October Hot Air Straw Poll: Support For Rick Perry Collapses

By Gary P Jackson

If you’ve kept up with the Hot Air straw polling since November 2010, you’ll know Sarah Palin has won ever single poll by a wide margin, until last month. In September the “anybody but Sarah Palin, who isn’t Mitt Romney” contingent glommed onto Rick Perry as their latest “flavor of the month” giving him the win. Sarah came in second.

After watching Perry’s hapless performances in the debates, and finding out more about Perry’s record, the “anybody but Sarah Palin, who isn’t Mitt Romney” crowd has run en masse to Herman Cain, this month’s winner. Again Sarah comes in second.

The results:

Herman Cain 39%, Sarah Palin 32%, Rick Perry 12%, Mitt Romney 5%. The rest, including Michele Bachmann, Newt Gingrich, Chris Christie, and Mike Huckabee are below 5%.

The overwhelming choice for Vice President is Marco Rubio with 40% of the vote. Herman Cain comes in second with 14%. Allen West, who has been everyone’s favorite from the start, comes in tied for third with Newt Gingrich with 8% of the vote.

I’m not seeing the Rubio thing. As the U.S. Senate has so few actual Conservatives serving, I can’t follow the wisdom in wanting to remove one of them from office.

Hot Air also asks who would win a Palin vs Perry contest and a Palin vs Bachmann contest. The results are devastating to both Perry and Bachmann: Palin 62% Perry 38% and Palin 79% Bachmann 21%.

Read the full results here.

Having followed this series of straw polling for a year now, watching “flavor of the months” come and go, we are seeing self described conservative voters move completely away from undesirables like Michele Bachmann, Mitt Romney, Newt Gingrich, and now Rick Perry. That leaves Herman Cain at the top.

Herman Cain has been a favorite before, though this is his first win. He was hot early in these monthly straw polls, then a series of gaffes and policy statements caught up with him. This polling will be interesting moving forward.

It’s notable that Sarah Palin’s support has steady and consistent throughout.


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4 responses to “October Hot Air Straw Poll: Support For Rick Perry Collapses

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  2. And now Cain is demonstrating that he’s not ready for prime time,either. Sucking up to the media, is not going to work Herman. Playing the race card against Perry at the media’s instigation, demonstrates that Cain is as opportunistic as Bachmann. Sadly, it looks to me that Romney is the STRONGEST candidate that the GOP has at the present time. Palin’s support over at Hot Air is about 30% and solid as a freaking rock, not that there is anything wrong with rocks if you know what I mean and I think you do. Cheers. bigmike.

  3. At this point, no other candidate has entered the market with a track record in cleaning up after crony capitalists…whereas Palin has. While other candidates, on both the right and the left, seem to remain silent on the global consolidations of business holdings and monopoly capitalism, Palin is the only one who even touches the issues of crony capitalism and restoring market competition to create a competitive business environment. For far too long, regulation by the government has served as a barrier to entry and has prevented the price mechanism from clearing markets. This has forced the market to clear on quantity (e.g. number of people hired) rather than on price. Monopolies and oligopolies bread rigid prices and prevent markets from working efficiently and enable crony capitalism to persist.

    No other candidate has a grasp on these issues like Sarah Palin. No other candidate has her experience in crony “clean up.” Indeed, it would seem that several of the candidates have more experience ingratiating themselves with the oligarchs to remain part of the permanent political class rather than undertaking actions that serve the interests of the people by freeing the markets, removing barriers to business entry and establishing a fair playing field. Many of them try to transform themselves in the appealing aspects of “flavor of the week” [Romney… governor, Romney… businessman] but none of them have laid out an agenda that attacks the issues that keeping this nation from moving forward.

    The next President should be someone who is not from the permanent political class, someone who has experience in crony capitalism clean-up, someone with an understanding of the Pacific Theater as well as the Atlantic theater, and someone with a servants heart that understands the American people. Increasingly, people are realizing that Palin is that person.

  4. I want WI Gov. Walker for Sarah’s VP.

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