Glenn Beck’s Despicable Attack on Sarah Palin and her Family

By Gary P Jackson

You know, I’ve always been a fan of Glenn Beck. Watched him on CNN’s Headline News and of course on FOX.

I’ve read his books, and defended him on the internet when he’s been attacked.

That’s why this deal shocks me, pains me, and pisses me off.

Everyone has been hammering Joe McGinnis for his work of fiction about Sarah Palin. And by everyone, I mean even the New York Times!

Dana Loesch has a list of a some of the heavyweight liberals who have called the book a steaming pile of BS. Check it out here.

Stacy Drake reported on former Wasilla resident Rob Port’s interview with Stephen K. Bannon that exposed McGinnis for exactly the sort of worthless liar is. You can check that out here.

Robert Stacy McCain has even [semi-seriously] started a “Todd Palin Defense Fund!” [in case Todd wants to beat the ever-loving crap out of McGinnis] Check that out here.

That reminds me, Josh Painter has even more on McGinnis’ lies here.

All of this is what makes the attack on Sarah Palin, and her family, by Glenn Beck all the more despicable.

Glenn Beck TV is actually giving some legitimacy to what McGinnis is saying, and trying to get away with it by calling it “comedy.”

This puts him on the same level as über douche-bag Tucker Carlson who has called Sarah Palin a “MILF” in the past, and whose online fishwrap The Daily Caller published the vulgar rants against Sarah by Mike Tyson, and then threatened blogger Dan Riehl with a lawsuit because he called them out for it!

You can read what Dan has to say about all of that here.

In the guise of “comedy” Beck introduces the man who he claims is going to “take Jon Stewart’s job” who then turned around and did jokes that even Stewart would have too much class to do.

Look, I love good comedy, even when it’s at the expense of myself, or someone I support. This isn’t good comedy and was totally uncalled for. Andrew Breitbart has the video of this on his website, watch it here.

If that is what passes for comedy on the Glenn Beck Show these days, I think the folks paying a premium to see it are getting cheated.

Not sure why he felt the need to join the most vile elements of our society, and disrespect a fine, decent woman, mother, and grandmother, but I am very disappointed in Glenn Beck.



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39 responses to “Glenn Beck’s Despicable Attack on Sarah Palin and her Family

  1. Most importantly, it’s not even funny…. Sad jokes delivered poorly.

    • Gary P

      Oh yeah. You know, I’ve seen some funny stuff making fun of politicians, including Sarah Palin. Laughed my ass off too.

      Sack’s joke wasn’t funny, but it was hurtful.

      • Gary Lee

        I cancelled. I had just signed up – my first day of being a GBTV viewer was my last.

        I feel betrayed by Beck. Wanted to go to Israel with him but couldn’t coordinate it on such short notice. Was really looking forward to tuning in and taking part in his projects. He was off to a good start. Not sure how many subscribers he will lose – probably not enough to matter to him.

        Instead I will have more time to devote to supporting Sarah if she runs – or Sarah preferred candidates if she does not.

  2. I will “unsubscribe” from all glenn beck material, including his TV.
    Thank you!

    • bsfurg

      I was going to sign up but I wont need to now…. I liked Glenn Beck to but theea s a time and a place for everything and Beck show was not it…

  3. Joni

    I am disappointed, too, but you know, Glenn has a horse in the race that he wants to win: and I’m quite sure it would be Mitt Romney, don’t ask me WHY. Mitt is NOT the kind of man we need to clean up this mess, Sarah, however, IS. After the kind of attacks Glenn has said that he and his family has had to put up with, you’d think he’d be extra careful to tell his guests that the slash and burn tactics that the left uses will not be allowed on his show. I am really not understanding why he’d think this is okay.

    It’s also QUITE interesting to me that the same news outlets who refused to vet Obama also never circulated such “rumors” about his “being g*y” in college…if they had, can you imagine what would have happened?! All this ugliness just serves to make the supporters even stronger, and the truth that she will expose the corruption on both sides even more appealing.

    • Gary P

      Actually I understand Beck thinks Rick Perry is the second coming . I know Beck is easily fooled by religious types [he went nuts over Bachmann too] but anyone who would even thinking about supporting Perry, one of the most corrupt politicians in the country, can never be taken seriously.

      Beck has jumped the shark.

      • Gloria Towle

        Gary, yes. I totally agree with you. Beck’s favorite is Rick Perry. I am from and live in Texas. Many Texans were voting for Debra Medina. A good conservative. I called her our Texas little Sarah Palin. Beck shred her to pieces in one of his radio programs and supported Perry. They made jokes about Debra and that was it. She lost everything. Ever since that day, I quit watching Beck and finally saw him for what he is: A traitor who goes with and who is more convenient for him. I feel pity for Beck and his bad jokes. We definitely don’t need Perry or Mitt. Whether people like it or not, admit it or not, we need Sarah Palin to save us and put us on the right path.

      • Gary P

        Yup. I’ll be honest, I kinda liked Medina, but when I found out she was a 911 truther, I was done. At the time I was happy Beck exposed her. In hindsight, we’d have been better off with her as governor. At least I don’t think she was corrupt.

        That said, Beck is easily swayed. When people start talking religion, he gets all weak in the knees. He was all over Michele Bachmann after she started, and the started proclaiming Perry The One, after his glorified tent revival in Houston.

        Funny too, Beck has been talking about the need to weed out corruption, and they don’t get more corrupt than Perry!

        Maybe Medina, or some other real reformer will come forward and run for TX governor in 2014.

    • bsfurg

      2 years ago they had a big article in the rag shee about Obama having a mistress.. picture of her and all and then they said they shipped her out of the country will lots of money… I dint see or hear of any one talking about it on TV like they have sarah. obama is one sick duck and no one says anything about him is it becuase hes black and they are afriad of racism.. obama is one of the biggest racist of all times..hes a disgrace to america and he gets awya with it all…

      • Gary P

        You’re talking about Vera Baker. Yeah they got her outta there quick!

        Not much talk about Larry Sinclair either. Our friends over in Boys Town in Chicago have plenty of tales to tell about that.

  4. Annie

    Beck has gone over to the dark side.
    Allowing some classless jerk to demean an innocent Down Syndrome toddler and then permitting a despiccable photo-shopped picture of the child to be used on his show, is about as low as a person can go. The only one worse is the jackass that spoke the words. Beck may find himself needing that food insurance when his big new venture goes belly up. People have no more patience for this kind of garbage.

  5. Seattle


    I assume one of the reasons he began GBTV was to be able to run a show as he wishes, and to say the things and have the guests on that he wishes. Under that premise, my impression of Beck has done a 180. His “comedian” has no class.

    Sink or swim, Beck.

    By the way, your byline for your show, “The truth lives here”, so prominently displayed just before Brian Sacks’ rude skit… MEH, not so much, Glenn – not so much.

  6. I share your sentiments exactly. It seems like almost every national conservative figure has backstabbed Palin. Sarah headlined his rally in DC and this is how he repays her?!

    The only people Sarah can count on is We The People.

  7. Joy

    Good roundup of those blog reports, Gary; I’d read most of them, but also appreciate Breitbart’s posting that pathetic bit from the new resident “comedian” at GBTV. Thank God, it was a short bit, ’cause that lamebrain would have been given the hook in another minute or two!

    As an aside, I subscribed to GBTV when he left Fox and was prepping for the new network – and basically to have access to his 3 shows from Jerusalem. But ever since then – and even though every show is archived, so one doesn’t have to watch it in real time – I just don’t have the time or inclination to watch or listen to it – 2 hours being WAY too long to spend in front of the ‘puter without being interactive!!

    Therefore, after watching this silly bit – and then bringing up the show itself from the archives – I decided that a little bit of Glenn Beck goes a very long way! From there, it was just a slam-dunk, no-brainer to cancel my subscription! (Wonder how many others he’ll lose over this as well?) And even though a few commenters on Breitbart’s website chided him (Breitbart) for being petty (and “jealous?” That’s a joke!), I’m grateful that he stood up for Palin – actually both Todd & Sarah! – just as in The Undefeated he called out leading GOP wusses for never defending Palin over the past 3 years whenever she’s been viciously attacked by the LSM!

    I’m beginning to think that in the back of Palin’s mind was the fact that this wretched POS of a “tell-all” book (of lies & distortions ONLY, of course!) was looming on the horizon – and she didn’t want anything assinine like that to cloud her “grand entrance” to the GOP candidates’ race. I truly think that although McGinniss’ book may not have been the only factor – maybe not even the deciding factor – but it was a factor, nevertheless, in determining her short-term strategy for entering the race. Whatever part it played, it’s now sinking faster than a stone and will soon join Levi Johnston’s long-forgotten book at the bottom of the LSM sewer…

    • Gary P

      I can’t even tell you how disappointed in Beck I am. Man I’ve supported him when no one would. He’s been trashing Sarah on his radio show as well, hiding it behind “comedy”

      There’s only one word for that: Chickenshit.

  8. rtoberl

    Thank you. I certainly won’t be listening to Glenn Beck after this.

  9. johnannegaly

    Nice post. Sounds a bit like Mark America’s article here.

    Unfortunately, so many Beck watchers are so devout they refuse to admit that what he allowed to be said on his show was in bad taste, or wrong in any way. So much controversy over something so obviously sick.. jeez.

  10. IwjwI

    I cancelled my subscription to GBTV and left a message for them.
    I won’t tolerate this kind of disrespect from other news media outlets and won’t tolerate it from GBTV.

  11. Agree..I lost respect for Glen when he said ‘that’s not my issue’ referring to the birth certificate of hussain. Ok Glen it IS Americas issue& the world at large, as a matter of fact.

  12. Nancy

    Please watch it again. Sack was slamming the book, not Palin. He even said “according to the book”.

    • Gary P

      Watched it several times. More disgusting every time I watch it. If he was slamming the book, he would have slammed the stalker who moved in next to Sarah to write it, not Sarah and her family.

    • Seattle

      Nancy, is that photoshopped image shown in Sack’s skit –a stupid, doctored image which ruins that wonderful family photo of the Palins–, is that in ‘ole whatshisface’s new book?? Is that, “according to the book”?

      I might guees that, No, that photoshopped image was according to Brian Sack’s sick mind. I would guess that that photo is contributed by Sack himself. (I am not going to peruse ‘ole whatshisface’s new book to see if that doctored photo is in there, but perhaps someone else can, in my stead — to prove its source.)

      • Cheryl

        I’m a Palin fan, but you folks need to lighten up. Brian Sack jokes about everything. Palin is, after all, a politician. You are about as thin-skinned as Obama is. There are many more of Glenn’s fans who like Brian Sack and understand his humor. It’s called satire. It really gets me that so-called Glenn Beck fans desert him over a joke his employee tells that you don’t like. Incredible.

      • Gary P

        Cheryl, that’s a lame excuse. The same ones liberals used when the vile loser who created “The Family Guy” did an entire program calling Sarah Palin’s son Trig a “retard”

        Their excuse was “he’s an equal opportunity offender” That’s pathetic.

        Satire isn’t repeating lies about a mother and grandmother. Lies written by a deranged stalker who moved in next door just to freak them out.

        What Beck and that Sack of Crap did is inexcusable and no decent human being would try.

  13. ajsteele

    I never really liked Beck that much to begin with. Of course he’s made some good points over the years, but trying to be “hip” with this repugnant Sarah “comedy” totally deflates him. I hope this incident is not a reflection of the internet world he is trying to create.

  14. This really cheeked me off, so I have been attempting to make contact with Beck. See text of my email below…


    Please see the above linked story and explain this to me. How does this poor excuse for a “comedy” debut square with Gov. Palin’s previous appearance at your Restoring Honor Rally in DC and her next scheduled appearance with you in October?

    What has Sarah done deserve such a disgusting attack (disguised as comedy) on her family. Jon Stewart and SNL have been doing this for years. We have supported you, when you and your wife have been attacked. So why are you piling on Sarah’s family? How does this restore honor? I thought that you intended conservative alternative comedy to fill a void. Why not go after Obama, Democrats and others, who are bent on the destruction of America, instead of American Patriots.

    I and many other Palin supporters have subscribed to Unless we hear a reasonable explanation and appropriate action for this wanton attack on a really decent and exceptional American, we will be forced to reconsider our subscriptions and support. Nothing short of a public apology from you and the termination of Brian Sack would be considered acceptable.

    I attempted to question this on your Face Book and your moderator promptly deleted the entire discussion. Hence, this email is another attempt to contact you regarding our concerns.

    Bud Pomeroy (HiramHawk)

  15. connie mcclendon

    Dear Mr. Beck,
    I doubt you will see this post, it actually hurts me to write it but I cannot believe you would put your blessing on this kind of ‘humor’. I would expect this from the left but not you. Until today you were a hero to me, because of your support of Israel and the the political enlightenment you have given and the warnings to prepare . My husband and were so looking forward to seeing you and Sarah in St Louis but I don’t see how you could even look her in the face after this dispicable dispay of betrayal. I overlooked your previous disappointment to us when you told the crowd you were speaking to – to, “spread their legs they were going to like this one” very inappropriate for a Christian man. Sorry, I can no longer support GBTV. we will withdraw our subcription.

  16. Socmodfiscon

    I seriously believe Beck thinks he is a prophet.

  17. Annie

    Cheryl…just who empowered you to tell us what we “need” to do? If you’re indeed a Palin fan, or even a woman, you would not find the demeaning comments Sack made acceptable in any context. McGinness published defamatory and completely unsupported accusations of impropriety and ilegal acts against a person who may run for president of the United States. For Beck to allow his hack to give these unconscionable lies validity on his show is contemptible. How about we post your family picture with a little black-faced photo-shopped version of your special needs child, attesting to the fact that you had a one night stand (it would have been 2, but you are too ugly) with say…Mike Tyson. Or if you are black, let’s make it Barney Fwank.

  18. I also am disappointed. If i wanted filty crap, and ridicule comedy, i would get it from the real thing. (Stewart, and Maher) ,not some wannabe (Sack) that’s about as funny as a toothache. I believe Beck has become full of himself. I hope he comes back down off his throne. He did a lot of great things but this is not one of them. I wrote to him about his constant whining “where is my George Washington today”.. She’s right in front of your eyes. Your not to bright if you don’t see it.

  19. I’ve been wondering where the regular commenters at Hot Air went to . At HA they used to lots of high count threads. First came C4P and the 3,000 to 5,000 count threads dwindled down to 500 to 2,000, others started up and those dwindled. You seem to be picking up as HA dwindles, congratulations and keep up with what you’re doing GARY, best wishes. bigmike

    • Gary P

      Thanks! I appreciate that.

      Hot Air used to be interesting. Not so much for the articles but for those who commented. Many have left. Now HA is just another website.

  20. First of all, I believe that Breitbart downloaded my video, edited out the scroll and watermarked it as his own. My original video is here

    I think most of us Palin fans, including myself, have over-reacted to this joke. Not that it wasn’t bad and extremely inappropriate, I just think it was an honest mistake. It is obvious to me that Glenn did NOT know about the joke ahead of time, or he would have stopped it, and certainly would not have giving Brian Sack the big build-up introduction.

    Some on facebook have remarked that Sarah & Glenn are no longer friends over this. Anyone want to put some money on that!!! I guarantee not only are they still friends, but Sarah will be leaning heavily on GBTV during her 2012 campaign.

    • Gary P

      Why are people bending over backwards to defend Glenn Beck? It’s his show and he approves all material. Beck has been trashing Sarah on his radio show as well.

      Beck is supporting Rick Perry BTW. That tells you all you need to know about what a phony Beck is. Rick Perry is everything Beck claims to be against.

  21. Joy

    Imagine Beck blowing it all by (1) allowing trash talk on his new network show and (2) getting in bed with that big phoney, Rick Perry!! As Perry implodes and Beck’s viewers tire of Brian Sack’s “humor,” he may see some very bad ratings in due course. “The higher they go, the harder they fall!” Enjoy your new home in Texas, Glenn… BTW, I’m wondering if Palin will actually appear with Beck in October or not? Bet she (and/or her team) are watching that new network with a fine tooth comb these days…

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