The Undefeated Number 3 On Amazon’s Best Seller List

The Undefeated director Stephen K Bannon’s epic documentary of Sarah Palin’s career has hit number three on Amazon’s best sellers list of documentaries. Ken Burns’ Prohibition is number 2. Buck, a documentary about training horses is number one.

The Undefeated has been on sale at both Amazon and Walmart [online] for a month. The DVD went on sale in Walmart stores on Tuesday. It can also be seen on pay-per-view.

This is a must see movie. Steven K Bannon does a masterful job of setting the record straight on Sarah Palin. Throughout the movie, Bannon uses the people who were there, and helped change Alaska, to tell the story. Even if you think you know Sarah’s real record, and all she has accomplished, you’ll know more once this movie is over.

Long at two hours, the movie is so compelling, and moves so fast, you’ll not notice.

Get your copy now, and start sharing it with your friends. You won’t be disappointed.

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