The Reagan Revolution, The Palin Revolution, and Thinking Long Term

By Gary P Jackson

As a young man, the first vote I cast in a presidential election was for Ronald Reagan. I have always considered myself part of the Reagan Revolution, but that revolution didn’t start when Reagan became President.

Reagan’s rise as the leading voice of conservatism, and champion of the American way of life, started in October of 1964 when he gave “The Speech.” [an event we will celebrate later this month] That iconic speech, one that still resonates today, put Ronald Reagan on the political radar.

Reagan’s speech was way ahead of it’s time. It was forward looking and pretty radical.

At the time, Reagan had never run for elected office, though he had been an activist, and fought hard against the march of communism in America. Reagan’s speech set the tone for conservatives for the next 45 years.

Reagan would go on to be a two term Governor of California and run for President in 1968 and 1976 before successfully becoming President in 1980 and winning a historic re-election in 1984.

The 1968 run initiated when a group of Reagan’s top backers convinced him to run. Even though Reagan was Nixon’s only real competition, it wasn’t meant to be. Nixon won handily. Reagan was still Governor, and would serve until 1975, when he would again make a run at the presidency.

I look back at the days Reagan served as Governor, and even after. He kept his name out there. Reagan was a frequent guest on shows like The Dean Martin Celebrity Roast, as both the roaster and the roastee, and The Sonny and Cher Show. Reagan did plenty of political commentary as well. After losing the 1976 nomination, Reagan spent a lot of time doing radio addresses, writing opinion pieces, and so on.

Throughout all of this time, from 1964 through the 1970s, Reagan spoke out in support of the conservative way of life, and built up a base of support that would see him eventually win two landslide victories.

Now I know some go nuts when you compare Sarah Palin to Ronald Reagan, saying she’s no Reagan. Well, even Ronald Reagan wasn’t Ronald Reagan, …. until he was.

Sarah Palin, is Sarah Palin. She’s very much her own woman, but is also a student of Reagan, and shares a lot of his philosophy. She also has that same positive attitude about herself, and our nation. Like Reagan, Sarah sees America as that Shiny City on a Hill. Sarah Palin has inspired millions of people who never even cared about politics to not only care, but get involved.

The Palin Revolution started on September 3, 2008 when Sarah gave her acceptance speech as the nominee for Vice President at the Republican convention in St. Paul Minnesota.

Just as Reagan fired people up in 1964, Sarah did the same. She woke up a campaign that was all but DOA, and has never stopped inspiring people.

As Governor of Alaska, Sarah went back to work ofter John McCain lost his bid to be president. Volumes have been written since then about all of the events that happened after that, so other than telling readers to go watch The Undefeated for the truth, I’ll spare you the recap.

One thing Sarah has never stopped doing is fighting. Sarah has been the only real living voice of conservatism since she took to that convention stage in 2008. Better still, Sarah has put skin in the game. She’s put principle over power, and worried more about advancing conservatism than advancing her own political career.

I’m writing this today because a lot of Sarah’s supporters are still very angry and disappointed she’s decided to not run for President in 2012.

Some are angry at her, some just angry because they don’t see an alternative. After all, we support Sarah because she was the best for the job. Has the most experience, the best record, and has actually done in Alaska what must be done nationwide. It’s hard for a lot of people to let that go. To accept the best possible choice for America has decided not to run.

There’s even a move to draft her. To cause that “earthquake” she said it would take to get her to reconsider. To be honest, as tempting as it sounds, folks would be better off focusing their energy on the new mission.

Sarah has said she’s not going anywhere. That she is going to take on corruption in both parties, continue to push the conservative message, and fight to not only take back the Senate but increase our numbers in the House, by helping elect sold conservatives. Men and women of principle. Of substance.

Sarah has inspired millions, it would be sad to see all of that energy wasted.

In 2010 Sarah had an unbelievable record of picking winning candidates and endorsing them. Look for 2012 to be even stronger, as long as we keep our eyes on the mission.

Back in the 1980s when we were still trying to dig out of the disaster caused by Jimmy Carter’s presidency, and the Japanese were buying up a lot of American real estate, we were treated to stories of how in Japan, leaders always thought long term. We were told that, unlike Americans who plan for next year, the Japanese plan 100 years in advance. That may or may not be true, but it reminds me that the way we are doing things now isn’t working.

Politicos never look past the next election. Anymore, that next election seems to start the second the last drop of champagne is drunk, and the last piece of confetti has fallen during the celebration of the latest victory. It’s insane.

You can count me among those who really wish Sarah was running for President. You can also count me among those who are totally uninspired by the choices left.

It’s as if the only adult in the race left the room. There is no substantial conversation now. None of these candidates are strong enough to carry on a serious conversation. Their either attacking each other or discussing things that don’t matter. None has the ability to seize the moment and change the national conversation. If one does however, they will win.

I accept Sarah’s decision and after reflection, support it 100%. Like Reagan, Sarah is ahead of her time, for now. She’s talking about radical change. Changing the entire way government works. She’s talking about major reform. Replacing the corrupt Ruling Class politicians with principled leaders who aren’t for sale to the highest bidder. That change won’t come easy. The Ruling Class isn’t going to go quietly.

Barack Obama and Texas Governor Rick Perry have been in the news for their crony capitalism. Both have funneled millions, or in Obama’s case billions of dollars, to their big campaign donors’ businesses. Both have built their administrations on a system of patronage and cronyism. The “good old boy” way. These sort of politicians are the enemies of Liberty and Freedom.

Thing is, while we know those two are among the worst of the worst, there is a system of corrupt cronyism throughout government, at every level.

Sarah Palin has based her whole political career on defeating corruption and reforming government so it can better serve the people. From her earliest days on the Wasilla city council, to today, reform, fighting corruption, has been her message.

It seems that Sarah has chosen to take on crony capitalism, corporate welfare for friends of powerful leaders, and take that system down. That is the fight for the soul of our nation.

We tend to blame a lot of reasons for America’s demise. Over-taxation, over-regulation, poor trade policy, a non-existent energy policy, too much spending and far too much waste. Those are just the symptoms. When you really look into all of this, you’ll find someone is benefiting from each of these problems. It may be money, it may be a sick ideology that if furthered, but one way or the other, someone benefits, and that someone usually has close ties with the lawmakers, or as now, the President, and a Governor or two.

We have to find a way through amending the tax code, as well as writing strong ethics laws, with real teeth, to stop this. Only then, only after we stop all of this corruption, will America truly recover.

We can’t except this sort of behavior any longer, even if it’s from someone we support. Too often I see supporters of the remaining candidates, when corruption is brought up, say that’s just how it is. They are totally willing to accept corruption, as long as their guy wins. That sort of thinking is why America is in the shape it’s in. It unacceptable, it’s un-American, and we have to stop supporting these sort of people.

Look, there is no such thing as a perfect person. No one is infallible, but the very least we can ask of our leaders is to be ethical and free of corruption. If they can’t do that, they must be replaced with those who will keep fidelity with the people.

If you look at this situation, and the huge job ahead, it’s easy to see why Sarah wants to focus on remaking and reforming Congress, rather than sit in the oval office. [for now]

Even Ronald Reagan, the great leader, the great reformer, couldn’t get much of his agenda passed through Congress. And that’s the lesson. Congress is where the reform will come from. If we have the right people in Congress, they can stop the President, any President from harming the nation. By the same token, Congress, as it currently sits, can hinder a President who wants real positive change.

In Alaska Sarah championed reforms that made cronyism as crime. She used her position to push through legislation that made it almost impossible for the situations that lead to cronyism to even occur.

In our federal government the branches are equal, and it would be harder, as President, to force Congress to reform. It would be an uphill battle.

There are 35 Senate seats up for grabs in 2012, and of course, all of the House seats. The House is full of Conservatives who would gladly go along with major reforms. The Senate, not so much. That needs to change.

As a member of the Palin Revolution I ask my fellow Palinistas, and anyone else reading this, to sit back and realize what Sarah Palin is trying to do. She’s trying to remake Congress and rid the nation of the corrupt “good old boys” just as she did in Alaska. This will be a much tougher battle, and she’ll need all of our help!

We must get engaged in all of the Senate races. It’s up to us to vet every candidate and make sure they meet the highest ethical standards. They must be people of principle, of good character. The same goes for the House races. We must not only defeat the enemies of Liberty and Freedom, we must make damned sure we replace them with the very best of people.

We have plenty of time to do this, if we stop bitching that Sarah isn’t running for President, and instead realize what she is up to is far more important, and will have a far reaching, and long lasting effect, if she is successful. And she can only be successful if we unite behind her, as we always have.

Being President is four years, with an option for another four. Fundamentally reforming our government, rooting out corruption, fixing things so it’s almost impossible to create situations for corruption to occur, is lasting and enduring.

Now this won’t happen in one election, but we can set things in motion with this one. We’ll have to stick together through 2014, and even 2016. Reforming Congress must be our highest calling [politically] if we are to save the Republic.

One of the benefits Sarah has over Reagan, is she has the luxury of learning not only what he did right, but what he could have done better. I can’t pretend to know what she’s thinking, but going off what she is saying, it seems she’s learned to effect the change most needed, we need a willing Congress. One that is looking out for the American people more than their own political careers. That is, after all, what Sarah herself is doing.

In the end, we must think long term. No President, not even a President Palin, is going to fix things on their own. The current make-up of Congress all but guarantees this. We may have our President Palin some day, but right now she’s chosen a different mission, a more important mission, a mission that … if successful … will lead to a fundamentally reformed federal government. That ain’t a bad thing!

Sarah is the one figure in politics that can pull all of this off. The left knows this, it’s why they are still hammering her, still trying to marginalize her. Same goes for the GOP elites. She can pull this off, but not alone. Palinistas need to wake up and realize why we’ve been supporting her in the first place. Though were are talking about Sarah, this is a whole lot bigger than one person. In reality, this has never really been about Sarah Palin. It’s been about what she represents.

Yes, Sarah has the record, the accomplishments, and the abilities, but she is just one person. Let’s hope the millions she’s inspired will, in their own way, become “Sarah Palins” too. We need leaders of all kinds at every level.

Elections come and go. It’s the effects of those elections that linger on.

This is not going to be easy, and it’s going to take more than one election to see the desired results, but reforming Congress, fighting corruption, is worth the effort. It will make us a better nation. Hell, it will save our nation!

Stop thinking about the next election, and instead worry about the long term heath and viability of the Republic. That’s what Sarah’s doing, and that’s what I plan to do.

The Palin Revolution is already much stronger than the Reagan Revolution. The times are much different, and there are more activists engaged today. Let’s leverage that strength, let’s leverage the inspiration Sarah has given us, and let’s win this battle!



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14 responses to “The Reagan Revolution, The Palin Revolution, and Thinking Long Term

  1. Del Parker

    Acceptance speech not exceptance speech.

  2. Excellent article,actually alot of what you point out ,has already been part of my own points to try to get the troops motivated again..We must be from the same generation..Thank you my friend..onward we shall go!

  3. stevebayrd

    Thank you. This helps!

  4. Nicki Scroggin

    EXCELLENT article Gary Jackson… i was heartbroken when she decided not to enter the race.. however, i knew that her cause was greater and there was much work yet to be done… she promised not to leave us…
    i believe her.. i trust her… that is why i have supported her since the day she stepped onto the national stage… thank you so much for rallying the troops to keep up the fight… sarah’s fight is far from over… our mamma grizzly would never leave us alone in the dark!!

  5. Ace

    The new “Reagan Revolution” will only come when the GOP is dead and buried.

  6. The only candidate I see on the horizon is Herman Cain. He too is being trivialized, marginalized and mocked by the liberal black community, main stream GOP, ‘good ‘ol boys’ & the press – even Fox doens’t think he can raise the funds….I hope Sarah takes a good look. Herman is vetted too. One of his credentials is his church going back ground (gospel singer in his youth) yet he doesn’t flaunt it or engage in the fray of the gang running. He is Reagan like in sticking to his message; it’s a simple message yet powerful. Mark my words….

    • Gary P

      I’m looking at Cain, but what I’m seeing is what I saw months ago. The man is in no way qualified to be president. I haven’t posted commentary yet, but I saw him try to explain his 999 tax plan, and it was nothing more than a completely incoherent rambling statement that showed me he doesn’t have a clue how his plan will hurt the poor and those on disability.

      Anyone can give a good speech. Cain has no record whatsoever. He’s never held office, never proven he can get things done. He’s our “Barack Obama” but without the experience.

      Stay tuned I will have something on this later.

      Frankly there is no adult in this contest.


    Two leaders in my life have inspired me to follow.
    First was Ronald Reagan, and the second was Sarah Palin.
    There has been noone else in-between, and noone else since.

    I’m having a hard time adjusting now. I still think Palin was the best. She is the one who spoke about the real battle, and her life and political career has stood up to intense scrutiny.

    I am now looking for who is second best. What I’m finding so far is a gigantic gap in presidential qualities between first and second best.

  8. Joy

    Gary – you outdid yourself with this one – MAZEL TOV!! Just fabulous and you laid out a excellent argument for the absolute necessity of (1) reforming the Congress and replacing as many Dems & RINOs as possible with TRUE Consevatives/Tea Partiers, etc.; an (2) rooting out corruption at every level of the federal gov’t! The trough is a VERY busy place, and those hogs won’t go quietly into that good night…

    Limbaugh had some great words about all this – and, in particular, the long knives out on BOTH sides of the aisle, but the sharpest ones from the GOP Establishment (may they rot in hell – and sooner, rather than later, too!!).

    I also loved how you laid out the long path that Reagan took to the White House; but we must never forget the “spiritual godfather,” if you will, of Sen. Barry Goldwater: His passionate speeches and clear thinking, as he set out the Conservative agenda in 1964 (and despite his landslide defeat!), really set the Reagan Revolution in motion. I was a Goldwater Girl then, and Goldwater will ALWAYS have a very special place in my heart!!

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