Sarah Palin Hammers Fox For “Distortions” and “Misinformation” Praises Herman Cain

By Gary P Jackson

A rather feisty interview with Greta.

Sarah Palin hammers Fox for distorting her record, and misleading the views. She seems particularly angry that Fox has widely talked about a poll that’s highly suspect, while ignoring the Marist Poll that shows her beating Barack Obama among independent voters. In fact, doing better with indies against Obama than any other candidate. Both Sarah and Greta talk about independent voters being the key.

Though many in the media have chosen to focus on her “flavor of the month” comment, fact is Sarah had big praise for Herman Cain. She rightly points out that he resonates with voters because he talks common sense.

Lot of tea leaf reading going on right now over this interview. The “will she or won’t she” talk is in high gear. One thing people need to remember, thanks to campaign laws like McCain-Feingold, Sarah has to walk a very fine line when talking about a presidential run. Once she even kinda-sorta says something hints that she’s definitely running, all sorts of restrictions kick in.

No one knows what Sarah Palin is going to do but Sarah, and her closest advisers. That said, she is fully aware of all of the work being done nationwide on her behalf. For months Sarah has had numerous opportunities to tell these hard working organizers to stand down. Instead she has only encouraged them to keep on doing what they are doing. I can’t believe she would do that if she wasn’t going to run.

Video courtesy SarahNET


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7 responses to “Sarah Palin Hammers Fox For “Distortions” and “Misinformation” Praises Herman Cain

  1. It is always great to hear Palin on Greta! Palin’s has it right on the money regarding the problems of the Obama administration. She was spot on regarding the differences in the polls, and the media’s frenzy for “flavor of the month.”

    Palin’s message even resonates across political lines. It is interesting that even the far left, like Cornel West, are re-packaging Palin’s ideas in an attempt to appeal to the population and invoke change. The release of that talk co-incided with this interview and provides the sort of contrast that truly addresses the issues before the nation.

    Cornel West is now talking about the Oligarchs (same thing as crony capitalism), the media complex (same thing as the Main Stream Media), and the prison complex (the police state). Sadly, he was part of that old crony capitalist system that put Obama into power. It almost seems disingenuous for West to now begin discussing these issues with a terminology that obfuscates the issues and prevents constructive dialogue. Leave it to an academic to attempt to muddy the waters rather than clarify the issues!

    The defining difference is that Palin’s answer of a smaller government would solve the problem; West’s answer is a Marxist economy (more government) with open borders. Why would people rise up and want more of the same thing that has oppressed them politically and economically? Clearly, for people to rise up at the ballot box is the American tradition, particularly for an agenda whereby the powers of the Federal government are rescinded to acceptable levels and patrolled borders to allow prosperity and freedom for the American people .

    • Shell

      Agreeing with many of your comments I wonder how many will vote for the very liberal Mitt Romney? Understanding that it is a deeply held thought that anyone is better than Obama, but are we merely lying to ourselves when we do not realize that Mitt is a Rhino, Republican in name only? How about the fact that Mitt is a long term politician, without strong Christian values willing to say anything to win. Seems the GOP is gaming all in an effort to put another big spender in office.

      • Gary P

        Indeed. It’s not just about beating Obama, it’s about electing someone who will truly change the way things are done. Sarah Palin is the only one with a track record of doing just that.

  2. Bill589

    Sarah Palin –
    “So, this is why we must remember that the challenge is not simply to replace Obama in 2012. The real challenge is who and what we will replace him with. It’s not enough to just change up the uniform. If we don’t change the team and the game plan, we won’t save our country..”

    Just, “Anyone is better than Obama” is not good enough to save our country. Not even close.

    SP has withstood years of vicious vetting, while still effectively getting Obama, and his media, ‘wee – weed up’. We need a real reformer for president. One who doesn’t just say the right things now, but who has already fought Obama as a commonsense, constitutional conservative – even long before it would much help a campaign – and governed as a commonsense, constitutional conservative before that too.

    Others can only promise the fortitude Palin has already shown us.
    Sarah Palin 2012

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  4. Trust Fox News with anything concerning Sarah is like sticking your hand in a gators mouth and saying don’t bite. Dirty old fat man Roger Ailes commented in his interview in Newsweek that he only hired Sarah because she was “HOT”, now if that doesn’t send a message to the rest of the network’s host and hostesses I don’t know what does. Keep right on a watching Fox News, and you will get more of the same, lies, deception, and total disregard for the viewers that made Fox News what it is. “Bite the hand that feeds you” and you may just not get feed.

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