Vile Animal Orlando Jones: “Kill Sarah Palin”

By Gary P Jackson

No other way to describe someone like Orlando Jones. From the Hollywood Reporter:

The actor-comedian tweeted over the weekend: “Libyan Rebels kill Gaddafi, if American liberals want respect they better stop listening to Aretha & kill Sarah Palin.

Of course, the website tried to make this animal’s death wish Sarah’s fault by bringing up the Gifford’s shooting. Never mind it was a left wing loon who’d been stalking Giffords since 2007, and had it in for her because she wasn’t radical enough for his taste, that did the shooting. Oh, and don’t forget, it was the democrat party hate site Daily KOS that called Gifford, a “blue dog democrat,” a traitor who would be dealt with, and put a bulls-eye on her.

Also it was a KOS diarist who wrote “she’s dead to me” the day before she was shot. This was simply because Giffords didn’t vote for Nancy Pelosi as House Minority Leader!

This is all disgusting, but becoming more and more the norm for progressives. The mask has fallen and they are showing who they truly are.

If you’ve been following the “occupy” movement, you’ve seen the protesters, many paid by labor unions and all supported by Barack Obama and the democrat party, defecate on police cars, destroy property, and engage in violence. There have been many rapes reported, including the rape of a mentally disabled woman.

Somehow I think has-been actor Orlando Jones would fit right in with this group.

I’ve never understood the vile hatred from the left. Anyone that even slightly disagrees with their diseased ideology is threatened with violence. Or in Giffords’ case, the victim of their wrath. The left has no real ideas, no viable solutions, and America disagrees with them on every issue, so all they have left is violence to impose their will.

I suspect one of the reasons Sarah Palin decided not to run for President was the fear of violence toward her and her family. We recently saw Bristol attacked in Hollywood, and though she handled herself quite well, what if the loon had brought a weapon with him? Sadly, it looks like Sarah’s decision is not going to stop the hatred or the threats of violence. In the struggle of good vs evil she still represents an existential threat to the left.

These are dangerous times. Barack Obama and his union thugs have teamed up with the Communist Party USA and the American Nazi Party to fuel all of this violence and hatred. They are all behind the nationwide “occupy” movement to destabilize the Republic.

I don’t know if Orlando Jones supports this movement or not, but he is typical of those who do.

Pray for the nation, and pray for Sarah Palin, Barack Obama and his many comrades mean to destroy both.



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8 responses to “Vile Animal Orlando Jones: “Kill Sarah Palin”

  1. Gary,

    Just awful. Thanks for posting, I had not seen this.


  2. Shelly

    This so called actor is a sick SOB!

  3. patricia cala

    “vile hatred from the left”. I can’t understand it either. At every opportunity they bash … The TV program The View had Barbara Walters making fun of the number of primary candidates running in the Presidetial Republican Primary. She knows very well that the same number of candidates ran in 2008 for the Democratic Primary.
    Even in Church Groups, you can’t say anything here that isn’t pro liberal.

  4. Joy

    Orlando WHO?!? I’ve never heard of him – until now. Well, the name rings faint bell, but he’s destined for has-been status, if he’s not already there…. (As my father often said about wannabes: “Has-beens who never were!”

  5. Donna

    This is one sick SOB!! Leave Sarah alone. She didn’t do anything to anyone!! Hope God punish you for what you said or try to do any harm to Sarah, Todd & their beautiful family!!

  6. Jim Thompson

    As a fellow African American myself, and a Die Hard Sarah Palin Supporter, this I Completely understand the least. Another actor, so called comedian falls by the way side, an African american at that on calling for Sarah Palin to die. What a disgrace.

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