It’s Not That Sarah Palin Should Reconsider, It’s That She Must

By Gary P Jackson

A few weeks back the History Channel rebranded it’s sister channel, History International as simply H2. As part of the re-branding and re-focus, H2 ran a marathon of the great doccumentary series The Revolution.

This is a series of one hour shows that tell the story of the American Revolution, from the earliest days, to the establishment of our new nation. Though I had seen these shows before, I sat back and enjoyed them again.

The very last episode is a recap of the events, through the experiences of George Washington. The filmakers mean to impress upon the audience that George Washington was the “Essential Man.” You come away understanding just how essential George Washington was to our nation’s founding. As you look back at some of the events, you wonder out loud if the United States would even exist, if not for Washington’s wisdom and leadership.

Though he had more than a few early set-backs, It’s was General George Washington, serving as Commander-in-Chief of the Continental Army, who took a bunch of farmers, ill equipped and often under-nourished, and beat the best army in the world. Beat them so soundly, the United States became a free nation. Washington’s leadership was essential.

After the great victory, trouble was still brewing. Congress was slow in paying the troops who won the hard fought battle for Freedom and Liberty. There was talk of a coup d’état. The military was ready to take up arms and overthrow Congress and the new government. This, of course, would have been a disaster.

It was George Washington who stopped this. His wisdom and steady demeanor were essential. Without Washington, it’s doubtful the young nation would have survived the insurrection.

When the nation’s leaders realized the original Articles of Confederation were not working, and the nation needed a better blueprint, it was George Washington once more, who worked in service to our nation. Washington would be there every day as our Constitution was drafted, and his input was essential.

When it came time to elect or first chief executive, our first President, the nation again turned to George Washington. President Washington set the tone for the office that presidents have followed since. [more or less] He set the tone for what a president should be, and how they should comport themselves. Remember, Congress, at first, wanted to make him a King. Washington’s wisdom and leadership was once again essential and kept Congress from making what would have been a mistake.

Another theme that run’s through Washington’s service to our nation is the fact he just wanted to go home after completing whatever service he’d just performed. Washington was a farmer and wanted nothing more than to get back to it. Washington never lusted for power or fame. He simply wanted to serve, and every time he was needed, he did.

In fact, as the story goes, after the war, Britain’s King George asked American painter Benjamin West, who was serving as the King’s historical painter, what would Washington do? Would he set up a military government? Would he make himself King, as was customary at the time? West replied: They say he will go home.” King George reportedly said “If he does that, he will be the greatest man in the world.

As I watched this final episode I couldn’t help but think of Sarah Palin and how she is our generation’s “Essential Man.”

Even before Sarah was chosen as John McCain’s running mate she was championing Liberty and Freedom, and fighting the kind of corruption and cronyism that is destroying our society.

She was also touting her beautiful Alaska as the nation’s solution for our energy problems. Sarah understood that our nation holds the largest energy reserves in the world, and all we have to do is go and get them. Her experience tells her we can do this, and do it in an environmentally sound way.

Once Sarah became a candidate for vice president her leadership and statesmanship were quite evident. Even with the feckless team McCain put together, Sarah was able to get her strong message out, and it resonated with the American people.

Not timid in the least, she went after Barack Obama with a vengeance. In her acceptance speech she correctly predicted what a complete disaster Obama would be. She wasn’t gentle about it either. In fact, when the rest of the GOP was afraid to criticize this product of a communist upbringing, Sarah was hitting him hard and she’s never stopped.

Though McCain lost, Sarah Palin was essential to that campaign. She was the one bright spot, the one who packed the stadiums and auditoriums. She was the reason Conservatives had a renewed hope.

After the loss, most thought Sarah would go home and fade into obscurity, like most VP candidates do after a loss. In fact, she wanted nothing more than to go home to her beloved Alaska and resume her job as Governor of the state she loves so much. The democrats had other plans.

She put such fear in the hearts of the democrat party that Obama’s minions went into overdrive trying to sabotage her governorship. Team Obama worked to create a situation where it was impossible for her to do her job. Obama’s team was successful, but in winning the battle, they lost the war. Rather than going away in defeat, Sarah became Obama’s greatest nightmare.

You name the major issue, and Sarah Palin has been the first major political leader to fearlessly speak out against the Obama regime.

She was right with ObamaCare, and with two words: “death panels” turned an easy bit of legislation for the Obama regime to pass into an all out war. Obama was successful in the end, but the battles that took place energized the nation. It was the beginning of what will be the end of Obama’s presidency.

Sarah Palin didn’t created the Tea Party, and goes out of her way to disavow any sort of leadership role. Indeed, the Tea Party is one of the most organic, spontaneous movements since the founding of our nation. Millions of Americans from all walks of life, and every political party, are simply fed up and want real change and real solutions.

That said, it has been Sarah Palin who has inspired the millions of Tea Party members. Millions of people who have never had a political bone in their body have stood up after hearing Sarah speak.

Many women, have been inspired by Sarah to run for office, and have won.

Sarah has criss-crossed the nation delivering her message of Liberty and Freedom. She’s stood in the desert of Searchlight, Nevada and in the snow, surrounded by violent union thugs, in Madison, Wisconsin. She’s inspired us at every turn and has been essential to the Tea Party’s growth and success.

In 2010, when she was needed, Sarah looked at the many candidates and started endorsing those she felt met the standards necessary to get our nation back on course. Sarah endorsed well over 100 candidates in local, state, and national races, and while they didn’t all win, I doubt anyone has had a better win-loss record. It was Sarah’s voice and Sarah’s support that was essential in taking back the House and gaining seats in the Senate. It was her essential support that helped women like South Carolina’s Nikki Haley to become Governors.

The momentum from all of this caused the greatest political turnover in the nation since Reconstruction after the Civil War! Some 660 plus democrats in statehouses around the country lost their jobs.

Sarah’s role in all of this was essential, as few other politicians were out there in the trenches fighting for us. Without her, it’s doubtful such a major political shift could have ever taken place.

Sarah Palin has been one of the few, who don’t do foreign policy for a living, talking about America’s disastrous course. She’s been months ahead of everyone else, and has been proven right. She’s still the only one who has a specific foreign policy doctrine. None of the presidential candidates have articulated anything that comes even close. The Palin Doctrine is specific and makes sense.

Sarah was also one of the few out there warning about quantitative easing, and how it would harm the economy. None of the permanent political class, including the Republican presidential candidates, had a word to say.

And she was right. The policy of buying up our own debt has hurt our economy, devalued to dollar to the point of near irrelevance, increased our debt, and resulted in our credit rating being downgraded for the first time in history.

Now does all of this make Sarah Palin some sort of genius? Nope, it just means Sarah has a lot of common sense, something essential in life, and something that is completely lacking in the halls of Congress and the White House!

I must confess that all of this was rolling around in my head at a time we all thought Sarah was running for President. I had started to write about this several times, but as often happens, something else took priority.

I wonder, had I written before what Matt Drudge called “a bad day for America” ….

I’m on record as saying I support and respect Sarah’s decision not to run, going so far as suggesting a way forward. Well, looking at recent events, I must say in all sincerity that I still support Sarah and respect her, but simply can’t sit here and pretend that it’s all OK.

You see, Sarah is still essential. She is the one person with the ability to lead Conservatives to a lasting and enduring victory.

It’s Sarah, and Sarah alone, who has the wisdom, and most importantly, the skill, to help us achieve victory. Unlike the others, Sarah Palin has a successful record of doing exactly what must be done to get our nation back on the path to solvency. If we are to preserve Liberty and Freedom, we must have Sarah Palin leading this fight.

Sarah has said she plans to play a major role in 2012. I suspect she wants to again help elect members to Congress, and possibly a governor or two, as she did in 2010. That’s a noble effort, and no doubt she’ll play a pivotal role as she did in 2010.

There’s an issue though. You see, we can elect members to Congress, but we don’t always know if they will deliver. Some of the class of 2010 turned out to be somewhat of a disappointment. It happens.

As much of a service Sarah would be to the nation by helping elect members to Congress, we are still at the mercy of those members, and without the proper leadership from the top, the desired results may never occur.

While the executive branch is on equal footing with the legislative branch of government, the president sets an agenda, and if the president’s party is in power, their agenda is likely to be supported strongly, especially if that agenda is one that makes sense.

Sarah has laid out a pretty aggressive agenda over the last few years, one that includes a real energy policy, a serious road map back to prosperity, and as of late, one that includes ending corruption and cronyism, and all of the situations that lead to it.

No one is seriously talking about reforming government, taking on the massive corruption, but Sarah Palin. Certainly none of the presidential candidates, as some have their own ethics issues.

If ending corruption and cronyism is something Sarah Palin wants done, then it’s going to take her, sitting in the White House, to make this happen. Even then, it’s going to be the fight of her life, but she’s the only one who will even take the fight up. And she has a successful record of winning such fights.

Speaking of our presidential candidates, lets look at those who have a serious chance at being the nominee:

Mitt Romney: The likely nominee. No Conservative wants this guy. He’s a human windsock. The ultimate finger-in-the-wind politician. He wasn’t a very good governor, and he created the first system of socialized medicine in America. Worse, his people actually consulted with the Obama regime when ObamaCare was being set up.

Like his father, Mitt is a Northeastern liberal. There’s not a single issue that he doesn’t have two or even three positions on. As governor Romney passed over more Conservative judges to appoint out and out liberal democrats, and his administration was full of liberals. It’s scary thinking about the sort he would appoint to the Supreme Court.

It’s who Romney is though. He’s likely our nominee, and will probably lose to Obama. Sadly, even if Romney wins, we all lose.

Rick Perry: Readers know I have no respect for this man. When Sarah Palin talks about corruption and cronyism in both parties, she’s referring to Rick Perry. Texas has few real ethics laws, and Perry has taken advantage of this throughout his long political career. He’s created a system of cronyism and patronage that even makes the folks in Chicago green with envy.

He talks the talk on illegal immigration, but in Texas has done nothing but encourage more illegals to come. He’s given lip service to ending Sanctuary Cities, but done nothing to make that happen. Despite the fact legislation has passed the Texas House and Senate that would ban Sanctuary Cities, Perry has refused to use the bully pulpit to urge reconciliation of the two bills, so he can sign this ban into law.

The Texas Tea Party has demanded Perry come home and deal with what he has called “an emergency situation” and get the ban on Sanctuary Cities done.

Let’s not forget the Texas DREAM Act, which grants illegal aliens in-state tuition discounts, something Perry says if you don’t support,that makes you “heartless.” Perry’s biggest campaign supporters are for open borders between Texas and Mexico. It’s no wonder he doesn’t do much to stop the illegals from invading Texas.

Perry talks jobs, but the only jobs program he actually controls is a complete failure that misses targets and is really nothing more than a slush fund for Perry to reward his cronies.

Perry even has his very own “Solyndra” type scandal in Convergen LifeSciences.

Texas is in good shape compared to the rest of the nation, but that’s more in spite of, rather than because of, Rick Perry. Texas has always been strong relative to the nation. We’re a right to work state, have a favorable tax code, and good weather. Texas is very business friendly.

Perry, like Romney, talks the talk, but you can bet that, if elected, he’d continue the cronyism and corporate welfare to his buddies. As a member of the Republican Establishment™, you can bet absolutely nothing would be done to reform government.

In fact with Texas’ lax ethic laws, and the corruption that follows, Rick Perry had an incredible opportunity to champion real reforms here in our state. Instead, he embraced the system in place and wallowed in it.

Newt Gingrich: A smart man, too smart for his own good. [and ours] The other night I got into a huge fight with fellow Palinistas who are thinking Newt is their man.

I pointed out Newt is a serial adulterer, something these folks were suddenly willing to forgive. All of a sudden morals mean nothing if “their guy” has a chance of winning.

Of course, these cat’s missed the point completely. If a man can’t be trusted to keep fidelity with the person he is most intimate with, then all bets are off.

Case in point. A few years back Newt sat on a couch with democrat Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi and shilled for Al Gore’s global warming hoax. Now Newt has since tried to apologize for this betrayal, but the man doesn’t get it.

At the time he was canoodling Pelosi on the couch, Conservatives were in a major struggle to stop the global warming zealots from enacting suicidal cap and tax laws. We were working hard to get the truth out. Facts that prove beyond a doubt it was all a hoax. That man made global warming was a myth designed to make shysters like Al Gore a lot of money. Gore is one of the major investors in the system that would have traded carbon credits. A $10 trillion a year business, had cap and tax been passed.

And here’s good old Newt lending legitimacy to Al Gore and the global warming fraud.

This is one of Newt’s huge problems. He thinks too much. He wants to be “in on the conversation” and doesn’t understand that all he is doing is adding legitimacy to an otherwise illegitimate issue. He’s done this more than once and given hard core leftists aid and comfort.

Instead of “being in on the conversation” as Newt is always want to do, a wise man would point out the illegitimacy of the subject, and move on.

That’s not the only time Newt has seriously betrayed Conservatives. He famously chose to support Margret Sanger Award winning liberal Republican De De Scozzafava over a true Conservative, Doug Hoffman.

When called out on this, Newt refused to see the error in his ways, getting indignant with Conservatives. Seeing her hope slip away, Scozzafava dropped out of the race, then rewarded Newt’s efforts by promptly endorsing the democrat Bill Owens, who by the way, is actually more conservative than she was. This makes Newt just as smart as those who run the NRSC, who endorsed the likes of Arlen Specter, Lisa Murkowski, and Charlie Crist, all who promptly left the party when the going got tough. Typical Establishment™ thinking.

For those with short memories, Sarah Palin was one of the first to support Doug Hoffman, and after her endorsement pretty much every major Conservative in the country joined her. Hoffman lost a close race, and one wonders where things would have ended had Newt either endorsed Doug, or just stayed away.

There’s much more, but you get the picture.

Newt constantly betrays Conservatives. He means well, but there is always some shiny new object to catch his eye. He simply can’t keep fidelity to the movement, and his want to be “in on the conversation” no matter how ridiculous, causes more hard than it does good.

Newt would make a decent chief-of-staff for someone, but you’d have to be crazy to put this man in the White House.

Herman Cain: I really like Herman Cain. Have for a long time. Problem is, he has absolutely no experience. He’s never run a city, never run a state.

Sure, he was a successful CEO, but that isn’t the same. Working with legislators to get difficult bills passed is a skill set a successful president must have. It may turn out that Cain is great at this, but we don’t know, he has absolutely no record of being able to turn his wonderful talk into action. It’s a bit frightening at a time like this, with the nation staring into the abyss.

Another issue is Cain’s lack of foreign policy chops, and he seems to think he can just sublet that out to his State Department, once elected. Foreign policy is the one area the president has a lot of control over. I’d like my president to at least have a coherent thought, and not have to hold a half dozen press conferences to “clarify” everything he says on the subject. This is one of Cain’s biggest problems, he has to “clarify” many of things he says. That doesn’t inspire a lot of confidence in the man.

Cain has some ideological issues that are troubling as well. He supported TARP and even wrote an op-ed saying it was just fine for the government to own banks, and that it would be a win-win for us all. It’s not and it wasn’t. There’s more, but you get the idea.

Now I like Cain, and want to like him as a candidate, but there are just so many questions that can’t be answered. It’s basically a situation where we’ll have to elect him to see what we got. It’s like Nancy Pelosi’s [in]famous “you gotta pass the bill to see what’s in it“!

I’m hoping Cain can do something to inspire some confidence. I want to see Cain do something that can inspire some confidence!

This brings me back to Sarah Palin. Sarah is the complete package. She is a solid fiscal Conservative. Her record of fiscal responsibility, of slashing spending [in good times] cutting government waste, lowering liabilities, and creating budget surpluses is unmatched by any of the GOP candidates.

Sarah’s record of fighting corruption is legendary, and goes back to her earliest days in elected office, almost two decades ago. And Sarah Palin has no problem whatsoever taking on corruption in her own party, which is why the Republican Establishment™ worked so hard to keep her from running for president.

If we are to see corruption and cronyism seriously addressed, Sarah Palin is the only one who will do it. Sarah talks about this in every speech now, even international ones, but giving speeches isn’t like being in office and making things happen. And Sarah has proven when she’s sitting in office, she makes things happen!

As Governor, Sarah was able to make good on every single campaign promise. Her’s was an aggressive agenda and she and her team got it done at a record pace. She accomplished more in her three years than most politicians, including governors and presidents, will in a lifetime.

We’ve looked at Sarah’s foreign policy doctrine, it’s one that puts America first, supports our friends, and keeps an eye on our enemies. It’s one that keeps us out of misadventures and nation building, while at the same time protecting our interests around the world. It’s one built on common sense.

Something else: Sarah Palin has done something that even Ronald Reagan, one of our greatest presidents, didn’t do. Sarah has inspired millions to get actively involved in the Conservative movement. Not just vote, but get out there and do whatever is necessary to effect real change. Millions are active daily in the pursuit of a better America.

When she says one doesn’t need a title to make a difference, she’s certainly describing the millions who are doing just that. No current presidential candidate is capable of that sort of thing. None can inspire millions to actively work toward making America better. Sarah can, and has.

Sarah doesn’t just speak to Conservatives. Sarah is the one who appeals to independents and even democrats. She comes from a normal blue collar upbringing and knows exactly what us regular folks have to deal with on a daily basis. She is the only one who can speak to pretty much any group with authority. Her appeal is universal, because her message is universal.

I know Sarah Palin has said no to a 2012 presidential run. But I want to officially ask the Governor to reconsider this decision.

Sarah Palin is our “Essential Woman.” We need her leadership in order to restore this great nation. She’s not going to be able to do this from the sidelines. It’s going to take her being in office to make sure the changes needed are accomplished.

Sarah can help elect hundreds of people to office, and likely will, but we are still at the mercy of those people, and whether or not they can do what they say they will do. With Sarah we don’t have to worry, she walks the walk. Besides, her presidential coattails will be quite long.

Certainly none of the current Republican candidates will effect the changes needed. Most aren’t even talking about the issues that really need to be addressed, instead they are involved in petty fights with one another. It’s like there is no adult in the room! And none have a record that suggests they’ll actually follow through with the happy talk.

America is at a tipping point. We need solid proven leadership from someone we know can do what she says she will do. Someone with a record of getting the difficult things done, and make it look easy while she’s doing it.

Sarah Palin has built up a legion of supporters. In Iowa alone there was in place all she needed to win the caucuses. Most of her supporters are looking for someone to inspire them, and are in no hurry to get behind another candidate.

If Sarah were to reconsider, it would be a game changer. She would have the support needed to be the Republican nominee, and she would most certainly whip Barack Obama like a rented mule.

Sarah Palin has worked hard since 2008 advancing Liberty and Freedom. She’s worked hard to energize the Conservative movement in ways we’ve not seen in a generation or more. No one can blame her for deciding she’d rather step back and take a minor role, stay closer to her beloved Alaska, and her beautiful children. She’s earned that much needed respite from all that goes with leading a national movement.

Our nation is in trouble though. Many forces are attempting to destroy the very fiber of our society. Sarah Palin is the one person in a position to make a difference. This is not to say others won’t make a difference, but it’s Sarah who can become our nation’s 45th President, and effect the real change needed for our nation to thrive. This is something only Sarah can do.

None of the current presidential candidates have the talent and ability to get this done. None of the other candidates have the vision for our nation that Sarah has and Americans want.

It is my great hope that Sarah will seriously reconsider her decision not to run for president. There is plenty of support for this. If she does enter the race, even at this late date, she will have the support necessary to win the Republican nomination and the presidency. She might miss a filing deadline or two in a few states but not many, and not enough to matter.

Sarah, your nation desperately needs you. Please reconsider and answer your nation’s call.

Sarah, you are our Essential Woman.


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42 responses to “It’s Not That Sarah Palin Should Reconsider, It’s That She Must

  1. Joy

    You said it all, Gary – and I’m really pleased you stepped outside your normal commentary role and used your considerable prestige & reliability to publicly urge the Governor to reconsider her Oct. 5 decision!! You have given voice to SO MANY of us out here who remain frustrated – not only with her obviously very valid and heartfelt decision, but with the fact these GOP candidates are proving weaker than we could ever have imagined! And you’re right – NONE of them has the will, the ability or the drive to even begin to dismantle the corrupt system of cronyism in DC!! This, alone, seems almost more disheartening than anything else! The great work that needs to be done simple won’t get done UNTIL & UNLESS Sarah Palin at least makes a valiant attempt to become POTUS! Even in – God forbid! – defeat, she will have mobilized a once-great nation to fight for what we are losing and/or are about to lose – out freedoms and our economic power.

  2. Roland Farrar

    We rally need you. Your Country is in desperate need of your leadership, and we know that your family will support your decision, as they have shown in the past!

  3. DR

    When Sarah Palin objectively surveys the GOP field, how can she not be reconsidering her decision to not run?

    There is an army of Palin supporters whose checkbooks won’t be opened for anyone but her. There is no point in throwing hard earned money down a black hole. And this army will be relentless foot soldiers for her campaign because they know what is at stake.

    Without her, Obama will likely be re-elected, and our country disappear as we know it.

  4. Very well put. Glenn Beck said on his broadcast this week it didn’t matter WHO was elected because nothing can save us. I have a distinct impression if Sarah had run (or does run still) that he would change that view. He is resigned that the bureaucracy is too big, the system long “fixed” for any meaningful change to occur and stop the inevitable descent into ..something like Greece. But Palin brings something none of the other candidates do in not just ‘reforming’ government and party politics – but it making it a crusade. Can you point to any other candidate (except perhaps Michele Bachmann primarily on Obamacare) who have a noticeable passion to fix the system? Herman Cain advocates against the IRS structure but even talks of starting the EPA all “over” as well as other departments.

    I wrote on my blog at the time “Don’t be Shocked if Palin is the GOP Nominee” (here: At the time I was unmoved that she would still run. Reason is attempting to make me dilute it down into wishful thinking. But like you – I see no other answer that doesn’t just put lipstick on a pig, or give it a set of new braces.


  6. If Sarah Ran for president more conservative will be elected just by her running. I have no doubt she would win. I Hope the gop wakes up before it is too late.

  7. Peg

    Gary, I agree with everything you wrote except—-Would she have the full support of the GOP???? I thought that was an element in her deciding not to seek the GOP nomination. I think I read somewhere that she was told they would not welcome her as the nominee. Yes, she would have the support of the TRUE conservatives. No doubt about that. But is the Republican party still the party of true conservatives? I believe, like you, that Sarah Palin IS the ONLY one who can restore America. What I’ve come to realize is that only God knows what her purpose is to be. She has said that her campaign would have be unconventional; maybe it will be! Maybe she doesn’t even know yet that she WILL have a campaign. Only God knows and He does have her in His hand, I believe.

  8. JB in VA

    Excellent, just excellent. Thank you for writing it. I agree wholeheartedly with every word, and really hope it comes to Gov. Palin’s attention.

  9. These are true words, that I hope are heard. I fear for my beloved country, as never in my life. Not from any evil from without, but from the “good intentions” within. As a conservative, and a practical man, I see that if Sarah does not run, God has given up U.S. No need to polishing the brass, the ship is sinking.

  10. Father in heaven, should it be your will Lord, provide the “support” EarthQuake that would change Sarah’s Mind. We all know the support is $$$$$$$ and the Army of “We the People” who want a just and honest Government with opportunity for all “Legally”. All people are loved and wanted conformed in your image, under your law, under your forgiveness and under your salavation through your son Jesus Christ. Save America Lord, we know that you’ve be using Sarah Palin all along to wake us up. We are awake, it’s time for the Quake of President Palin. I ask that you move on behalf of those who love you and the world you created that man has destroyed. Help us restore America. Thank you Lord, in Jesus Name…Amen.

  11. AJSteele

    Extremely well written commentary on our current state of affairs. I would love to see Sarah reconsider but I just can’t see it happening. At some point the most conservative candidate will need our backing. I believe Cain could win. Yes, all of what you wrote about him is true but he has room for real growth. I think he is going to fade out though and Romney will be canonized to our detriment. I see no one on the political stage (running)
    that can do what needs to be done. Cain is as close as one can get but with the dreaded word of settling added on.

    Sarah would face nearly insurmountable odds if she entered now. Those pumped up for Sarah would disagree with me even her task was to crawl over ten live alligators in a moat while holding two children. I’m for Sarah Palin as a candidate, but we MUST face reality, it’s slim to none that she will
    enter the race. By January, all of us who support the principles and ideas of Sarah Palin must decide who to back. Otherwise, it’s Obama again, or Mr.Mega-Conservative Light.

  12. stevebayrd

    I’ve sent and tweeted links to your piece everywhere I can think of. You eloquently expressed my feelings. We will be called graspers and perhaps even fools. But I’m reminded of the years Churchill spent warning the Brits to prepare against the Nazis. They ignored him till his words came true, then turned to him. Let’s hope America is not that stupid in waiting.

    Thank you for this wonderful piece.

  13. jerseyflash

    Like most on Oct 5th I sat stunned listening to Mark talk with Sarah about her decision NOT to run. After a few hours of collecting myself I took my revenge out on a few Palin blogs. With that said here are my thoughs. As soon as Sarah re-considers, WINS the GOP nominee, beats Barry like that Rented Mule, Sarah hires JB Jackson as her speechwriter !!!!! I talked to the same GOD that Sarah talked to and he told me that he told her to do what “She was BORN to do” I believe someone told her when she was younger that she was going to be asked by many to become there leader. Sarah did more in 3 years for 698 thousand plus people in Alaska then anyone did in decades. Today 300 MILLION people need what you have done for 698 thousand-plus. (sounds fair to me-what about you) Sarah talked about her family-after 3 and half years of LSM beatings ???? It’s time Sarah-after taking so many punch’s, your body on the canvas, get up and KNOCK this AS#HOLE “OUT” Every GREAT leader inspires, trains then leads. This is what you were born to do, it’s in your DNA. Ask your family again, but before you do-take a look at the families of this country and world. ONLY YOU WILL MAKE A DIFFERENCE. This country is the TITANIC, it’s hit the iceberg and its sinking as fast as the UNSINKABLE. Don’t come just to re-arrange the deck chairs ( or sidelines ) Save us from sinking. GET BACK IN THE GAME SARAH !!!!!!

  14. mara/bitter

    I fear for her life and that of her family. Evil is brewing in America. Obama went to Egypt, a year or more after that civil unrest broke out. Obama went to Kenya, shortly after that civil unrest broke out in that nation. Election is coming up, suddenly we have OWS, practicing for civil unrest in America. Surprise, surprise Obama has nothing but kind words of support for them.

    It is safe to say Sarah Palin was in their minds when they planned OWS. Wise of Sarah to remove herself and her family from the scene. I wish she would go live quietly with her family in Alaska. But her sense of duty and her servant’s heart won’t allow her to do that, so she chose to serve in a manner that perhaps she thinks maybe a little bit more safe for her family. Now at least Sarah and her family can sleep peacefully, for how long I don’t know.

    I think that during the family talk some of the children told her about threats they received that she was not aware of because they hid that from her. But they felt the need to be honest with her when they realised that she seriously considered running for president and they decided to tell her the truth. When bodily harm is done to her or her family members, there will be those even on the right that will say she had it coming. Romney supporters said that during Tucsan, that is the consequences of her words, is what they said.

    We are being shamed into defending Obama against birthers, Republicans could have used these same tactics to shame the Democrats for their attacks against Sarah’s Down Syndrome baby, at least. But they did not have the integrity or guts to do such a thing.

    People do not want to hear this, but America is RIPE for a third party. In the unlikely event we loose the 2012 election, we keep building the third party until the permanent political class is no more and we become a strong force to finally win and take back our country in 2016.

    While my family sleeps safely every night, why should Sarah sacrifice hers for this ungrateful nation. Even some of her supporters resorted to calling her vicious names for not running, after everything she went through on their behalf. The attacks on her are attacks on us. If her enemies could focus in on us individually they would do to us what they did to her. How much of that kind of abuse would these “supporters” be able to take, and yet they criticize her for choosing to protect her family.

    She is too good and honest for the people of this country.

    Yes, she would have been the greatest president this country ever had.

    No, I will not ask her to reconsider, I do not trust my fellow Americans enough to ask Sarah Palin to make this huge a sacrifice on our behalf. They will eventually abandon her, and go with the media spin against her. No other candidate in the history of American politics has ever been treated as bad as Sarah Palin, so those who say the other candidates are bold for running, I say BS. They are not a threat to anyone and will never really be attacked the way Sarah was attacked. It is good vs evil. The evil one knows his own, hence they will not be palinized to the full extent.

    The writer of this article gives Cain too much credit. He is also not one of us, a Romney/Cain ticket is the talk of the town nowadays, I wonder why.

    • Gary P

      I just said I like Cain, not that I endorse him. The only thing he really has going for him is he is not Newt/Perry/Romney ….

    • bbmomof3

      I agree with your comment…”While my family sleeps safely every night, why should Sarah sacrifice hers for this ungrateful nation.”

      I want her to run more than anything…but I think this Nation is filled with ungrateful people that cannot be counted on and will turn on a dime.

      I know there are so many that do support her in this nation, and when we read these posts and blogs by her supporters she seems destined to win, but when I talk about her to my circle of friends and family or post anything about her on my facebook, I couldn’t get one of my conservative friends to say that they would support her (maybe one friend and my husband). It is extremely disheartening and frustrating when even the conservative “christians” are not willing to support her or stand up for her. I lost hope in this election when she bowed out. I will vote for whomever runs against Obama, but I just can’t get excited about any of the current candidates.

  15. Huntingmoose

    right on.

    but running or not, the one question that I do not have is for who I will vote next year.

    I will vote for Sarah Palin because that is the one I want.

    be it write in, on top of the ticket or at the bottom.

    And if any of the dwarfs want my vote, they better start working on getting her on their ticket.

  16. Awesome post! I couldn’t agree more!

    Please consider adding my blog to your blogroll – Random Alien Musings:

    Thank you and Game On!

  17. Eric

    Frankly, my heart is broken and I am constantly torn between holding out hope and respecting her decision and moving on to another candidate. WWSD? Who does she support? Not one holds a candle to her but in the end, we have to chose one. We can’t afford to let Obama or Romney win. WWSD? Cain, Gingrich, Santorum, Perry, and Bachman all have things they bring to the table and frankly, if you took Cain’s optimistic and personal charm and executive experience, Gingrich’s problem solving, Santorum’s unapologetic conservatism, Perry’s willingness to take unpopular positions, and Bachman’s motherly instincts, you would have about 75% of Sarah Palin because none of them are true reformers. How can we choose from that list when combined they still don’t measure up?

  18. Cindy R.

    Thank you so much Gary for expressing our heartfelt thoughts so truthfully and eloquently.

  19. I detest the label “true conservative” because not many “true conservatives” fit the Reagan definition.

    “If you analyze it I believe the very heart and soul of conservatism is libertarianism. I think conservatism is really a misnomer just as liberalism is a misnomer for the liberals — if we were back in the days of the Revolution, so-called conservatives today would be the Liberals and the liberals would be the Tories. The basis of conservatism is a desire for less government interference or less centralized authority or more individual freedom and this is a pretty general description also of what libertarianism is.” – Ronald Reagan Reason Magazine July 1975

    Most of the “true conservatives” favor a different brand of meddling than the liberals. But what they have in common is that they favor government intervention to “solve” the social problems they care about. Forgetting the one truism about government. It doesn’t solve problems. It perpetuates them in order to keep the cash flowing.

    And yet when I bring up the libertarian idea (sensible on foreign policy differentiates them from Libertarians) I get nothing but derision from “true conservatives”. Just ask a “true conservative” about the Constitutional justification for Drug Prohibition and watch what happens. Oh. They may concede on the Constitution part. But that does not make them want to abolish the DEA despite Drug Prohibition’s Progressive origins. You would think that the Constitution and Progressive origins would be enough to change a lot of “true conservative’s” minds. You would be wrong.

    I look forward to the day when “true conservatives” become truly conservative.

    • Gary P

      Reagan indeed had a big streak of libertarian in him, so does Sarah Palin. In fact, she’s more libertarian than he was.

      Libertarianism, like liberalism has gotten a bad name thanks to the extremists in both movements. Truth is, a classic liberal has more in common with a Conservative than the Marxists that now inhabit the democrat party.

      Conservatives, for he most part just want to be left alone. WE believe in the Constitution and the Rule of Law. We figure the people know better how to do things than some little elite in Washington.

      It all boils down to common sense.

      • Gary,

        Thank you. I’m a Palinista because of Todd even more than Sarah. But you would be surprised at the number of “true conservatives” who want government to fix all kinds of social ills. Forgetting that government doesn’t fix problems, it perpetuates them.

        Let me quote you some Walter Williams:

        The compelling issue to both conservatives and liberals is not whether it is legitimate for government to confiscate one’s property to give to another, the debate is over the disposition of the pillage. — Walter Williams

        Of course Sarah would work as hard as she can to reduce the pillage (you can never stop it completely). And she has a good pivot point on Drug Prohibition – roughly “we have better things to do”. So I’m really sad she is out of the race. And it looks like Mitt Romneycare is to be anointed. Ah well. Obama lite.

  20. Well said, damn well said.

    And I’ve had quite enough of this “you don’t need a title to make a difference” nonsense.

    • Gary,
      I think it may be the best that she can offer. I am sure she would wish to run if it fell within the bounds of what she needs to set for herself. Only she can make the decision, I don’t wish to hear that comment anymore either, but her doing what she can, outside the office is also very important. I am sure she has asked for guidance, and if the Lord told her to work from the sidelines, I guess we will have to honor that. We have no right to be selfish, even for the sake of the Nation.

  21. Jeff

    Yes, if the GOP forces the nomination of Romney against the wishes of 80% of GOP primary voters, or if the GOP forces the nomination of Perry against the wishes of 95% of primary voters, Sarah Palin will win against both the Democrats and RINOs.

  22. Gary Hunt

    Gary, great article. You nailed it. We, the People need Sarah

  23. And why are these candidates trying to rewrite the tax code? Obama is not responsible for the tax code. Why don’t they talk about cutting spending? Why don’t they talk about the things Obama is responsible for?

    Changing the basis of taxation without cutting the spending is not going to solve the problem, just divert attention from the real issue.

    Did these candidates not experience the same 2010 midterm elections that we did? Are they incapable of picking up where we left off in 2010?

    They are all allowing Obama to buy the votes of college graduates with an extra-Constitutional program to forgive student loan debt, a plan that has not been voted on in the Congress but implemented by executive fiat. He is buying those votes with our money that we will have to borrow, money not budgeted, but pulled out of thin air. Our candidates sit silently by as do our elected Republicans. Maybe next he will offer seniors $5000 each for their votes? Republicans wouldn’t oppose it as they would be afraid of losing senior support.

    Gov. Palin stands head and shoulders above these Republican candidates and needs to accept the fact that she is needed as our President.

  24. I would like to add a few points here…

    Firstly, I agree with your assessment on George Washington. However, there were other contributing heroes involved. What I mean during the war. Even though when all hope was lost… George Washington claimed a daring victory during the night. The war didn’t end there though. After, the British defeat by Washington the British changed strategies. And, begun what was called “The Southern Campaign.”

    Honestly, it was very dirty. They throughout the whole war resorted/relied upon hired mercenaries. Some were “turncoats” much like Benedict Arnold. Or, mercenaries from Germany called “Hessian Soldiers,” and even some native americans were divided in support of the British. This was a very confusing time and we must not forget the strength, courage, and bravery it took to balance those odds. Many Hessians and British soldiers were bribed to fight for the revolution and they would be rewarded by tracts of land for their service. Some times though a person must never forget what we are sacrificing for… It comes down to our “freedom” and “liberties.”

    And, that brings me to my next point…

    We cannot forget one thing. There has been a major skewing of politics, ever since the revolutionary war. The first major crisis was an economical one. After, the ratifying of the constitution the “First Bank of America” went out with the “Articles of Confederation.” Currency was an issue. It hadn’t been established. Many still used currency from other countries in the form of gold or silver. Or, would barter/trade. Many if you ask them cannot even tell you much of history, nor tell you how it transitioned over time. The biggest transitions of history in our politics were in the following order after the ratification of the constitution:

    1. George Washington’s election.
    George Washington did not believe there should be political parties. Because, it would divide the country into different belief systems.
    2.John Adams and the emergence of the “Federalists” and “Anti-Federalists.”

    (Many got skewed in the decision of which party to ally with.)

    3.Thomas Jefferson (Jeffersonians and the Anti-Federalists).

    After the war of 1812, much had changed a economic panic and changed the existing 2 parties. Andrew Jackson’s victory at the battle of New Orleans would later bring him to power. After extensive arguments on finance of the war of 1812 raged the country was faced with a crucial decision. None that great of candidates. John Quincy Adams, Henry Clay, and Andrew Jackson. Jackson 1st campaign was unsuccessful, and much may have had to do with “common man” platform and the “economy.”

    4. Andrew Jackson’s rise to POTUS in 1828.

    Even though he was brutally despised, by the native Americans, because of his brutality. For instance, “The Trail of Tears.” Nevertheless, his second campaign was successful and changed politics forever… It was the first election that contained banners, streamers, etc. Setting the standard of elections until telegrams and radio, and later TV, internet etc. But, he won under the party title of “Democrat/Republicans,” which many were former “Jeffersonian/Anti-Federalists.” The Federalists had dwindled shortly after the Second Bank of America had shown incompetence under its corrupt owner “Biddle.” Jackson later abolished the bank when it came up for re-charter. That was how he won re-election. He used the gold standard. Rather than, using foreign currency and loans from foreign currency. He was the only president in U.S. history to bring the national debt to $0. On Jan. 1, 1835.

    5. Civil War and Abraham Lincoln.

    Andrew Jackson had transitioned the “Anti-Federalists” into the “Democrat/Republican” party. And, the Federalists had pretty much disappeared after “Biddle’s” scandals. But, some concepts were later adopted by the “Wig” party. I do not believe the “Wig” party ever had a candidate elected, but I could be wrong. This party soon disappeared and later emerged the “Republican” party under Lincoln. The “Democrat/Republican” party became divided during the 1850’s during the “Dred Scott” case.

    As the war came to an end. Someone had to pay for the cost. The “Republican” party became divided. Which leads to speculation into whether, or not Andrew Johnson had a hand in Lincoln’s assassination. Lincoln showed compassion to the returning states and many other republicans felt he would be too easy on the South. And, I am speculating that Lincoln felt the returning states had suffered enough during the war. The other republicans in congress wanted to go further. Out of the 3 Amendments added. Lincoln only lived to sign the 13th. The 14th and 15th Amendments were signed by Andrew Johnson.

    There is another odd thing that transpired…

    6. Ulysess Grant and the radical republicans.

    After the election of Grant. The country turned towards unionization and lobbyists. At this time the lobbyists were more influential, but the railroad union was established. (Ask many people today what is a lobbyist. Many couldn’t tell you.)

    Lobbyists are influence peddlars seeking government grant money to do projects that the government may be interested in. And, it was done, during the Grant administration, to advance western expansion. Unions hire lobbyists today and many don’t understand the implications of unions. But, the railroad union seizing land via government, because they have a lobbyist seeking that power was not fair to the land owners they betrayed. Enactment of government regulations of “imminent domain.” But, its sort of how these progressive ideals have construed the philosophies of both parties over time. It is almost, as if some traits of both parties have dissolved or splintered.

    (What happened to the Andrew Jackson” democrats? They now refer to themselves, as F.D.R. democrats. A man that blatantly altered our country through the unconstitutional “The New Deal.” Did you know it was being challenged? What did F.D.R. do? He appointed 5 more SC justices, that would agree.)
    (What happened to the Lincoln republicans? Those that believed in the success of this country, and believed in equality and peace. A man that had compassion that ascended above punishing those that disagree. Did that compassion cost him, his life? If it did, he must’ve accepted his fate. And, kept faith and hope, that freedom and liberty would be preserved.)

    It appears, as if some ideals have been preserved in both parties. But, they have some residual effects of a splinters from imploded opposing parties of old. How else can someone convey, the message, that Andrew Jackson’s concerns with the debt. Have became a part of conservative Republicans. Or, how some Democrats have adopted unions and lobbyists like those of the radical republicans of the 1870 – 1900. How can someone explain why the once Democrat South has became a Republican stronghold of conservative values. While, the once Republican north has became a Democrat stronghold of liberalism.

    7. Introduction to Communism and Fascism.

    When WWII broke out we had prior interaction with progressivism. Through dealing with Prussia. Much of the dispute had to do with occurences of WWI. However, Fascism was new, and different from communism. Fascism is authoritarian. While communism is a collective unit. But, they both have socialism and private property interests in common. They did not believe in private property. But, with socialism they were the same. Dealing with who owns what…
    A. Communism – Land and Wealth belongs to the collective.
    B. Fascism – Land and Wealth belongs to the dictator.

    Both philosophies are contradictory to where Sarah would like to take this country. I do not know how we have became so side-tracked… But, we are wildly off course of the intentional course of our founding fathers.

    But, before we can move forward we need to seriously consider candidates that show a competency on direction of where this country has been… And, know where to take it… That is why I supported Sarah in ’08 and would again.

    I feel its time to set the direction straight. We need someone who can identify and articulate when the IRS was started, when the Federal Reserve was established (equivalent to the Second Bank of America), etc. We need someone who can articulate where our founders would’ve stood on the issues and how we can learn from them. Someone that is familar with economics and doesn’t drink the unions/lobbyists/idealouge/etc kool-aid. Articulate how Keynesian economics doesn’t work and concisely convey a better fiscal policy. Cut unnecessary regulations, and more…

    I thought I would just add this, because I am launching a web site soon on political issues. I am going to launch a campaign to enhance understanding to any liberals, that are willing to take the time to attempt to learn. We have been living in a progressive era since the 1870’s. And, both parties have been corrupted. But, the democratic party has been almost consumed. Because, progressivism is a one way ticket to bigger government, socialism, and even possibly communism/fascism. Depending which progressive is in office. D-Communism. R-Fascism. How to determine progressivism? Grows or gives government more power, than was originally prescribed within our original founding document.

    Once I launch my website we can place them to the test… How does laws match up to the constitution, and does government give government the authority to control the particular aspect of our lives. Hope you will join! I plan to add explanatory videos, as well. I promise to try to make it, as provocative and enlightening of an experience, as possible.

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