Seriously? Rick Perry: I Had to Give Illegals In-State Tuition Because of the Federal Government … or Something

There has clearly been a failure of our federal government. That’s the reason that we’re having to deal with issues like in-state tuition.

~ Rick Perry

By Gary P Jackson

Just like Barack Obama, when cornered, Rick Perry is looking to blame someone, anyone but himself for the results of his antics.

Appearing on CNBC’s Squawk Box along with Florida Governor Rick Scott Rick Perry tells the host the reason why He signed the Texas DREAM Act into law was because the federal government won’t secure the border:

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Funny, there are 50 states in our Union, and illegals have made their way to every single one. And yet, only a few states have in-state tuition for illegals. Texas was the very first. Other states have patterned their DREAM Acts off the one Rick Perry signed into law.

Perry whines about the federal government, and it’s inability to secure the border, but as Texans know, Perry has made Texas friendly to illegals. Besides these tuition discounts, illegals have gotten over $33 million in taxpayer aid for higher education.

Perry opposes E-verify, which would help identify illegals, and pretty much everything else that would help encourage illegals to leave the state.

Texans are demanding Rick Perry end his quixotic quest for the presidency, or at least suspend it for a time, and come back to Texas and deal with these issues.

Back in January, Perry declared an “emergency,” saying something had to be done about sanctuary cities. Though separate bills have passed in the House and Senate, and only need reconciliation, Perry has done absolutely nothing to make that happen.

Perry’s multi-million dollar campaign contributors all oppose banning sanctuary cities in Texas, and pretty much everything else that makes it difficult for illegals to live and work in the state. That would be bad for their businesses.

The real problem in Texas is not the federal government’s lack of immigration enforcement, it’s Rick Perry’s lack of leadership, and inability to end programs that actually entice illegals to make Texas their destination of choice.

In Texas illegals have no problem getting a job, and there are entire cities that look the other way. It’s easy for illegals in Texas to get aid and assistance. Why wouldn’t they come here?

The United States Supreme Court has forced states to educate children of illegals K-12.

Rick Perry has called his fellow Texans, and Americans “heartless” for complaining about his DREAM Act, giving in-state tuition to illegals, and yet, many Texas school districts hire bi-lingual teachers to teach children in Spanish only, rather than immerse them in English. That’s cruel.

English is the official language in Texas. It’s also the language of business worldwide. Perry claims he wants to make sure children are educated and become productive members of society.

If Perry really cared, he’d work toward making sure all of these children were fluent in English. To not do so traps them into situations where they can be exploited. I makes it almost certain they will only be able to work long hours for low wages.

If it’s “heartless” for those who want secure borders to demand we stop the incentives that bring the illegals to Texas, then it’s cruel not to make sure these children we’re educating are fluent in our language.

Here’s the bottom line. Our federal government is a mess. It has no intentions of securing the border. Neither does Rick Perry.

Perry has had numerous opportunities to put an end to policies that make Texas attractive to illegals. Rick Perry has failed to support laws that would make it almost impossible for illegals to live and work here.

Instead of using his bully pulpit to advocated for legislation that would go along way toward curing our problems with illegals, Perry has only given lip service to the issues, while signing serious incentives for illegals, like the DREAM Act, into law.

What’s pathetic is like Obama, rather than man-up, Perry wants to blame all of his failures on someone else.

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One response to “Seriously? Rick Perry: I Had to Give Illegals In-State Tuition Because of the Federal Government … or Something

  1. Blame it on Bush, sure why not, it’s not as if no one has tried to use that excuse.

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