The Time Is Now as a Run by Sarah Palin Seems Imminent

By Gary P Jackson

Politico ran a story on Tuesday that got tongues wagging: [Drudge made it his headline story]

Ken Vogel and I both have sources telling us that calls were made on behalf of a mystery candidate to various early states to determine presidential filing deadlines.

The calls were made by representatives of the law firm Baker Hostetler – a firm that employs lawyer Mark Braden, who represents Sarah PAC, her political action committee.

As Ken notes, while he nor representatives of Palin’s campaign would comment on the calls, Palin is the only GOP politician eying the presidential race who is represented by the firm.

More here.

Baker Hostetler is an international law firm that is celebrating it’s 95th year. They specialize in business law and high finance. According to Wikipedia:

Baker Hostetler played a role in the recovery of funds for victims of the Bernard Madoff Ponzi scheme. The firm was selected to help resolve one of the largest and most complex fraud cases in the nation’s history based on its prior work in the fields of corporate finance, complex business litigation, white collar criminal investigation and bankruptcy law.

The Baker team includes the Trustee overseeing liquidation of the brokerage house—as well as related investigations and litigation—and the firm serves as Trustee’s counsel. So far, more than $1.5 billion has been recovered for distribution to victims.

Major League Baseball is a longstanding client. Baker Hostetler has represented the William Jefferson Clinton Presidential Foundation’s HIV/AIDS Initiative since 2003. Other major international clients are listed here.

A lot of pundits I saw on commenting on Tuesday were “concerned” about when these calls were made. They seemed to put some importance in that. I have a different take. I’m more interested in the timing of this leak. As someone who has followed the Governor since 2007 one thing I’ve learned is she runs a pretty tight ship. The only real news that ever leaks out of her inner circle is news she wants leaked out. What better way to let her supporters know it’s on, without announcing it, than to let this bit of info get out there?

October is going to be an incredibly busy month for Sarah. She has three major events, including the Extraordinary Women’s Conference in Lynchburg, Virginia that has been sold out for months, and will be simulcast in 1000 churches nationwide, as well as a trip to South Korea. At the World Leadership Forum Sarah will give a US leadership perspective on how to lead the world out of the latest crisis. She also has an event with Glenn Beck this Friday in St Louis.

With these three events Sarah will be addressing fiscal conservatism, social conservatism, and foreign policy, all on the world stage. The timing of these events also point toward a pending run.

As we understand it now, the first filing deadline to be on a state ballot is October 31, in Florida. The next day, November 1stis the deadline in South Carolina, and then November 15th for Michigan. I look for her to announce well before these dates.


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8 responses to “The Time Is Now as a Run by Sarah Palin Seems Imminent

  1. Joy

    The excitement mounts! And, like other Palinistas, my heart is beating just a wee bit faster these days – as the next step in SP’s campaign gets under way… God bless Sarah Palin – and God speed!!

  2. Jim Thompson

    All Sarah Palin Needs To Do Is To Unite The Republican Base. Believe me, It’s not an easy feet. If She accomplishes this difficult task, the sky’s the limit. It’s time to do a whole lot of praying, especially for this country. ITherefor, I Believe Sarah Palin Is the one to save this nation.

  3. AJ Steele

    Many in the GOP have thrown Sarah under the bus. They will get a real wake up call if Palin the candidate becomes a reality. Ann Coulter, Bill Oreilly, Laura Ingram and many, many more have done nothing but try to downgrade her. Coulter is the phoniest conservative I’ve seen in years. I would vote for Romney over Obama but why should we settle when truest of conservatives is right at the door, Sarah Palin.

  4. Karen in Michigan

    Well Gary I guess it just isn’t meant to be, at least not in 2012. Darn.

    Just wanted to say I’ve checked in here often and enjoyed your writing. Also thanks for defending me on youtube from a lewd vulgar palin hating scumbag that was attacking my comments a few years back.

    Don’t know what’s going to happening to all these blogs now, so wanted to say take care in case they start disappearing.

    Thanks again,
    Karen in Michigan

    • Gary P

      Karen, we are till here and will stay here. Hope you stay with us!

      • Karen in Michigan

        Don’t know how I feel right now. I’ll probably check in now and again. I’m sad because I’m thinking with the choices we have it will just be politics as usual.

  5. NHConservative0221

    I just want to day thanks for all you have done in support of a great conservative woman. I’m pretty shocked and disappointed, but Sarah had to make the best decision for herself and her family. I’ve seen many people at conservatives4palin turn on this woman since last night. I can’t explain why she did the bus trip, went along with the movie, and dragged this out so long, but I’m sure she had her reasons and has the country’s best interests at heart.
    I still like and support Sarah. It’s a shame because she would’ve made a great president. However, it does us no good to bash her as she was not part of the insider Beltway elite.
    As for where we go from here; we need to nominate the best conservative to defeat Obama. That person is NOT Romney or Perry as you’ve done a great job of documenting Gary.
    We all need to do some serious homework and vetting of Bachmann, Cain, Santorum, and Gingrich. Gary, I think I’ve seen you say in the past on Hotair that Cain’s first elected office won’t be the presidency. I’m inclined to agree, but you never know. There’s alot of time left.
    Thanks again Gary, for all the great work you’ve done. I hope you continue to do so.

    • Gary P

      No thank you for your support.

      We’re not going anywhere. It’s more important now than ever to expose those who would endanger Liberty and Freedom.

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