Was The Attack On Bristol Palin Premeditated?

Best Buddies Levi Johnston Stephen Hanks

* Content Warning …. Language …. Lots of it

By Gary P Jackson

By now you’ve probably seen this video of a militant Hollywood loser verbally attacking Bristol Palin and screaming “Your mother’s a whore!” “She’s evil!” “Your mother’s the fucking Devil!

My first thoughts after seeing the video on Friday were “way to go Bristol!” This loser needed a good old fashioned ass whippin’. I thought Bristol handled herself pretty well considering the situation. If someone was talking about my mama like that I doubt I would have been so gentle.

The loser in question is 47 year old Stephen Hanks. That’s right, you got a 47 year old moron verbally attacking a 21 year old woman. That alone makes him one of the most pathetic individuals on the planet. Makes Bristol look even more mature in her restraint.

As this story has progressed, we have learned more about Stephen Hanks. He’s not just some random militant gay who happened to be in the bar where Bristol was being filmed for her television show. No, this cat is a long time Palin hater.

Andrew Breitbart pointed out on Friday the guy is so vile he actually blocked him on Twitter, something Breitbart rarely does. [He likes taking these fools on]

We’re finding out a lot more about this loser. First off, he’s buddies with another world class loser, Levi Johnston. That’s the “happy couple” together in the lead photo. Hanks has said of the dead beat dad: “Levi is the greatest American hero!

Kelsey over at Barbaric Thoughts has discovered Hanks is a psychotic Trig Truther [one of the morons who think Sarah’s son Trig is not really hers] He also “loves abortions.”

She has “artwork” over at her website, as well as more information. Check it out.

Hanks owns Stephen Hanks Management, a talent management agency. One of his clients is Michael Vartan, best known for his role in the TV series Alias.

John Nolte has a great article over at Big Hollywood exposing this jackass even further. It seems he also hates Michelle Malkin, and well …. pretty much everyone. John has plenty to say, check it out here.

Here’s my take. Hanks isn’t some garden variety asshole. Hanks is a well connected Hollywood player. He also worships Levi, for reasons one can only guess. I also understand he frequents the bar where all of this occurred. I have a hard time not thinking Hanks somehow found out Bristol would be there filming and planned all of this out, hoping to get his “day in the sun.”

Well now he’s getting it.

Hanks is the poster child for everything far left progressives represent. These people hate anyone who is different from them. They hate anyone who disagrees with them in even the slightest way. They are intolerant, and in many cases violent. They are also incredibly ignorant.

Hanks seems to hate Sarah Palin, and her family, because she believes in God. That’s quite typical for progressives. But it goes deeper. Hanks is gay. Nothing wrong with that, however he is one of those people who can’t just be happy being gay, he has to be militant about it. The level of hatred coming from this cat says so much about him.

Typical of ignorant progressives, Hanks knows absolutely nothing about Sarah Palin, personally or professionally. Nothing of her record.

We’ll never stop hatred no matter how irrational and stupid it may be. But we can expose it. I don’t care for people who hate gays, just because they are gay. I don’t care for anyone who hates someone “just because.”

I do know this, Bristol was right to challenge this idiot, and showed far greater restraint than I could have. She handled herself very well.

It’s just a damned shame she had to encounter this jackass in the first place. With all of the important issues facing the world, it’s damned sad Hanks spends all of his time hating. Lot of wasted energy that accomplishes nothing, except making people dislike Hollywood even more. He doesn’t do the gay community any favors either.



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10 responses to “Was The Attack On Bristol Palin Premeditated?

  1. Joy

    Lordee, news – and counternews! – spreads fast!! Thank you, Gary, for your prompt and spot-on defense of Palin – and expose of that pondscum a**hat Hanks! And that picture with his soulmate Levi speaks volumes!! I’m going to read John Nolte’s piece at Breitbart and check out Kelsey’s “art” blog for more details,but faster than the literary careers of Johnston and McGinniss, this POS agent will be sinking faster than a stone as well (although since he has contacts & clients in Hollywood and they deal with the Devil everyday, so he’ll probably still have a career and we’ll have to accept that it’s just part of the territory…).

    It’s gonna be damn hard for the Regressive loonies to get any of their crap to stick with hounds like you, Breitbart and all the Palin Info bloggers ready with the spyglass and long knives…

    • Gary P

      Thanks! Everyone was on the ball here. I just added some additional thoughts.

      I do love the fact the new media can get the truth out very quickly. What we gotta have is folks posting links everywhere they can, from all of the great sources. The truth will always win out!

  2. Joy

    I forgot to say that I’m posting it to my FB page (I have two – and they’re both loaded!) as well! Spread the good news!

  3. Annie

    Seems in this case, “gay” is a complete misnomer.There has to be a better word for sad sacks like him. Hanks is so obviously filled with self-loathing that it overshadows every aspect of his life. He’s just out there sharing his hatred all over the place. Maybe Michelle Bachman’s husband could help him….. Nah.

  4. Odd that this hater is the head of Negative People Inc.
    Stephen Hanks Management
    , Negative People Inc
    252 N Larchmont Boulevard # 201
    Los Angeles, CA 90004-3754

    Thanks for your enlightening article.

  5. John

    A televised hissy fit.

  6. I’m a lesbian and I’d like to slap Stephen Hanks just to be able to say I did it. He’s an idiot. He’s one of the millions of reasons why I don’t go to gay pride events anymore. Boy, I just love all that tolerance…it makes me feel all warm and squishy inside.

  7. Attractive component to content. I simply stumbled upon your web site and in accession capital to say that I acquire in fact loved account your blog posts. Any way I’ll be subscribing to your feeds and even I achievement you get admission to persistently fast.

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