What Sarah Palin Really Said About A “Drop Dead” Date

By Gary P Jackson

The media and anti-Palin forces [many times one and the same] went nuts on Friday when Sarah Palin didn’t announce her candidacy for President of the United States. As the day went on, it became quite comical.

Never mind that Sarah, who appeared Thursday evening on Fox Business News’s Freedom Watch, told the viewers she wouldn’t be announcing on Friday and was holding her cards close to the vest.

I’m always amazed that people think Sarah should lay her cards on the table, spell out exactly what she intends to do to win the presidency. Would you expect a general going to war to tell the enemy what his plan of attack would be? Err, no. Nor would any other candidate be asked to do this.

At this point in time, Sarah has no reason not to tell her millions of supporters if she’s not running. Nothing to gain. That said, a candidate who is planning an unconventional campaign, one like she’s successfully ran before [the Alaska governor’s race] would certainly keep her entire strategery to herself until it was time to act.

Getting back to the point. Somehow answers Sarah Palin has given in interviews have turned into hard dates that Sarah herself has never set. In fact, she’s been purposely vague about hard dates, only kinda-sorta agreeing with the reporters asking the questions. The only hard and fast dates Sarah has ever talked about were the legal filing deadlines. Those are the only “drop dead” dates she’s specified.

We went back to an interview Sarah did with David Brody and the Iowa State Fair in August, that is representative of the interviews she’s done that have asked “the question.”

Palin: There is still a lot of contemplation that goes on within a family, deciding whether to engage in such a life-changing venture, putting yourself forward in the name of service, in such a position as President of the United States. So, we’re still thinking about it, and the impact on family.

Family comes first in my life, and I just don’t want to adversely affect the family. So, we’re still talking about it, thinking about it. And that’s what I want supporters to understand.

At the same time, I want to be very fair to supporters and not keep them hanging on in perpetuity. It’s fair to them to give them an answer here, in short order, so that they can jump on board with someone else, and/or to decide for themselves what they want to do. So, still haven’t made up my mind, haven’t decided when that announcement would be yet.

David Brody: Is that short order by the end of September? October?

Palin: I think that that is a fair timeline for people, because Fall time, they can start getting engaged with different campaigns, but still thinking about it, and really, really desiring to be a participant in the positive change that needs to happen in this country.

Economy getting back on the right track. Jobs created for Americans. I want to be a part of that, whether it be as a candidate, or as a supporter of the right candidate. I’m still in that decision making phase.

As highlighted, the answer is the end of September or the end of October.

See the entire interview here.

If people and the media want to take the time, they can go back and look at interviews that talk about a timeline, and they all go about the same.

What is most curious is how it’s the anti-Palin people who are all wee-wee’ed up because Sarah Palin hasn’t announced yet. Her supporters couldn’t care less when she announces as long as she announces!

What is also curious to me is it’s been guys like Mitch Daniels, Mike Huckabee, Rick Perry, and now Chris Christie who have played the “is you is, or is you ain’t” game, teasing their fans by saying they might, then the won’t, then they might run. [with Perry actually getting in, after promising Texans he would serve his full term as Govern on numerous occasions]

And yet, it’s Sarah Palin, who has always been consistent in her answers to questions about a possible run, who is the “tease.” You’d almost think there was some sort of agenda at work!

What’s interesting to me, is with all of the problems of the world, the Obama scandals [Fast and Furious, Solyndra, etc.] the crappy economy, terrorism, and everything else the media should be covering, they are spending their time worried about a woman they claim is insignificant, and could never win, is up to.

The constant hand-wringing over Sarah Palin betrays their fear. Sarah Palin lives rent free in all of their heads.

That’s probably why it’s going to be so enjoyable to watch her beat them all.


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9 responses to “What Sarah Palin Really Said About A “Drop Dead” Date

  1. Seattle

    lol! Gary, thanks for the post. I’m a ca.2008 supporter but apparently, last week, I was not a battle-hardened one, and I voiced my temporarily changeable [thank goodness] feelings: I admit to being antsy prior to a few days ago, for a few weeks:)

    -mea culpa -(finger pointing at self)

    But hooray, I was not overcome by the LSM! I thank people like you who had patience somewhere inside, though a hard game-face stance on the outside that was hard to believe in at times (damn LSM, bleh).

    Sometimes you need to ride a see-saw to find the true fulcrum.

    And I feel stronger for my ordeal this past week and for recognizing a lot of things about how much of a newbie I am at vocal support of Sarah, versus covert support (which is much easier and a bit quieter:)

    Ready and waiting. Hope I have not bugged too many people in the process.

    By the way, Happy “A Time for Choosing” speech Anniversary month, everyone:)

    • I believe that she is going to run, I believe she is going to win is not real
      support for Mitt or Perry never mind Paul, Gary, Newt could be a contender Backman is a long shot Cain another long shot basically the only one with the American People support is Sarah, the problem is that the LIBERAL media wants her to run in order again start to destroy her
      this people do not hate Sarah they are very scare of her and that is the reason they want to destroy her, communists and socialist degenerate their opponents to destroy them name calling, false accusatons etc.
      so run run sarah

  2. Auggie56

    Run Sarah Run !

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  5. Karen in Michigan

    Good catch! I never heard the “October” part till your post. And EE spent Friday night all wee-weed up tweeting because it was the last day in September.

    You’re post really made me chuckle about things. Another case of misreporting, ignoring the fact that he said “September? October?” And you know how many have said things like she broke her promise, or said ‘Oh yeah she says what she means and means what she says! Right.”

    Even I was a little disappointed. I didn’t think she promised like some said but I was thinking she said September till I watched this closer.

    Again, Thanks for pointing this out!

  6. I never did read a Karen comment but the fact is ONE she is short of time,
    my opinion is that by October 8th whe she speaks at the women convenction in Virginia an annoucement may come there, one way or another.

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