Tammy Bruce: Has The GOP Doomed Us To Four More Years of Obama?

Will this “sexual harassment” controversy be the beginning of the end of the Cain campaign? Perhaps, but the more pressing question for the GOP machine is whether or not their arrogance, faux conservatism, and general disconnect with the American public has doomed us all to a second term of Barack Obama, and consequently the end of this nation as we know it.

~ Tammy Bruce

By Gary P Jackson

Tammy Bruce’s latest Newsmax column talks about the woes of Herman Cain. She talks about his inability to think on his feet, and how he has bungled the sexual harassment hit job that he had to know was coming.

For the record, I’m sympathetic to Cain on this deal, but politics at this level are brutal, and once in office, being President isn’t exactly a breeze either! When we look at candidates how they react to situations are critical in determining what kind of president they would be. Herman Cain isn’t doing so well in the confidence inspiring part of the contest.

Tammy talks about the media and her experience on Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger’s transition team. She also talks a bit about Sarah Palin and the character she’s shown in the face of some of the worst attacks we’ve ever seen.

Read Tammy’s article at Newsmax here.


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2 responses to “Tammy Bruce: Has The GOP Doomed Us To Four More Years of Obama?

  1. Joy

    Lordee, Tammy Bruce sure has the situation vis-a-vis Cain nailed to a fare-thee-well!! All I can add is, “PULEEZE, Lady Sarah – your country needs you NOW!!!”

    • Gary P

      You know, I like Herman Cain too. I think he’s a good and decent man, but his inexperience is showing. Like with Sarah, I was following Herman before most knew who he was. I thought he would be someone who could definitely play a role in a Palin administration. I keep hoping he will give me a reason to support him for president, so far, not feelin’ it.

      The left will stop at nothing to destroy whoever our nominee is. Especially if they are a Conservative!

      You notice they are holding off on Romney in hopes he will be the nominee. THEN they will unleash the fires of hell on him! It’ll be just like what they did to John McCain.

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