Ignoring Sarah Palin

By Patrick S Adams

Ever since Sarah Palin hit the national stage, the Democrat Party, the mainstream media and the Republican establishment have gone out of their way to diminish her despite her record and popularity. She was immediately received by the rank and file as a bolt of life saving energy for the GOP, which until that moment was snoozing through John McCain rallies and watching the conservative brand shrivel into a crumpled piece of paper that candidate Obama was just about to sink into a garbage pail like someone playing office basketball.

Her stellar record in Alaska meant nothing to dumpster divers and DNC sanctioned left wing bloggers who would create narratives out of thin air to plant doubts into the minds of the electorate and blot out the incredible accomplishments of someone who has achieved far more than any of her detractors. After being smeared by the mainstream media on the 2008 presidential campaign trail, she returned to Alaska only to find that her life was being re-written in some Kafka-esque way by malcontents and partisans who feared that she would be back in 2012.

Governor Palin’s resignation short circuited the intentional strategy to prevent her from accomplishing anything that she could use on her resume in 2012 by grid locking and overwhelming the Alaska government with numerous frivolous ethics complaints. At the same time, they knew that they could personally bankrupt her with the costs of defending herself from these ridiculous complaints.

Her enemies were surprised and even outraged when she resigned because she outsmarted them by going outside the box to extricate herself from a no win scenario. Although it was politically risky and gave her detractors the ability to spin this brilliant strategy move as “quitting,” the political damage from that was nothing compared to what would have happened had she stayed on.

Although the arguments of today about a Palin presidency are still tainted by caricatures designed to confuse those who don’t follow politics closely and fears that have been planted into the minds of some conservatives and Republicans who are gullible enough to believe them, the original smear campaign is not the reason why there are Republicans who seem to be blindly looking past the one person who embodies everything they believe in while they search for a savior or the next Reagan somewhere else.

There are agenda driven establishment Republicans who look at what she did to destroy cronyism in Alaska. They look at her record. They look amongst their crony selves. Then they look back at her record in Alaska again. Of course they’re not going to want her to run. The establishment knows that Palin is a pit bull and they’re all wearing Milk Bone underwear.

That’s why this has little to do with a smear campaign started by left wing journalists and some childish malcontent bloggers up in Alaska who wrote stuff like “Trig’s not hers” or that she was having unsubstantiated affairs. This has to do with the good ole boy network.

The only remaining victims of the psychological operation undertaken by the media and the leftovers of the 2008 Obama campaign who participated in the original smear campaign are the “trembling tigers” – non-establishment conservatives and Republicans who like Sarah Palin and agree with her on the issues, but see her as too damaged to win. The lingering effects of this wasted smear campaign can still be felt in arguments across kitchen tables and cocktail tables. But, for the most part, these people can be won over with facts, a strong presidential campaign on Mrs. Palin’s part and a viewing of the movie The Undefeated.

Liberals still fear her, don’t get me wrong; but now they count on the Republican establishment to stop her since their efforts have failed. The original smear campaign against Sarah Palin was never designed for the liberal base. The smear campaign was designed for us, the conservative base. It was designed to plant doubts about Sarah Palin in our heads, not in the heads of those who are already pre-disposed to vote against her anyway.

The Republican establishment never stood up for her after the media and the Left continued to denigrate her following the 2008 election. Now we know why. If we don’t fight the GOP establishment, then we allow the liberals a back door way of getting what they couldn’t get out of their defunct efforts to lie about her and distort her image.

Sarah Palin is a successful business woman, political activist, public speaker, author, writer and political analyst. If the smear campaign had worked, she’d be bankrupt and living in a trailer park somewhere in Alaska watching herself on the TV show “Where are they now?” She will continue to be widely successful from this point forward because she was savvy enough to unshackle herself from a rigged political and media game following the 2008 campaign.

The time is coming for the Republican Party to choose a nominee to defeat Barack Obama. Some were clamoring for Chris Christie to get into the race before he finally said no. The media covered that with vigor; yet the same clamoring for Sarah Palin to get into the race continues every day with minimal coverage. If you have a handful of Republican establishment fat cats pushing for Christie to get in that gets covered. When millions of regular everyday people are calling on Palin to run, you get nothing from the media. The unwashed masses don’t carry around big bags of money like the fat cats do.

Those who look past Palin are either afraid of her or they don’t realize how effective she really can be in taking on the permanent political class in Washington. The flavor of the month candidates that the establishment keeps trying to pick for us keep falling short. They don’t match what the people want the way Palin does. They will try to do everything to distract us from her. If you look at how the American people poll on the issues, Palin is a perfect fit. The new strategy to stop Palin now is to simply ignore that and hope the people don’t see it while encouraging them to back other candidates by ginning up the notion that she’s not running.

They will continue to use the false perceptions that she’s damaged goods or the meme that people are growing impatient with her holding out on making a decision to run. They will claim she’s unintelligent and politically polarizing. They will not talk about her record, though. The truth often gets in the way of a good attempt at mind fogging.

It’s time for the American people to start asking themselves the right questions. Are the negatives associated with Sarah Palin real or are they imagined? Do we automatically disqualify candidates who have real records with no mitigating blemishes if they are falsely accused of things they are not or have not done? Do we grow impatient with someone because they won’t make a huge personal decision on our time frame?

Aren’t good people hated by bad people and don’t we have a lot of bad people in our country? Is someone who believes the same things that a majority of Americans believe when polled polarizing? Is someone who missed a question or two during a three hour interview unintelligent if they are able to write books, give speeches and maintain a high presence in the national spotlight?

To quote Todd Palin “see The Undefeated.” If you look at what she accomplished in her career in Alaska leading up to her selection for VP in 2008, you will find the keys to a Palin presidency.

Who is better suited to end Obamacare? Who is better suited to end crony capitalism? Who is better suited to revive our economy by unleashing the industrial giant in the energy sector, reforming entitlements and the tax code, eliminating corporate income tax and reducing the enormous regulatory burden on American businesses? Who is more suited to keep us safe from foreign aggressors and terrorists than someone who has taught her political army how to keep their powder dry and pick battles wisely? Who is more suited to make the proper military decisions than someone who has sent her own son into combat?

If money was no object, why would anyone want to pick the second best suit on the rack or the second best car on the lot if you can have the one you really want? Or even worse, why would anyone let the establishment salesman talk them into buying one that isn’t anything like what you’re looking for?

It’s time to do our own research. We know the media lies and that the establishment is running a smoke screen in the hopes that not enough voters see the real Sarah Palin. We can’t let our fellow citizens be fed misinformation. If someone is looking for a cat, you don’t let them ask the mouse which one to pick.

There is so much about Governor Palin’s record that is being overlooked by the mainstream media and the establishment. To draw attention to it now would be devastating to those who are holding their breath hoping they can slip through the rest of this month without a Palin announcement to run.

Watching the Republican establishment try to sell their candidates or get Chris Christie or Jeb Bush into the race reminds me of that CarFax commercial. I’m waiting for someone to ask an establishment Republican pundit why their candidate’s record doesn’t stack up to Sarah Palin’s and hearing “but this is Deal-o-rama!”

If Sarah Palin runs, she will prove to the electorate why she is the best choice. How she campaigns and how she communicates will get that message across. There are plenty of activists ready to jump in and help her. There’s a lot of money sitting on the sideline waiting for her to make a decision. There is a country waiting to help her save it.

If Sarah Palin decides not to run, we will have to choose the next best thing. But there is still hope we will be able to choose the genuine article. “The current thinking in GOP election law circles is that the first hard cut-off for entering the race is Oct. 28, when presidential candidates who hope to appear on the ballot in the New Hampshire primary would be required to submit a filing fee from a federally registered presidential campaign committee, according to Politico which is reporting that calls were made by an attorney for SarahPac to early primary states to find out about filing deadlines.

The anniversary of Ronald Reagan’s announcement for the presidency is November 13. That will be too late. Palin will be in North Korea for the World Knowledge Forum between October 11 to 13. Her window to announce will be between October 14 and 28. By the end of the month, we will know Palin’s intentions whether she announces them or not. There’s no reason to jump ship now after waiting this long.

The question of whether or not we want Sarah Palin to run has already been decided. The media and the GOP establishment won’t admit it, but the answer to that is a resounding yes. As Pamela Geller says, “There are millions of us waiting on Sarah. Millions. Go, Sarah, go! Run, Sarah, run!”

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  1. I think she might jump in before the 11th. That would maximize coverage of her speech in South Korea and take coverage away from the GOP debate on the same date.

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