Trump to Rick Perry: I’m Waiting On Sarah Palin

By Gary P Jackson

An interesting bit from a Newsmax article reporting on the Donald Trump-Rick Perry meeting. It seems Trump offered one of his clubs for Perry to have a fundraiser at, but when Perry tried to get a little more from Trump, like an endorsement, The Donald told Perry to settle down, he was waiting on Sarah Palin:

Trump diplomatically told Perry he would not make an endorsement in the GOP primary race until he knows whether former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin plans to run.

“He told Perry nicely that he probably wouldn’t endorse anybody until she made her intentions known,” the source said.

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23 responses to “Trump to Rick Perry: I’m Waiting On Sarah Palin

  1. SWEET! The brilliance of Palin shines again. Others made an enemy of Trump when he was talking about running but Sarah made him her ally.

  2. william wallace

    BARACK will get a second term there no doubt of that.

    That he complete a second term /that far from certain
    a probability the leadership passes to HILLARY within
    a year / two years at most if the situation fails improve.

    Any whom believe putting the republicans in govt would
    improve situation make a grave error of their judgement.

    Such reality / republicans could not orginise a tea party.

    Sarah be wise not place three queens / agin three kings
    BARACK / HILLARY / are not one’s / to be easily bluffed
    they have been in the game far too long / to be outwitted.

    • Gary P

      One really shouldn’t do mass quantities of narcotics before posting comments on the internet.

      • Seattle

        I appreciate that Sarah has wide appeal. But I’m not a Trump fan. Hence, I am more interested in whom Senator Jim DeMint supports, than I am in whom Donald Trump supports. I would like to hope that Sen. DeMint is waiting to see if Sarah enters as well. (That is, if Sen. DeMint even decides to endorse anyone in the Pres. race. He is known to focus more on the Senate races.)

      • Gary P

        Not the biggest Trump fan either, but he and Sarah seem to get along.

        De Mint endorsed Mitt Romney in 2008.

      • william wallace

        Gary P / One does not need to be Nostradamus in giving
        a prediction of the future. Such the example in rising sea
        levels with an greater increase of more disturbing weather
        patters which destroying land // thus the ability in meeting
        the food needs of worlds population greatly handicapped.

        The situation in parts of AFRICA where lack of rain / not a
        excess having brought great suffering // already nations in
        whom more secure are not giving as they should inneeded
        aid // their attitude is toward letting nature take its course in
        allowing millions to die. Is such an attitde arrived at through
        heartless cruelity or are people taking a practical approach
        to a problem / where resources needed / simply unavailable.

        Thus one sees a grim future for much of humanity / where
        the planets resources are being fought over / the stronger
        in taking as they please // the weaker dying in their millions.

        If look further to the future / the present course of humanity
        will result in a nuclear conflict / as the stronger nations turn
        on the other in bringing destruction / beyond understanding.

        The future USA election if won by the republicans will put all
        the forces into play that bring humanities nuclear destruction.

        Thus an future republican election win best avoided / nations
        do not see other as the problem / rather such problems arrive
        from dramatic changes in nature / thus a movement of people
        needed / allowing for their survival / a mass worldwide attitude
        in aid / where such possible / in the resources being available.

        Thus it a change of attitude that needed / where resources not
        wasted in fighting one another // but bringing much needed aid.

      • Seattle

        Yea, I know about DeMint endorsing Romney in ’08. That does give me heartburn, yep. BUT… McCain or Romney, that was what he felt the choice was then. Lose-Lose choice 😦

        Who knew that McCain would later choose SARAH to team with him. Wonder what DeMint would have done, had he known.


      • Gary P

        Hard to figure De Mint Of course to people not paying attention in 2008 Romney DID seam conservative compared to some of the others. That was before RomneyCare had completely imploded!

      • Seattle

        Plus, didn’t Trump only endorse McCain in 2008, after McCain had picked Sarah?

        It’s no wonder that DeMint is now waiting, waiting, on deciding if he will endorse someone. Yes? Maybe he learned a lesson — to wait for a truer conservative to show up before playing the Endorsing Game.

      • Shash

        Amen….. somebody is seriously impaired on something!

      • MT

        Now that was a great reply! LOL!

      • Donald Trump knows he should run for president, but he is avoiding the right thing he should do for 2012, After he looses his empire by Obama giving the executive order weather it is legal or not That their will be no more rich people in America he will wish he had have ran for president because he would win with a 50% lead over all others.

      • LOL and your remark really did make me giggle.

    • ramorywebb

      Wishful thinking never wn a poker game. If Clinton can’t beat an amatuer like Obama, what makes you think she can beat a pro like Sarah Palin?

      Obama has only won in the last three years by cheating and intimadtion. He has no skills to play on the big game as any debate with Governor Palin will show. The threat Palin reprsents is directly propotional to the level of attacks against her.

      In other words Governor Sarah Palin will resoundly beat Barrack Huessein Obama, faithful church goer to Reverend Wright’s church and close friend to Bill Ayers, famous American terrorist.

    • Donna Klopp

      He absolutely will not GET ANOTHER TERM NOT IN HIS LIFETIME only in his dreams.

    • SBG

      Barack will be serving a couple of terms in prison, once we are through with the lying , faker, extortianist, socialist pig.

  3. C.A. Bamford

    ROFLMAO, Gary..I think you nailed it. William is likely reposting an email rap he received from Those guys come out of the woodwork in the wee hours of the morning and scurry back with the light of day…so they have no idea of what is happening in the homes, offices, and marketplaces of the country. Obama has failed and failed miserably. Even his own party is afraid to support him now. The world is laughing at him as he pleads for us to pass yet another son of stimulus bill “if we love him.”
    Election results in Nevada and New York last week are but harbingers of what will happen next fall. Go back to bed William.

  4. A picture says a thousand words…

  5. ladydawnelle

    I’m waiting on Sarah Palin too! I’m thinking MILLIONS of us are! W00T!! Go Donald! You’re no dummy!

  6. But Trump said he does like …JIM PERRY! He he he.

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