Texas Tea Party Hammers Rick Perry Over Illegal Immigration Sanctuary Cities and Crony Capitalism

By Gary P Jackson

Rick Perry is under fire from the Texas Tea Party and the Tea Party Caucus in the Texas legislature. I wrote a bit about it on Sunday.

The issue at hand is sanctuary cities in Texas. Rick Perry supposedly supports a ban on sanctuary cities, and both the House and Senate have passed legislation that would effectively ban sanctuary cities by cutting off any state funding of any kind to any city that designates itself a sanctuary for illegal aliens.

The problem is, this legislation created by the House and Senate has never been reconciled and brought to a full vote. Now Perry’s people say “blame the legislature” and pretty much wash their hands of any responsibility. Thing is, Perry called this an “emergency” in January of this year, and again in March. If it’s an “emergency” [and has been for almost ten months now] you’d think Perry would have gotten personally involved and worked to help bring the legislation to a vote. He has not. Instead Perry abandoned his responsibilities as Governor of Texas to seek the presidency, something he promised Texans he would not do, if re-elected.

Now Texans are demanding Perry come back and do his job. Illegal immigration is a serious problem in Texas, and it’s only getting worse.

There are also accusations of more cronyism, as major Perry donors are dead set against most legislation that would discourage illegals. Homebuilder Bob Perry, who has given Rick Perry over $2 million, has pushed back against the legislation, as has H-E-B’s Charles Butt.

From Austin’s KXAN:

That’s Texas Tea Party Caucus Advisory Committee chair JoAnn Fleming of Tyler saying: “We’re here to help Governor Perry clarify, for the United States of America, what his position is.

Dave Montgomery at the Ft Worth Star-Telegram has more:

AUSTIN — Texas Tea Party leaders, challenging Gov. Rick Perry to dispel doubts about his stance on illegal immigration, demanded Monday that he call lawmakers back to work to enact a controversial “sanctuary cities” bill and other major immigration measures.

The sanctuary cities bill would freeze state funding for local governments that prohibit officers from asking detainees about their immigration status. The measure provoked one of the Legislature’s most contentious debates this year and failed to survive the 140-day regular session and a special session.

Although Perry proclaimed the bill a top priority, the measure drew behind-the-scenes resistance from influential business leaders, including Houston home builder Bob Perry, one of the governor’s biggest individual political donors.

[ …. ]

Gov. Perry needs to clarify his position on illegal immigration,” said JoAnn Fleming of Tyler, chairwoman of the Texas Tea Party Caucus Advisory Committee. “He needs to come back to Texas and finish this unfinished business.

The Tea Party representatives presented Perry’s office with more than 3,000 signatures.

Although we do not necessarily hold you completely responsible for the inexcusable actions of the House and Senate members during the regular and special sessions, the ball is now squarely in your court,” the Tea Party letter says. “It is solely within your power as Governor to call the legislature into session and demand they complete the important work that they promised their constituents they would do.

The letter cited a recent University of Texas/Texas Tribune poll showing that Texas voters consider illegal immigration the most important problem facing the state. Inadequate border security ranked second.

We welcome support for efforts to outlaw sanctuary city policies and encourage those interested to communicate their concerns to members of the Texas Legislature,” Perry spokeswoman Lucy Nashed said. “Gov. Perry already agrees that sanctuary city policies must end.

Notice Pery’s spokesperson passes the buck, blaming the Texas legislature. Indeed, they are at fault for not being able to pass legislation that Texans demand, however, Rick Perry would have you believe he has the leadership skills required to be President, and yet, he has not used those supposed skills to work with the legislature and broker a deal that would move this legislation forward.

There may be a reason form this. More from the Star-Telegram:

Despite Perry’s public commitment to the measure, some critics questioned the depth of his support after reports that Bob Perry, who is not related to the governor, and San Antonio grocery store magnate Charles Butt were waging a subsurface effort to scuttle the bill.

Bob Perry and his wife, Doylene, have contributed more than $2 million to Rick Perry since 2001. The Houston home builder has also donated to the Mexican American Legislative Caucus, whose members led opposition to the sanctuary cities bill.

Perry’s support of the in-state tuition measure drew national attention in a GOP debate last week when Rep. Michele Bachmann charged that the Texas law gives “taxpayer subsidized benefits to people who have broken our laws.

Mitt Romney, who as governor of Massachusetts vetoed legislation providing in-state tuition for illegal immigration, has also seized on the issue.

This is Rick Perry trying to have it both ways. In public and on the campaign trail he can proclaim loudly the he is tough on illegals, by pointing to his “support” of various legislation, without ever doing anything to ACTUALLY support the legislation. He then blames the failure of this legislation to become law on someone else. Kind of reminds me of the current occupant of the White House.

Here Perry gets to sound tough and yet still take care of those who give millions to support him. Cronies who want no part of sanctions against illegals.

Perry has always been an open borders guy. Now granted, Texas has a long standing relationship with Mexico. They are our largest customer. That said, it doesn’t mean we have to allow people to illegally enter the state. People forget that it’s not just the poor Mexican worker, who just wants a better life, that we are talking about here. Violent drug gangs have infiltrated Texas, and there are reports of Muslim terrorists, posing as Hispanics, making their way across the border as well.

I think any decent human being can sympathize with people wanting to come to America for a better life. Mexico is in total chaos now, with the drug gangs all but running the country. While one can sympathize, it still doesn’t excuse. The risks of who else may be coming across the border illegally far overshadow anything else.

Perry doesn’t seem the least bit concerned. Looking at his political donors, and their positions, it seems Perry is more concerned with making sure his cronies have cheap labor, rather than securing Texas against violent drug gangs and possible terrorist invaders.

This is totally unacceptable. It’s unacceptable for Texas and unacceptable for America.

Rick Perry has repeatedly said that being Texas Governor is the greatest job in the world.” He’s also declared the issue of sanctuary cities an “emergency.”

It’s time Perry gets back to Texas, does his job, uses his bully pulpit to put a deal together banning sanctuary cities, or resign, let Lt Governor David Dewhurst take his place and finish the job. Then Rick Perry can continue his quixotic journey seeking higher office unencumbered by the responsibilities of the job he already has.

Texans demand it.


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10 responses to “Texas Tea Party Hammers Rick Perry Over Illegal Immigration Sanctuary Cities and Crony Capitalism

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    Texas Governor Rick Perry even though a front runner in the race for the White House, he has infuriated the TEA PARTY because of his pandering to illegal immigrants. His negative policies on many issues including the mandated vaccination on school age girls, as a preventative measure against cervical cancer. Then his dialog on Social Security and immigration has blown up in his face, specially his standpoint on the illegal alien invasion. Perry is more or less complicit with the Democrat and Liberal progressive on trying to pass another amnesty and then being against construction of the border fence. In a 2006 gathering of Mayors in Austin, Texas, Rick Perry stated,” that building a wall along the border with Mexico is a “preposterous” idea.” This was after prior President Bush had signed into law the 2006 Secure Fence Act”

    In a second private discussion in New Hampshire, he was asked if he was against the border fence and then confirmed in a similar statement.” “No, I don’t support a fence on the border,” he said. “The fact is, it’s 1,200 miles from Brownsville to El Paso. Two things: How long you think it would take to build that? And then if you build a 30-foot wall from El Paso to Brownsville, the 35-foot ladder business gets real good.” The trouble is Rick Perry hadn’t obviously read about the original border fence design, which was drafted by Rep. Duncan Hunter of California. Currently the border fencing is just one single strand, that is still not completed, of which initial concept were two parallel fences and stretching 700 miles along the United States/Mexican border, not the 350 miles we have today. The majority of Democrats voted against the bill, but as a Senator–Obama, a Democrat from Illinois, including his now Vice President Joe Biden (D-DE) backed its passage, drawing irate criticism from the open border zealots.

    Perry did say that alternatively, that there was a need “for boots on the ground” and more technology that includes and patrolling unmanned drones. This is not what the Constitutional TEA PARTY wants to hear and I’m sure that he will get an earful in the September 22 audience, as the presidential candidates come together for another debate. Both Michele Bachmann and Herman Cain don’t see illegal immigration in the same way as Perry. The fence needs to be constructed as originally intended, as a double layer fence with room in between for high speed interdiction by the border patrol. If the Border agents were supplemented 3000 to 5000 armed soldiers along the border, drug smugglers, illegal aliens and criminal crossings would be reduced to a trickle. Perry also introduced a Texas “Dream Act” that would allow the children of illegal aliens to be provided with taxpaying based education. Not only would this further encourage families with children and babies, to arrive illegally on our doorstep—but promote hundreds of thousands of more people entering America through CHAIN MIGRATION.

    In the first amnesty millions more came through CHAIN MIGRATION policies, which brought families members here, copiously expanding a need for SSI and other welfare programs. We cannot keep collecting people through CHAIN MIGRATION, because of the costs, when the initial sponsor stops financially supporting. Same with illegal alien women—ready to conceive—a baby intentionally brought to our nation, so they can apply for welfare and other public entitlements. That the female knowing that once she gets here everything is free, from hospital to child programs as TANF and other taxpayer benefits. Everybody who reads the press articles that taxpayers are looking at $113 billion dollars annually, of the pay-out to the illegal aliens—is still spiraling upwards. Why in this recession, when millions of American workers are out-of-work, are we still subsidizing people who shouldn’t be here?

    How much of this money such as IRS child tax rebates are payouts of criminal fraud. How it is illegal aliens are even paying income tax, when they don’t even exist on Social Security data bases? How come it’s not a felony to cross into America, without permission? Many states including Alabama, Georgia and Arizona have been forced to pass immigration policing laws, to interrupt the huge cost of public assistance to foreign nationals, which the Congress has failed to do.

    What are State Governors thinking in issuing Drivers Licenses, in New Mexico, Washington State to illegal aliens? They should be subject to deportation, not offered Citizen and legal resident privileges?

    Perry Immigration record is dismal, so it’s unlikely he will be supported by the majority of the TEA PARTY. I wonder how Rick Perry stands on Lamar Smith’s Legal Workforce Act, which mandates E-Verify countrywide, or the Secure Communities policing program?
    The permanent E-Verify bill H.R.2885 is already being demonized by the Left, because is success rate is now gaining popularity amongst honest business owners. Thousands of concerned companies have signed on to the E-Verify enforcement program and the voting public can adamantly voice their Senate or House, to sponsor the bill by calling the Washington switchboard at 202-224-3121—TODAY.
    Please call your Rep. if he/she is a Member of the House Judiciary Committee and urge clean passage of the Legal Workforce Act. The Capitol Switchboard number is 202-224-3121. A list of Judiciary Members and their direct office phone numbers is below.
    Rep. Adams, Sandy (GOP)
    Rep. Chabot, Steve (GOP)
    Rep. Chaffetz, Jason (GOP)
    Rep. Coble, Howard (GOP)
    Rep. Forbes, Randy (GOP)
    Rep. Franks, Trent (GOP)
    Rep. Gohmert, Louie (GOP)
    Rep. Goodlatte, Robert (GOP)
    Rep. Gowdy, Trey (GOP)

    Rep. Griffin, Tim (GOP)
    Rep. Issa, Darrell (GOP)
    Rep. Jordan, Jim (GOP)
    Rep. King, Steve (GOP)
    Rep. Lungren, Dan (GOP)
    Rep. Marino, Tom (GOP)
    Rep. Pence, Mike (GOP)
    Rep. Poe, Ted (GOP)
    Rep. Quayle, Ben (GOP)
    Rep. Ross, Dennis (GOP)
    Rep. Sensenbrenner, James (GOP)

    The toll-free number for the Capitol switchboard is 1-888-262-0265.

    After President Obama speech to the nation, to revitalize jobs for hurting Americans. His emphasis was on repairing bridges, roads, schools and other infrastructure. We must have a guarantee that no illegal aliens get these jobs, by the passage of H.R. 2885, as the mandated E-Verify pledge. There is no possible way, as a Conservative as myself can cover all the facts, as the Liberal press suppresses my articles and comments. This affects every race of working American people from Hispanics, Blacks Whites and people of other descent. So I revert to the factual substance found on such websites as NumbersUSA, Judicial Watch and American Patrol. Each website is specifically designed to contain certain issues on illegal immigration. NumbersUSA offers information on immigration grading, for the 2012 presidential race and Washington insider sources. American Patrol site has a daily investigation of mostly illegal immigrant articles in national and local press. Judicial Watch content introduces the reader to the corruption exercised in Washington and the 50 states.

    MY EARLIER BLOGS: http://brittanicus-enoughisenough.blogspot.com

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