Texas Lt Governor David Dewhurst: Perry’s In-State Tuition For Illegals Is Wrong

By Gary P Jackson

Texas Lt Governor David Dewhurst has now weighed in on the latest Perry controversy, in-state tuition for illegal aliens. I wonder if Rick will call him “heartless” too?

From the Houston Chronicle:

DALLAS (AP) — Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst is breaking with Gov. Rick Perry by opposing in-state college tuition rates for illegal immigrants.

Dewhurst, running for the GOP nomination for the U.S. Senate seat of retiring Kay Bailey Hutchison, says he understands Perry’s arguments but says his stance is all about fairness.

Dewhurst’s comments came in a taping Monday for a political show to be aired Sunday on Dallas’ WFAA-TV.

Perry, seeking the Republican presidential nomination, has been criticized by opponents in his own party for his position that children of illegal immigrants in Texas through no fault of their own should pay reduced in-state college tuition.

Dewhurst says if Americans from Louisiana or Oklahoma or New Mexico aren’t eligible for the lower tuition, it’s not fair to give the break to non-citizens.

Not sure if this is just campaign season rhetoric, as Dewhurst is running for the U.S. Senate, but this can’t be good for Perry’s already floundering campaign.

In Texas the Lt Governor is a powerful position, in many ways more powerful than the Governor’s. If this guy isn’t on your side, you know you are in trouble.

I took a look at Dewhurst’s website and he expands further on this subject here and here.


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7 responses to “Texas Lt Governor David Dewhurst: Perry’s In-State Tuition For Illegals Is Wrong

  1. American is broke, busted, so how can we imprudently repeat the same old performance of bringing in one million legal immigrants a year? How can we substantiate this, when we have a rising unemployment rate for average Americans of all races? This is not even counting the 20 million plus illegal aliens who are already here. It occurs to me and a good portion of the lawful populace, that illegal immigrants are receiving a better deal than lawful Americans. Its beyond most people’s comprehension that entitlements being collected by illegal aliens, were diverted to our Social Security fund, could make a difference to senior’s life’s; the homeless, the sick, veterans and towards the U.S. Treasury deficit. Just take a look of Rick Perry providing illegal alien student taxpayer tuition, when US citizens Out-of-State must pay full fees in Texas? Perry also disapproved of constructing the fence, which most certainly all RINO’s object to; they need those discount illegal laborers.

    We deserve a President that upholds our laws, instead of bypassing Congress with Executive directives. He must be willing to protect America from its internal enemies, and sustain the 1986 Immigration laws against all entities who are pushing for wide open borders and allowing uncountable amounts of poverty-stricken people to enter this sovereign nation.

    Dr. Steve Camarota at the Center for Immigration Studies finds that 81% of the jobs created in Rick Perry’s Texas between the years 2007 and 2011 went to newly-arrived immigrants. Something is seriously wrong here, but it will never change in the deep seated GOP members or the far left or Democratic leadership. The only chance of a different path to America’s rebirth is to stifle the powerful influences of both political parties and their campaign contributors. The TEA PARTY has a massive growing membership with real new ideas, such as moving back education to the states; dismantle the federal government to its original purpose as in the living Constitution.

    Scrap and draft a new fair Tax code as expressed by businessman Herman Cain, who is a very elegant orator and has a real plan for America. Cain also promises to enforce immigration laws, build the double layer fence with no endorsement of another amnesty. I am sure TEA PARTY leading voice of Cain would approve of is Rep.Lamar Smith’s mandated E-Verify bill H.R. 2885, known as the “Legal Workforce Act.” would reduce the illegal aliens stealing through our porous border. This would also cause a reduction of numbers cutting-back significantly on family members coming here, as if the illegal bread winner cannot get settled and find a job; why bother.

    E-Verify will join the highly controversial “Secure Communities”, The Halt Act (Hinder the Administration’s Legalization Temptation Act), The Save Act (The Secure America with Verification and Enforcement Act) and the 287 G police laws that are as necessary as authorized restraint against the decades of abandonment. When nationwide E-verify becomes law, then it will strengthen the state laws of Arizona, Georgia, Alabama and those who want to save their states from—ECONOMIC—illegal immigrants and migrants.

    Then we have an escalation of whistle’ Blowers who are connecting with the Department of Homeland Security (DHS)’s Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) division at 1-866-DHS-2ICE (866-347-2423). SEE SOMETHING? DO SOMETHING? With no questions asked about personal information, you can contact ICE and inform agents about your suspicions of foreign nationals working illegally in the USA. This is a sure way to aid your fellow Americans, who cannot get a job. Yet we have seen on many occasions unemployed Americans flocking to suddenly open jobs, where illegal aliens have been apprehended and detained by ICE.

    After these lightening sweeps in northern Nevada in September, ICE agents raided 11 McDonald’s restaurants and arrested dozens of workers. On August 30, (ICE) agents converged at a supermarket parking lot in Maywood, California. Hundreds of sweeps have been conducted, under President Obama’s presidency, but currently these sweeps are only being ordered to–ONLY–arrest and deport criminal elements. An executive order adverse to the US Constitution was signed allowing allegedly for people without records to be released on the streets again.

    With so many illegal aliens squatting here, we must be very attentive in Future election cycles. It has been proven with no room for doubt that hundreds of thousands of foreigners voted in the midterm election. Fraudulent registrations and criminals providing absentee ballots will do our Democracy harm and as yet the federal government has not demanded a mandatory ID identification for “Citizens” Voting. ACORN, that was supposedly disbanded and yet alive and well, under assumed business names was a mastermind in cheating the system, on behalf of the Democrats.

    We must return our country to a zero-tolerance policy, that doesn’t deport just criminals, but every person who cannot prove he has a right to live and work in the United States. THIS IS WHY WE NEED A CONGRESS THAT WILL AMEND OUR IMMIGRATION LAWS, MAKING UNLAWFUL ENTRY A STRICT FELONY. These simple commentaries cannot hope to supplement the information contained at NumbersUSA, Judicial Watch and American patrol websites. The web contains thousands of grass root organization that can assistant you in your search for the truth, not the engineered information publicized by the Liberal backed press.

    Why do Farmers and large industrial agriculturist appose E-Verify? For years since the “Bracero program” was eliminated in 1964, they have had unfettered recruitment of illegal workers; a convenient way of hiring people to work the land. With E-Verify, every worker must be verified and cannot be exploited for wages, health treatments or conditions as it’s always been asserted. The agrarian community will no longer be able to drop off an injured or sick worker at the emergency room, leaving the uninsured for taxpayers to pick up the bill.

  2. G Jensen

    It’s very black and white, I don’t know how he can justify this! If the rest of the U.S. AMERICAN Citizens don’t get special rates, why is he trying to allow Illegal Aliens that special rate? What has he got against the rest of the U.S.A’s LEGAL students?

  3. Nika

    That means promoting more Illegal Alien to come to America for special privileges, American citizen have have their own hardship to earn their degree, why give an easy way to Illegals??

  4. I was at the Florida Presidency 5, Fox News/Google Debate. When Perry made his “You don’t have a heart” comment, he lost many of his supporters.On my website, I wrote about why delegates fled Rick Perry and hopped on the Herman Cain train: http://bryanlongworth.com/2011/09/28/florida-presidency-5-report-why-did-delegates-hop-on-the-herman-cain-train/.

    • Gary P

      Yeah, Perry was being Perry. Us Texans know him well.

      I like Cain too. Not sure he’s ready to be president, he has no experience as an executive in government, i.e. a mayor or governor, but he still the best in the current field. He’s also a good man. A decent man. That goes a long way.

      Perry is as corrupt as the day is long.

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