Sarah Palin: Whatever It Takes to Retire the Permanent Political Class We’re Going to Do It!

By Gary P Jackson

Sarah Palin starts out her interview on Freedom Watch by saying she’s holding her political cards close to her chest. Then she takes on Juan Williams for erroneously saying she disrespected Herman Cain when interviewed by Greta Van Susteren.

Sarah also talks about the debates, their worth, and the voters’ responsibility to do their homework looking into candidates and their records. Something we advocate as well.

Sarah then talks about the role of government, and how the larger, more remote government is, the more danger to Liberty and Freedom there is. She also goes after the “permanent political class,” crony capitalism, and corporate welfare.

Sarah brings up Solyndra and calls it “crony capitalism on steroids.” Says whatever it takes to retire the permanent political class that embraces it: “We’re going to do it!

For readers who may not know, this is how Sarah Palin won big in Alaska. She took on the massive corruption and cronyism, in both parties. She ran as a Republican, but whipped the sitting Republican governor like a rented mule. Once in office she worked day and night reforming government, and removing the incentives that made it so easy to corrupt the system.

Sarah championed legislation that made cronyism a crime.

There are many problems in our nation right now: A collapsing economy, high unemployment, energy issues, illegal immigration, just to name a few.

Once one gets past the political ideology, at the bottom of it all you will find cronyism. Some special interest group that heavily supports a political party, or individual, has spent serious bucks to make sure their position is the winning position.

From the “green” lobby, getting billions of dollars to prop up products and services that are commercially nonviable, to people like Charles Butt and Bob Perry who work to defeat any law in Texas that restricts the activities of illegal aliens, big money is everywhere in politics, in both parties, at every level.

The only way America will be saved is to get the money out of politics. To restrict the lobbyists, and take away the opportunities for cronyism to continue.

Sarah has alluded to one of the best ways to do this. Reforming the U.S. tax code will go a long way towards stopping cronyism by simply taking away deductions and loopholes. Situations within the tax laws that allow favoritism toward certain companies and individuals.

Ethics reform, as she did in Alaska, is the second way we can get this done.

The permanent political class, the Ruling Class, has harmed our nation greatly. It’s time they all go and we replace them with honorable and ethical people. We need this from the top down.

Video courtesy SarahNET


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8 responses to “Sarah Palin: Whatever It Takes to Retire the Permanent Political Class We’re Going to Do It!

  1. Shirley Freeman

    Great work!

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  3. Bill589

    If not Sarah, then who?

    I wish there was at least one back up plan.


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