Perfect Movie Pairing: Casablanca and Sarah Palin The Undefeated

By Gary P Jackson

Casablanca is the greatest movie of all time. It has an incredible cast, compelling characters, and an even more compelling story. The movie has everything. Set against the backdrop of the essential struggle of good vs evil, there are two love stories and great acts of heroism and defiance. In the end, a huge sacrifice is made for the greater good.

I can honestly say I have seen the movie over 100 times, and yet, every time I see Casablanca I am incredibly moved.

Sunday was a busy day. Though we took time to reflect on the 10th anniversary of the worst terrorist attack on American soil. Time to remember those lost, and the ones they left behind, things were hectic for most of the day.

Sitting down with Casablanca on TMC, as chosen by one of the first responders on 9-11 from The New York City Fire Department, was a fitting tribute to all men, and women, of great courage.

As the movie is now out on pay-per-view, I then wanted to watch The Undefeated, another movie you want to watch over, and over, to end the day.

As you watch the story of Sarah Palin unfold, you see a bit of a parallel with the story from Casablanca. You see an Alaska that is as corrupt as corrupt can be. You see an establishment that isn’t about to change it’s ways. You find the Alaskan people are caught in the middle of all of this and in many ways suffering from it.

Then you see Sarah Palin come in, and against all odds, clean house. You see major reform in ever segment of Alaska’s government. From how budgets are created and approved, to the relationship between Alaska and Big Oil. Governor Palin fought the special interests at every turn. You find that she took her case to the people and gained incredible support. In the end, she gets problems solved that have been festering for 30 years.

We see a leader who not only has the highest approval rating of any governor in the nation, but sustains that high rating for so long that it becomes unprecedented.

We get to see Sarah Palin as a vice presidential candidate and how she energizes a Republican Party that wasn’t all that excited about it’s presidential nominee. We also see that coming home after losing the election was anything but welcoming.

Both political parties realized that Sarah was a threat to their way of doing business. They also realized she had captured the imagination of the American people. They realized she would be a player in national politics for decades to come. As such, Sarah Palin must be stopped!

The movie deals with her resignation and how the left, from the White House down to local Alaska bloggers, carried out an organized plot to destroy her personally, professionally, and financially. We relive her resignation speech in her back yard on the shore of Lake Lucille.

As you watch her speak, you see a defiant leader who has the wisdom to hand her government over to a trusted Lt Governor so that Alaska could continue to prosper. A huge sacrifice for the greater good.

As Casablanca ends, and the sacrifice is made, we see Rick and Louis walk off screen together, heading into the fight, but we will never know how it turns out. In The Undefeated we see Sarah Palin, after making a huge sacrifice, return to battle ,and like Victor Laszlo, become the leader of a great resistance movement, known as the Tea Party.

We see Sarah lead Tea Party candidates to victory after victory as they take back the House and gain seats in the Senate during the 2010 elections.

Like Casablanca, which ends with Rick saying: “Louis, I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship” then fading away, The Undefeated leaves us with the same feeling as Sarah tells President Obama: “Game on!” In both endings you know there are great victories to come.

The Undefeated is a visually stunning movie. Stephen Bannon has created a compelling film. It’s a bit long at almost 2 hours, but it’s so fast paced. At the end, you want more!

We see footage of Sarah Palin at events throughout her career, and get snippets of speeches. We hear her voice from the audio version of her book, Going Rogue, an American Life. But her story is told by those who were with her. Those who helped her transform Alaska. It’s an amazing story. One better than anything Hollywood could create today. And, it’s a true story.

As we see Sarah Palin talking about crony capitalism today, corruption at every level, we can look to the movie and see that she has been hammering this theme home for 20 years. I say this a lot, but what Mayor, then Governor Sarah Palin did in Alaska, was just a dress rehearsal for what President Palin will do in Washington.

If you’ve never seen Casablanca, or haven’t in a long time, I suggest you set time aside and enjoy this great film.

Most of America hasn’t had a chance to see The Undefeated yet. If you care about the future of our Republic you simply must see the film and you must share it with your friends. Currently available on pay-per-view, you can pre-order The Undefeated on DVD from Amazon or Wal-Mart for October release.

Like Casablanca this is a movie you will want to own, and watch over and over.

I recommend calling up all of your friends, ordering up The Undefeated on pay-per-view, and making an evening of it. If you already support Sarah Palin, The Undefeated will remind you why. If you are on the fence, or maybe not a supporter, this movie will change your mind.

If you choose to pair up Casablanca with The Undefeated you’ll have a wonderful double feature.


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6 responses to “Perfect Movie Pairing: Casablanca and Sarah Palin The Undefeated

  1. Pairing “The Undefeated” with the greatest film of all time, “The Godfather,” just might teach a few people how smart and shrewd Sarah Palin happens to be. She knows her enemies but does not fear them. She keeps them close, but only on her terms. She uses them for her own gain without them even realizing it. She has a strong belief in family and protecting her family. She has honor. She is fair and appreciates justice. She knows how to develop complex, effective, long-range plans using simple, commonsense principles. She knows how to build wealth and power while working on the fringe of accepted, traditional politics. As an outsider, she became the voice of reason appealing to opposing factions allowing great things to transpire, building friendships based on respect. She is courageous and chooses her battles wisely. She is a true leader. I pledge my ever-lasting loyalty to Don Palin.

    • Keith, while I am somewhat unnerved by comparing Sarah to an organized crime figure (and I confess I have never seen “The Godfather”), I agree wholeheartedly with your assessment of Sarah’s strengths going into this epic conflict. Well done.

  2. Seattle

    Just one quibble, Gary! 🙂

    I think that Gov. Palin might say, “Nope, I’m not!” to this part in your post:
    “In The Undefeated we see Sarah Palin, after making a huge sacrifice, return to battle ,and … become the leader of a great resistance movement, known as the Tea Party.”

    My feeling is that she might say, No, she is not “the leader” exactly!

    She might say that we are all Tea Party leaders, that the Tea Party is not made up of people who are “led”, and that she just has a greater opportunity to voice, and perhaps (or hopefully) act upon, what many of us think, feel, believe, and fight for. She might say that she sparks leadership in others.

    She might say that, and she’d be right (and wrong, because we DO want her to be the point of the TEA Party spear!)

    • Gary P

      I agree with you. She would say she’s not a leader of the Tea Party. That’s how she is, but it’s undeniable that’s she’s been the leading voice, and unlike any other politician, has consistently defended the Tea Party when it is attacked.

  3. Joy

    Not sure I could sit through a double-header anymore – attention span seems to shrink with age (as does height – lol! Maybe there’s a correlation there!); but the parallels of the two films are pretty striking, if we allow for a wee bit of artistic license… Also, at the end in Casablanca, we’re still shedding a tear for the romance that was not to be – and also for the heroic gestures of both Victor and Rick! But at the end of Undefeated, we’re moved to smile, stand, clap and cheer!! It’s really a happy – albeit not altogether known – ending!

    • Gary P


      Casablanca is that one movie I can watch over and over and never get tired. So many great scenes. I still get moved every time I see it, just like the first time.

      The Undefeated is just incredible. I already knew about 90% of the content, having followed Sarah’s career while she was doing it [at least as governor] but every time I see The Undefeated I feel the same way as I do watching Casablanca. I’m still moved like the first time.

      Every American needs to see this movie!

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