Even Mitt Romney Is Dissatisfied With Current GOP Field Wants A Real Leader To Join The Race

By Gary P Jackson

Mitt Romney, in a rare interview with USA Today, says he wants Sarah Palin to run for President:

Romney, who has given a very limited number of interviews this year, declined to speculate about why he hasn’t demonstrated more appeal with the GOP’s conservative base. He did say he hoped Alaska governor Sarah Palin would run for president, a decision she has said she would make by the end of this month.

She would make the race that much more exciting,” he said.

Well, duh!

Sarah Palin will shake the Republican Establishment™ and their candidates Romney and Perry, to their very core.

Most of the interview is spent ripping on Rick Perry and his inability to win, or govern.

Sadly, for Romney, he allows this interview to stray from the issues of the day to talk about appealing to “the center” [a losing strategy] and things like Perry calling social security a ponzi scheme. This questions Romney’s ability to win, or lead as well.

Romney missed a golden opportunity to talk about the massive system of cronyism that has been set up over the past decade in Texas by Rick Perry. Corruption in government [at every level] is going to be one of the key issues in the Republican primaries, as well as the general election. Both Rick Perry and Barack Obama are neck deep in it.

Mitt may be reluctant to go there though, as he and Perry have some questionable dealings together.

With the debates tonight, we hope someone will challenge Perry on cronyism and corruption, as well as illegal immigration, and the fact Texans are demanding he suspend his campaign and come do his job.

We look forward to a presidential campaign from Sarah Palin. She will go after corruption in both parties and once elected, actually do something about it!

There is no question that she has the ability to lead, win, and govern. Her record speaks for itself.



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3 responses to “Even Mitt Romney Is Dissatisfied With Current GOP Field Wants A Real Leader To Join The Race

  1. Seattle

    Mitt, get out your smelling salts. Too much excitement might make you swoon!

    Sarah 2012!

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  3. Hat tip to A Time For Choosing for the fine article everyone missed, as Gov. Palin should be already in her role these three years bring the world to her line to measure them as Vice President. Precious time has been wasted to the peril of the world.
    Let it be known that the True and Native Challenger is there and in parallels to Joan of Arc, these contenders, traitors and others should step aside to a Higher Will being worked out.
    I see she has her ruby slippers on. No this is not Kansas any more and tis her world stage. I know she bides her time, but run Sarah, for the tide will be like Orleans to Patay in your army awaits, we yearn for your one command, “GO”.

    Run Sarah Run. God speed His Holy cause in Jesus Name. Amen.

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