Breaking: Rick Perry’s First Major Sunday Interview

By Gary P Jackson

Rick Perry made his first appearance on a major Sunday talk ….

Oh who the hell are we kidding. It’s been over a month since Texas Governor Rick Perry announced his bid for the presidency, and he has yet to make the rounds of the Sunday shows, or do any major interviews of any kind.

Usually the first thing a new candidate does, especially one not well known out of their own area, is show up on every talk show that will have them. Not Rick Perry. Not a single major interview.

I guess Perry knows he might actually have to answer tough questions dealing with his record. This is why he does few interviews in Texas, even at election time.

Don’t feel bad though voters. Perry was also a no-show for a walk through and press conference [that his people set up] in Bastrop, a city destroyed by the Texas wildfires. No worries though, as Perry’s fundraising is growing like ….. well …. you know.

Reports are Perry is refusing to talk to reporters or even potential supporters on the campaign trail. I guess that’s better than opening one’s mouth and well …. you know!

Since we don’t actually have a new interview from Perry, allow us to contemplate how such an interview would go:


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4 responses to “Breaking: Rick Perry’s First Major Sunday Interview

  1. Cheryl

    On Friday’s Rush Limbaugh show, Rush mentioned that one of his female staffers look like Sarah Palin. Rush remarked “I was going to ask her how it was with Glen Rice.” He didn’t go any further than that. No mention of the book. Should Rush be condemned? Not from me. I’ll be waiting for your comment, Gary.

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