Stephen K Bannon: Todd Palin A Modern Day Gary Cooper and a Man’s Man

When you move forward and want to make change you’re gonna piss people off, you know, but Sarah doesn’t care.

~ Todd Palin on how Governor Palin created a coalition and got things done for the Alaskan people.

By Gary P Jackson

Stephen K Bannon interviews Alaska’s former First Dude, Todd Palin. This is the essential interview. Todd and Stephen talk extensively about Sarah Palin’s career as Mayor and Governor.

Todd goes into the details of the situation that lead up to Sarah’s resignation as Governor and reminds listeners the role Barack Obama and his associates played in it all.

Todd is also a world champion snow machine racer, winning the grueling Iron Dog, a 2274 mile endurance race though Alaska’s roughest terrain, and the championship, four times. This is the longest snow machine race in the world. Todd is a real racer and you can hear the passion for it in his voice.

Todd is a man of few words, but really opens up here.

The Undefeated DVD goes on sale Tuesday at WalMart and can also be seen on pay-per-view.

Audio courtesy SarahNet.


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