall his “shoot-from-the-lips” statements about never appointing muslims to a cabinet position, then never appointing them to any senior federal position, either – and THEN totally reversing himself on both counts! (Ouch!!)

    But, speaking of cabinet positions, maybe he could be one of those (’cause all the admin work is done by the bureaucracy anyway). Well, your idea of his running for governor in whichever state he now resides (depending on whose in that position now, of course!) is a sharp one; and, if he IS interested in executive power in gov’t, what better place to start?!?

    • Gary P

      I like Cain a whole lot. I was hearing him a few years back talking with Neil Cavuto. He’s sharp on money stuff, but that’s kinda where it all ends. I think he’s a good and decent man. That said, Sarah is going to need an experienced hand to be her VP, as I suspect she’ll hand him assignments and tell him to get it done.

      If she comes into DC as she did Alaska, she’ll go to work the first day, and there will be nothing but long hours and little sleep. As Governor she was relentless. Meg Stapleton talks of 18 hour days as they worked to right the ship.

      At this point I’m curious to see how it all gets done!

  12. Joy

    I think you’re dead-on re Palin’s needing a very experienced and savvy guy/gal to be her VP – which, when one analyses all the names that’ve been batted around (declared candidates and many others ), few, indeed, come to mind – except Giuliani!! His “cred” on Islam & terrorism, etc. is second to none – and I think he’d handle foreign policy stuff with ease & aplomb. Social Conservatives might get their panties in a twist, but if he were sort of Palin’s “Dick Cheney,” he wouldn’t be involved at all with social issues (nor, for that matter, should a FEDERAL President be either!!). And I think there’re LOTS of Independents and even many sensible Dems who’d vote for him on the ticket – to say nothing of being a strong factor in wooing even some Lib Jews away from Obummer!!

    Well, then, THAT’s settled (Lol…)!!

    P.S. I still want Palin to choose “the ‘Stash” (Bolton) for Sec. of State! What a welcome departure from the bumbling – but still marginally evil – Hitlery!! Talk about a totally welcome 180 from the muzzie a**-kissing in which that traitorous crew at State has been involved!! OUT with all her muzzie advisors, too!!

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