Caught In A Lie: Rick Perry Claims He Didn’t Support TARP, When In Fact He Begged Congress For It

By Gary P Jackson

From Ben Smith:

After an appearance in Newton, Iowa today, Rick Perry denied to an unidentified woman that he’d ever supported the 2008 bank bailout known as TARP.

No Ma’am,” he told her.

I thought I saw a letter where you had written encouraging the support of TARP legislation,” he persisted.

“You saw wrong,” he replied flatly, as shown in this video, taken by a tracker, of this morning’s event.

Some video:

And now for something completely different:

In An Interview On KSEV 700 AM, Rick Perry Touts His Letter In Support Of TARP:

Perry: As a matter of fact, I signed a letter with the Governor of West Virginia, who’s a Democrat, when September/October a year ago, when they were talking about, Oh my goodness, the economy is tanking. We’ve got to do something. We signed a letter that basically said you know don’t get all frozen up in fear, act.

I didn’t know we needed to write it out for them and say stop spending all of the money and cut the taxes. That’s the blueprint that worked. And still we got people that voted for this bailout that was in hindsight now just an absolute giveaway, didn’t help the economy at all.


In August I wrote Rick Perry Teamed Up With Democrat Governor’s Association To Pressure Congress For TARP and included text of the letters that Perry and Democrat Joe Manchin signed. Perry was acting in his official capacity as Chairman of the Republican Governor’s Association. Manchin was doing the same, as the Chairman of the DGA.

This isn’t a “gaff” and Perry didn’t “misspeak” he out and out lied to the lady in the video when asked a straightforward question point blank. I’m not even sure Barack Obama could pull that off so smoothly!

What a guy!

Smith also reports Perry has tried to run away from this issue before. Read more here.

Look, Rick Perry didn’t just support TARP, he teamed up with a democrat to openly BEG Congress to pass the thing. He and his team can spin things ’til the cows come home, but the facts are the facts.

If Rick Perry would lie about something, that in the grand scheme of things, is so trivial, what else would he lie to the American people about?

This speaks to Perry’s basic character. And it doesn’t speak well at all.


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15 responses to “Caught In A Lie: Rick Perry Claims He Didn’t Support TARP, When In Fact He Begged Congress For It

  1. There is not one single word in the second video above that indicates Perry supported TARP but he does say “stop spending all the money and cut the taxes”.

  2. “RED” states suck on the Gov teet, more than Blue….im sick of my taxes going to states where the politicians dont know how to take care of their own…isnt that the way personal responsibility gurus preach.

    • Gary P

      Actually Texas is one of the states whose citizens pay more in federal income tax than the state gets back in federal dollars.

      • be

        This is not true.

      • Gary P

        In fact, it is, and we have documentation. Follow the link to see the letter Perry and Manchin wrote to Pelosi and Reid BEGGING Congress to pass TARP.

      • slap

        That may be the case but it is only because our shithead governor Tricky Ricky Perry refuses political point scoring money like, funds for education (THIS time he was told the money was IN ADDITION to what was on the budget, so he refused it, because last time he took the money, dropped the school budget to zero and shifted the money elsewhere to his pet projects. And then he also rejected unemployment funds. The guy is a dick. He acts and thinks that the poor need to be kicked in the face and the rich must be coddled. Rick Perry is a liar, a hypocrite, and corrupt.

  3. Seattle

    The TARP letter is at scribdDOTcom, too.

    And The American Thinker had an article about TARP votes and etc. of some of the [current, main] candidates, too. I read it this morning-

  4. Perry was a featured speaker at the annual Bilderburgers’ convention and he was ALSO the main speaker at a Council on Foreign Relations meeting. BOTH of these groups ARE intent upon the creetion of a North American Unito AND THE END OF AMERICAN SOVEREIGNTY! Perry ia MORE than “just a globalist”. He’s, IMO, even more deceitful thatn aka Obama! At lease, aka said, over and over, that it was his goal to fundamentally change America — and the gullible, ignorant electorate screamed for more of his “salvation” from the rich.

    • Gary P

      I actually have video of Perry at the Build-a-burger meeting. Might have to post.

      • Seattle

        Careful now, Gary. If you post a picture of a Build-a-burger meeting, Michelle Obama might send her food police your way. Unless you follow FCC’s guidelines and post a picture of a Build-a-veggie-burger meeting as well. Fair is fair.
        (sorry, couldn’t resist)

  5. Laura Nason

    Actually Texas gets back 94 cents per every dollar they pay in.
    DC takes $5.55 and the next two highest are New Mexico, $2.03 and Mississippi, $2.02.

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