PPP: Barack Obama Trails Sarah Palin by 14 Points Among Independents in North Carolina

By Gary P Jackson

On Thursday democrat pollster Public Policy Polling [PPP] tweeted Governor Sarah Palin was up 14 points over President Barack Obama in North Carolina, among independent voters:

So much for the “Sarah Palin can’t attract independent voters” nonsense. We’ve noted many times that legitimate polling consistently show Sarah having the highest approval among Republican leaning independent voters, meaning they would be favorably inclined to pay attention to what Sarah Palin would have to offer as a presidential candidate.



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8 responses to “PPP: Barack Obama Trails Sarah Palin by 14 Points Among Independents in North Carolina

  1. pdcasteel

    That’s a bit too narrow of a data sampling. The last poll I saw in Massachusetts had Obama with a 20 point lead over Romney and 36 point lead over Palin. I wouldn’t eliminate Romney or Palin based on that poll. Nor would I argue that it shows any national strength for Obama.

    From the data I’ve seen on Palin the problem is in her exceptionally high negative polling. That hurt Hillary in the past. Of course Hillary has overcome those negative perceptions by becoming a competent Secretary of State (Nixon did it twice by staying out of the lime light for a few years). Palin could overcome her negative polling numbers by getting back in the game and putting together a successful tenure in a leadership position. It’s just not clear where she could serve and whether it is something she would consider. She is doing exceptionally well as a cultural icon.

    • Gary P

      People keep say “Palin has high negatives” but that’s total bullshit. Every legitimate poll shows Palin has , by FAR the highest approval rating among the GOP field among Republicans and independents who lean that way.

      As for polling on votes. It WAY too far out. If those polls meant anything we’d be bitching about President Giuliani or President [Hillary]Clinton right now instead of President Obama.

      In May of 1980 Ronald Reagan was 25 points down to Jimmy Carter in the polls. George H W Bush was the “safe bet.” [today’s Romney, Perry] Team Carter cheered loudly for days when Reagan became the nominee.

      Reagan won 44 states to Carter’s 6 and would be re-elected winning 49 states, only losing the 50th by 0.18%!

      Oh, and Sarah has BEEN “in the game” for three years. She’s the only one of the current GOP field that has actually been consistently offering solutions, taking the fight to Barack Obama and the democrats, and inspiring the nation. She’s been doing since 2008. Never stopped.

      She’ll be our next President. Period.

      One thing I agree with though, she is iconic. She’ll go down in history as one of our greatest presidents.

      • Tom

        Gary P. You are right. She will be our next President, we have no time left. After the Marxist has set this world on fire. Purposefully putting the state of Israel in the midst of being wiped off the earth. If they go, we’re history. Obama needs to be impeached now. No time for waiting.


      • Gary P


        I disagree about Obama and impeachment though. As much as I would love to see him in prison, it would only serve to galvanize his supporters. The media would go into full crisis mode and throw the kitchen sink at the deal trying to make the GOP out to be the bad guys, and again, the left would rally around him.

        Then there is the practical side. There are more than enough votes in the House to impeach Obama, but nowhere near enough votes in the Senate to convict him. So it would be a lot of effort for nothing.

        Right now the democrats are shaken and dispirited. The more reasonable democrat voters, much like they did with Reagan in 1980, are becoming quite receptive to what Sarah Palin is saying. She’s running as a true reformer with an actual record to back it up.

        Our best bet is to give it 110% and get Sarah Palin elected. If at some point the Justice Department wants to go after Obama, Holder, and the rest of the crooks, no doubt there would be some successes.

        Everyone knows Obama and his crew are corrupt, but there’s a way to go after them without rallying the democrats back to his side. Right now they are looking for real change.

    • John Manuola

      One little problem with your comparison of NC to Massachusetts. Massachusetts is almost exclusively a far left democrat state. Obama had better be doing well there. North Carolina is a middle of the road state. It leans slightly left right now, but has a strong conservative and independent base as well. NC is essentially a swing state. How the candidates poll and do there could be a significant sign of how they will do generally around the country. Massachusetts could never claim to be a bell-weather state of any sort.

  2. Palin can win – Run Sarah Run!

    America needs your leadership.


  3. Great picture. Soon to become reality.

  4. Joy

    Palin’s own personal “tipping point” has indeed occured – over the Labor Day weekend with those two speechs, and then the aftermath – namely, in some of the more thoughtful comments coming in from unlikely sources center & left (e.g., the NYTimes!). If, as we’re beginning to see, she’ll be running on a TRUE platform of gov’t/systemic REFORM, all bets are off and she WILL draw the requisite Independent voters to her side – maybe not in the primaries in states that require straight party-line voting, but definitely in the General Election (like, are these totally disaffected Independents going to vote for Ozero again?!? I don’t think so!!).

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